Due to an improbable confluence of events ranging from marriage to softball super regionals to coaching kids teams to traveling, we came up short today for someone to write a timely recap who was able to watch the game.

I haven’t seen a single pitch, the Brewers just took a 6-1 lead. The Reds are knee-deep in their bullpen. FanGraphs gives the Reds a 3 percent probability of winning now. So yes, I’m saying there’s a chance.

I’m scheduling this to post when I think the game will end. It’s up to you Redleg Nation to fill out the positives and negatives.

We’ll return to regular programming tomorrow.

Cincinnati 1 • Milwaukee 6  |  FanGraphs  

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  1. Jack

    The unthinkable has happened. They scored 5 and it’s tied in the ninth.

  2. Mack Ashley Potter

    What’s good for the Goose is good for the….well, u know.
    They called Votto for lifting his heel off the bag earlier in the game.

  3. Patrick Jeter

    – Blake Wood tossed two scoreless innings. That’s good.
    – Adam Duvall continues to rake. He’s on pace for about 33 homers, give or take. That’s cool. Preseason projections had him pegged around 29 homers given 600 PA.

    – The Brewers plunked 4 Reds. The Reds plunked 2 Brewers.
    – Simon, who was tossing a rare decent game, was tossed for hitting his counterpart Chase Anderson on purpose, after Anderson hit Simon on purpose to negate Tyler Holt’s steal of home. Before today, I didn’t know that rule. Seems like an incredibly stupid rule, since any RHP can just hit the batter at the plate to negate a steal of home since they can easily see it.

    – In my opinion, we saw the worst play of the year today. Simon was at bat with the bases loaded and one out. Cozart was on deck. On average, pitchers hit ground balls 60% of the time. Simon simply should have put the bat on his shoulder. He didn’t, and he did what everyone expected. So a real hitter got 0 chances to drive in a run.
    – Votto continues to toe the line between atrocious and decent. Twice in the last 4 games he had an XBH in his first AB, to end up going 0-3 the rest of the way. Today, he was sitting at 2-4 with the possibility for a monster game and grounded into a FC. Votto will eventually get some level or normalcy going, but he just can’t have a good game. He hasn’t had a single “good” game yet this season, based on my definition of “good.” He’s subsistence farming, at the moment.
    – Today is the first time I’ve had to listen to Thom in awhile. I miss Vin.
    – I went out to get some food and listened to Marty on my phone for about 10 minutes. Apparently, Jesse Winker can’t hit because he has a .266 AVG in AAA. Good analysis, Marty.

    – The home plate ump seemed to have a bad game behind home, calling a very inconsistent zone for both teams.
    – In the 1st, Votto was given an error for having his foot off the bag. The way most 1st basemen do it, they put their foot on the dirt, next to the bag, rather than on top of it. This helps lessen the odds of the runner stepping on the back of your foot or on your Achilles Tendon. Almost every game, I see a play where i think the 1st baseman had his foot of the bag but it never, ever gets called. Today it did.
    – In the top of the 9th, Adam Duvall hit a would-be double play which was reviewed under the “neighborhood play” rule. Gennett was found to have moved his foot early, allowed the DP to turn into a fielder’s choice run scored.

    Hitting “post” before the game’s over. Reds up 6-5. Dinner time!

    • Steve Checkosky

      Great job, Patrick!

      Our relief pitching may be terrible. But our relief Titanic Struggle writing is terrific.

    • lwblogger2

      .266 batting average for your top hitting prospect isn’t that great but did Marty really say that Winker can’t hit? Lunacy.

      Nice recap Patrick. I didn’t see the game.

      • Patrick Jeter

        He some something like “…and Jesse Winker is hitting .266 in Triple-A. Triple-A. That’s Triple-A.”

        I think it was in regards to the relative bareness of bats in the Reds system.

        Paraphrased, its more like “If the Reds best hitter can only manage .266 in AAA, we have problems.” As if having a .400 OBP is no concern of his for a 22 yr old making his first stop in AAA.

  4. seat101

    Here’s my pre-recap. The bullpen has to pitch in the bottom of the ninth.

  5. Mack Ashley Potter

    You gotta like Cingrani when he throws strikes.
    He’s not a closer but could be so valuable out of the Pen on a good team.
    He is DEFINITELY in the Reds long term plans I hope.
    Cingrani should be 1 of 3 lefties in the Pen.
    You need 2 lefty loogys plus Cingrani who can also get righties out.
    That’s how youhave a good bullpen.
    NOT 10 right handed guys who throw 91 and should be in Double A ball. lol

  6. Gaffer

    I missed the game but was apparently more interesting than many. Simon hit him solid.

  7. Scott E. Disney

    If a tree falls and nobody’s there does it make a sound?
    If the Reds and nobody’s there to record it does it count?
    In all seriousness, hate it for the RLN Writers to have to write about 11 straigt Ls and then miss the W.

    Nice recap by Jeter.

    • Patrick Jeter

      Well done, Scott! I guess the Reds will just have to go and win tomorrow, then!

  8. Scott E. Disney

    I was watching MLB.tv and it was lagging to where the pitch sounded before the pitcher moved. So, when the top of the 9th “ended” I refreshed my page only to see that Billy just batted and the Reds are up 7-6. So, did FSOhio cut back to the game, bc it went to commercials when I refreshed. Certainly a crazy game for the Reds, just nice to get a win any way we can get it! Great win no matter how confusing it may have been! ☺

  9. TR

    Wood improves his record to 4-1 and Cingrani notches his 4th. save. And the Reds have a chance to win their first series since April 20th.

    • Patrick Jeter

      Good example of why W’s don’t mean a darn thing! 😉

      • TR

        As if I didn’t know. Perhaps you missed my attempt at sardonic humor.

      • Patrick Jeter

        Perhaps you missed my winky face at the end.

      • dan

        people like saying that and yet they do. 20 game winners are always a nice thing to have on a resume. I imagine it effects their pay, the attention they get from other clubs, and it shows a level of endurance. A pitcher must pitch at least 5 innings to earn a Win. so that means that at least 20 times they went past the 5th inning with a lead… meaning that there is at least a good chance that they didnt give up that many runs.

      • MrRed

        It sure did matter 10+ years ago, Dan. Now? Not so much. The business of baseball has become more sophisticated at measuring the talent and worth of a player.

      • greenmtred

        What you say is true, Dan, but the reaction against the win stat is, I think, based on how arbitrary–ludicrously so, at times–it can be, and that other measures are better at determining a pitcher’s effectiveness.

      • Patrick Jeter

        Ross Ohlendorf led the major leagues in wins with 3 about 10 days into the season.

  10. Playtowin

    Patrick Jeter was on target on several issues after getting info from a variety of media outlets. I had the misfortune of listening to Marty B. whine over Price and umpires discussing Simon’s ejection for hitting Anderson. Marty seemed to be upset because he would be late for cocktails and dinner. Meanwhile the new Reds pitcher needed time to warm up so no time was really lost. Marty no longer seems to enjoy the game but loves the perks connected to it. The “cowboy” while broadcasting sometimes does not relate what actually happened. He is much better when he tells us the pitcher should throw the ball in a better location. I guess this was easy for the “cowboy”,and should be easy for everyone else. Duvall and Cingrani had a good game.

    • Gaffer

      Did you just notice we have awful announcers? I listen to the other teams broadcast, you actually get some analysis. Ironically, it is often more positive on reds players.

      • RedInIND

        Stay tuned for more fun. In Saturday’s Enquirer, Marty says he will be back next year. Thom says he “. . .expects his dad to be calling games well past 2017.”

    • Craig Z

      I agree completely about Marty liking everything about his job but calling the game. This year I can understand, but it seems like it’s been this way for a while. He wants the games over as quickly as possible. Part of me thinks he doesn’t like Votto walking so much is because he sees too many pitches and it takes too long.

      • jimmaloney46

        He’s making a whole lot of mistakes, too. He’s about ready to be put to pasture. Instead, in the world of Big Bob’s nepotism, he’ll probably be kept around till he’s 90 and Thommy Boy is 65. Ugh! I’m ready for fresh blood and fresh attitude right now. Go whine your way into retirement, Brennemann. You’re way over the hill.

  11. Matt WI

    Huzzah! Finally something to enjoy.

  12. pinson343

    It ain’t over til’ it’s over.

    I just watched on GameDay and then saw the video, so I’m not sure but it doesn’t seem to me that Anderson hit Simon on purpose. It just looks like he panicked and stumbled. If he did hit Simon on purpose to prevent Holt’s run, it was the about the fastest thinking I’ve ever seen on a baseball field.

    What did the Reds broadcasters say about it ?

    I’m ambivalent about Simon hitting him. If Simon and the Reds thought Anderson hit him just to negate the run, then you’ve got to hit him, good job.

    But IF Simon just hit him because he was angry about getting hit, that would tick me off, because his hitting the pitcher leading off really hurt the Reds. Simon had retired 10 of 11, the Reds were only down a run and obviously you want to retire the pitcher leading off.
    Instead the pitcher’s on base, Simon’s out of the game, and Lucroy hits a 2 run HR.
    If you want to hit someone there, a better way to go about out would be to retire the pitcher and then hit Lucroy when he comes up.

    But I repeat that if the Reds felt Anderson hit Simon on purpose to save a run, then I have no problem with hitting him. Just don’t know, any info would be appreciated, the mlb.com articles don’t really go into it.

    • Hotto4Votto

      I only caught bits and pieces of it, but the Reds announcers on the radio seemed to think Simon was hit on purpose from what I can recall.

      • pinson343

        Thanks, Hotto. I guess no one’s 100% sure, but if the Reds felt that what’s went down, Anderson had to pay. This also calls for a rule change. In a situation like that, if the ump feels that the batter was hit on purpose, the run has to be allowed.
        Hitting a batter on purpose just can’t be allowed as a way to save a run from scoring.

      • vegastypo

        Marty and Brantley sounded sure that Anderson hit Simon on purpose and were praising him for doing so, for thinking so quickly. I assumed it was on purpose, but maybe Anderson just panicked when he saw Holt breaking for the plate and threw wildly. I hadn’t noticed a stumble, but that would also explain a very offline pitch.

        I can’t help but think that is why the umps let Price argue for as long as he did, because it was quite possible that Anderson got away with hitting Simon on purpose, but Simon got tossed right away for doing it.

    • Patrick Jeter

      After detaching myself from the emotion of the game, I think I agree now. I don’t think Anderson hit him on purpose. Probably just got frazzled when he saw Holt break for the plate.

  13. Hotto4Votto

    Glad the Reds game back and won. Duvall is playing much better than I ever anticipated.

    It is absolutely ridiculous that Simon was tossed. No warnings had been issued at the time and Anderson had already plunked 3 Reds. He hit Simon intentionally, Simon got him back. That should have been the end of it. The players have repeatedly said they should be the ones to police the game. No need for the umps to step in and start tossing people at that point. If they were going to take control of the situation Anderson should have been tossed for hitting Simon, and that would have been the end of it. On the other hand, Simon could have been smarter about it and thrown at their best player, Lucroy?, later in the game. He probably wouldn’t have been tossed then, since again, no warnings.

    • pinson343

      I like the hitting Lucroy part, would have been much smarter, would have saved 2 runs, and might have kept Simon in the game.

    • CarlW

      I don’t really agree with the idea of plunking them, it doesn’t really do anything to help a team, especially one that is struggling. For Anderson, it was more than likely intentional, but it would be far easier to make the case he was distracted and it slipped. Simon was straight up intentional and the umpire was well within his rights to toss him immediately. Anyway, glad the Reds pulled it out, hopefully they can win tomorrow.

      • Hotto4Votto

        Whether you agree with it or not, it’s how baseball works. If the umpires didn’t think someone on the Brewers were getting thrown at, they were fooling themselves after 3 Reds were hit and one appeared and was thought to be intentional. They should have issued a warning or tossed Anderson at the time and it wouldn’t have come to that.

    • greenmtred

      But Lucroy didn’t hit anyone, did he?

      • Hotto4Votto

        And neither does McCutchen, or Phillips or whoever gets plunked on our side when teams get into bean ball wars. It’s what happens in baseball. Throwing at Lucroy takes the bat out of his and also sends the message “stop hitting us on purpose or we’ll go after your best player”.

      • greenmtred

        In this, as in so many ways, baseball strives , in microcosm, to illustrate the absurd and hopeless nature of human existence.

  14. pinson343

    Nice recap, Patrick, thanks for filling in with a lot of good comments. But since no good deed ever goes unpunished, I’ll have to register one difference in opinion.
    If you’re going to start posting recaps, you have to put up with this !

    I feel better than you do about Votto’s last 4 games: 5-17 with 2 doubles and a HR is a hopeful sign. When Joey is hitting well, he’s hitting a lot of XBHs, especially doubles, and 3 XBHs in 4 games MIGHT indicate that something good has started up.
    I agree that he hasn’t had that breakout game yet and the 4 games aren’t convincing me that he’s out of his funk.

    But when he gets criticized for grounding out after a single and a double ? Everyone makes an out most of the time. It’s almost like criticizing Duvall for hitting a double play ground ball after his 3 run HR.

    • Patrick Jeter

      I wasn’t criticizing him for grounding out. I was making an observation that he’s been in a position lately to have a “monster” or “good” game. He’s been unable to make one happen. It’s just a weird feeling that Votto doesn’t have a single big game in 2 months. I think he homered and singled in a game in April. That’s his best game. Part of the reason I, personally, keep tuning in is so I can be watching when he finally gets his adjustments correct and comes back around.

      If he went 5-17 and a few XBHs every 4 games for the rest of the year, I’d be fine with that.

  15. pinson343

    Duvall also made a nice diving catch in LF. As a throw-in on the Leake trade, so far he’s been a steal.

      • vegastypo

        He and Cozart can share it, but geez, being the MVP of this sad-sack collection is hardly much to be praised for……. Speaking of Cozart, I wonder how far down the elevator shaft his numbers will fall.

      • Vicferrari

        Cozart really has not done much after a hot start, he just had a high batting average in April and now. Bruce’s offensive numbers overall number are better and right up there with Duvall. But it is hard to find any player valuable on team that only wins 1/3 of its games.

  16. Dan

    Nice to see the Reds start plunking some batters, though I would dare say, that we should always be the team with more hit batters. We can justify it with all the walks the staff gives up. Let’s embrace the Bad News Reds motif and at least make other teams afraid of us for reasons other than being any good.

    • greenmtred

      Better yet, post a sniper out in right field and, from time to time, pick off an opposing player. Or put rattlesnakes in their dugout. Or poison their water cooler…

      • lwblogger2

        Or land mines in the outfield, per George Carlin 😉

  17. Patrick Jeter

    Home runs are nice, but unless Duvall can continue his 36 HR pace, his terrible walk rate and sub-.300 OBP are worrisome.

    • old-school

      Duvall has done a nice job. The Reds hitters as a team are horrific at regularly giving you productive quality at bats. They don’t have a critical mass of productive hitters that 1-8 make each other better…..whether it be hitting for average or getting on base or hitting for power. At least Duvall is finding a way to produce in away that makes his team better.
      I saw a post criticizing Marty but now can’t find…about Winker hitting .266. Winker’s numbers are down across the board from his career minor league numbers, including his BA- career .290…..and maybe that means his needs a bit more seasoning in AAA and isn’t ready for a call up???? It doenst mean he is not the best young hitter since Votto because he is.
      Joey Votto’s batting average this year at .212 is completely worthless and gives no indication or association with his down performance this year. Right??? Batting average tells you nothing after-all….Right??? Votto is having a great year….Right???