The Cincinnati Reds (15-30) are back in action tonight to shake off their 1-0 loss to the LA Dodgers (23-23). Like most West Coast games, tonight’s contest won’t start until 10:10pm ET.

Lucky for the Reds that Clayton Kershaw can only pitch once every five games. The Dodgers have only won three of their last nine games, and Kershaw played in all three of those victories. Twice as the starting pitcher and once as a pinch hitter.


Daniel Wright AA/AAA 0.79 1.90 0.0 4.0% 25.8%
Mike Bolsinger 2015 3.62 3.91 0.9 9.7% 21.0%

Daniel Wright makes his major league debut tonight for your Cincinnati Reds. Wright will be the 10th different starter for Reds this season and the 22nd different pitcher to make an appearance. The scouting report is that he throws strikes! After the 2014 season, fangraphs said “The 23-year-old recorded a strikeout-walk differential of nearly 20 percentage points — among the top figures by that measure in the entire minor leagues.” Doug Gray echos that with a detailed scouting report today on Redleg Nation. Just one small excerpt from his excellent article:

The scouting report on Daniel Wright starts with control. As noted earlier in the article, he attacks the strikezone and hardly struggles with walking hitters. His stuff isn’t going to blow anyone away. The fastball works in the 89-92 MPH range and he mixes in a good 12-6 curveball and a solid change up. Where he sticks out is his ability to throw all of his pitches for strikes and his ability to mix pitches well and keep hitters off balance.

Dodgers starter Mike Bolsinger has missed most of this season with strained oblique. In his first 2016 start last week against Angels, he allowed three runs, lasting just 4.1 innings. Bolsinger was one of the Dodgers top 4 starters last season, making 21 starts in his first full season in the Dodgers organization.


SP: Daniel Wright SP: Mike Bolsinger
1. Zack Cozart (SS)
2. Joey Votto (1B)
3. Brandon Phillips (2B)
4. Jay Bruce (RF)
5. Adam Duvall (LF)
6. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
7. Billy Hamilton (CF)
8. Tucker Barnhart (C)
9. Daniel Wright (P)
1. Chase Utley (2B)
2. Corey Seager (SS)
3. Justin Turner (3B)
4. Adrian Gonzalez (1B)
5. Trayce Thompson (LF)
6. Joc Pederson (CF)
7. Yasiel Puig (RF)
8. Yasmani Grandal (C)
9. Mike Bolsinger (P)

Joey Votto moves to second in the order. Phillips and Bruce slide up. Duvall moves to fifth.

Brandon Finnegan’s complete game last night was the Reds first complete game of the season. Not only did it give the bullpen a night off, it also marked the first time all season that Finnegan has made it past 6.2 innings.

Eight other National League teams have yet to throw a complete game. Four NL teams also have just one. For the Dodgers Kershaw, that was his 3rd of the season.

Well, it’s not Kershaw tonight, so the Reds have a chance.

I am excited to see what the rookie Wright can do in his major league debut!

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  1. Patrick Jeter

    Watching players make their debuts is one of the silver linings of this season for me. I like seeing guys fulfill their life-long dreams!

    • Gaffer

      Layne Sommenson got his dream to get off this team.

  2. Aaron Bradley

    I haven’t said much this season.. but I have to speak out about something. Jocketty needs to be shown the door asap. This mess is entirely his doing. What kind of incomepetent GM can’t even find a couple bargain basement priced relievers? That is the difference between making this a watchable/unwatchable team. From a business standpoint he is definitely costing Castellini money. He consistently over pays for washed up veterans. His attempts at creating an effective bullpen have been horrible over the years: The one guy from the Phillies who immediately got hurt and never played, shipping off young inexpensive Travis Wood ( a left hander with upside that would have been good in the bullpen or as a starter) for the guy from the Cubs who cost millions and was always injured. Those are just two. As you can see I am not looking stuff up just going on gut instinct… but enough is enough. Jocketty needs to go.

    • DEN

      Sorry but the buck stops with Bob. This isn’t on Walt, Bob specifically brought Walt in, he knew what he was getting, he has seen what has been happening for how long now? Bob’s heart is in the right place, I really believe he wants the REds to be winners, problem is most sports teams don’t win with an owner how runs his team by his heart over his head.

    • docmike

      Yeah, Walt absolutely should’ve been able to predict that Ryan Madson would get hurt and be out for the year, or that Sean Marshall would have injury issues too.

      If only he had consulted his trusty crystal ball before making those trades…

      • BigRedMike

        Madson and Marshall are the only bad old reliever signings?

    • Chuck Schick

      I believe the Reds have cornered the market on bargain basement relievers. There’s generally a reason they are in the bargain basement. Perhaps there is a Pitcher Patch someplace that only you know about.

      Jocketty has done some good things…done some bad things. He doesn’t set the budget. He doesn’t make the “go for it” or “rebuild” decision. The Reds are bad for a number of reasons and Jocketty certainly did his fair share.

  3. ohiojimw

    Courtesy of Zach Buchanan (@zachenq), the Reds line up. Might be worth reading…

    “Lineup May 24 vs. Dodgers: Cozart 6, Votto 3, Phillips 4, Bruce 9, Duvall 7, Suarez 5, Hamilton 8, Barnhart 2, RHP Wright. Big shift forward”

  4. DEN

    We are coming up on June and almost two full complete months are in the books and there are a lot of bad things going on with the Reds so far, but if you look around MLB at this stage, you have to say they are no where near the worst team in ML when it comes to meeting expectations. Lets look at the Dodgers, what is their payroll? What did they do with their manager in the offseason? Where are they right now record wise and in the standings? What about the Astros, last seasons darlings, this season? In the NL east look at the Mets, or in the AL East the Yankees and such. The Reds are not going to be good this year, but we didn’t expect them to, how would you like to be a fan of the teams I mentioned who were thought to be top tier contenders and so far really have not shown up.

    • jveith1991

      Don’t forget about other teams like the Diamondbacks, who traded a load of prospects and spent a ton of money last winter trying to put together a contender. Or the Minnesota Twins, who were just short of a Wildcard spot last season. The Los Angeles Angels are another team who had high expectations, yet continue to be decimated by injuries. The Cardinals are only two games over .500 and seven out of first. The Blue Jays are last in their division. It really is a bit surprising how many of these teams are struggling over the first two months of the season.

  5. DHud

    “Lucky for the Reds Clayton Kershaw can only pitch once every five games”

    Don’t give them any ideas!

  6. DHud

    Why is Hamilton being demoted in the lineup after batting .320ish over the past month?? I know a lot of people beat the “Hamilton can’t hit and has no business being anywhere but 9th” drum, but to me it’s looked like he’s started to figure some things out

    • Patrick Jeter

      If he has figured something out, you can’t tell over such a small sample.

      Likely, he’s just trying to get Votto “going” or something. Or maybe he realized against righties he needs Bruce and Duvall higher in the lineup? Lots of potential reasons, and Hamilton is the easiest guy to demote since he’s been one of the worst few hitters in MLB for his entire career.

    • BigRedMike

      Over the last 30 days, Hamilton has a wRC+ of 69

      24 Games with a BA of .273 and OBP of .291

      • Vicferrari

        He is by far the worst at getting on base no matter how you look at it, but you completely neutralize his best offensive weapon batting him 7th, ninth made sense, why go away from it?

  7. BigRedMike

    Looking at Fangraphs, sad looking at some of the stats

    Pacheco last 30 days 19 games wRC+ of -29

    Suarez last 30 days 106 PA wRC+ of 50 and a -0.7 WAR

    • Chuck Schick

      Suarez’s new mantra….”Make outs, not WAR”

  8. Indy RedMan

    Votto in the 2 hole!! Its about time but it makes no sense to bat Hamilton 7th? He should be batting 9th…or 1st? Really BP should be batting 6th but I get the feeling they need to massage his ego….don’t want him influencing the young guys in a bad way. I may be off on this one but I don’t think so?

  9. Indy RedMan

    I think the boys get atleast 4-5 runs tonite and give our bullpen another chance to hold on to a lead!

  10. TR

    It’s nice to see Votto in the second slot of the batting order. I hope he stays there.

  11. dan

    This is a more conventional lineup. I see lots of peeps getting upset over who bats where but for me the only significance is in who needs the more at bats to figure things out mentality. Votto is struggling so putting him in the 2 hole is a good idea I think, but overall it does nothing to increase or decrease our run production capabilities.

    • Patrick Jeter

      Not true. Giving your best hitter more at-bats increases your “run production capabilities.”

      Yes, Votto is struggling. I understand that.

      • Vicferrari

        Struggling and still leads the team in obp by far

  12. preacherj

    That Dodger lineup should be putting up some serious runs. Talk about a disappointing season.

  13. L.A. Red

    Joey with an 8 pitch double….just imagine how tough the middle of our lineup will be after we draft Senzel in two weeks. Votto, Winker, Senzel batting 3,4,5 every pitcher is guaranteed to have at least a few 20 pitch innnings with those three batting in the heart of our lineup!

    • Patrick Jeter

      Sounds nice, but 2-3-4 in some order, rather than 3-4-5. 😉

  14. james garrett

    We go down on 7 pitches thrown by a batting practice pitcher.Amazing.I am done for the night.

    • Patrick Jeter

      Can’t wait for Winker to bolster this group. He’ll look at a few pitches.

  15. Indy RedMan

    Glad Jocketty has a front row seat tonite! He can see his creation try to drop 30 of their last 40 games. I’m 50 years old and I think that’s as bad as they’ve ever been for a fourth of the season? I won’t be making my way back to GABP til he’s fired or officially retired and far far away from this organization. A refugee from Kazakhstan that’s never heard of American baseball could’ve put together a better bench then the Reds have had the last few years with former Cardinal scrubs and AAAA losers.

  16. GreatRedLegsFan

    Somebody explain how come Somsen was put in waivers ahead of Jumbo, Sampson or even Hoover.

  17. Patrick Jeter

    So much for moving Votto up to avoid him leading off innings. Rest of team 0-9 against someone named Mike Bolsinger.

  18. Mack Ashley Potter

    I’m really not worried, looks like we’re well on our way to a #1 pick this season.
    Reds are easily the worst team in baseball, with the worst manager in baseball history.
    No way they can mess this up. As long as they keep Bryan Price all season.

    Better chances of happening in 2016….
    5 game win streak?
    10 game losing streak?

    • Patrick Jeter

      The Braves are really bad. If any of our normal pitchers pitch during the 2nd half the Reds won’t have the worst record in baseball I think.

      Also, the Twins for some reason have been terrible. I think they’re similar to the Reds with less injuries.

  19. GreatRedLegsFan

    Cozart is good, indeed. He makes those plays look so easy!

  20. Mack Ashley Potter

    Nice play Cozart.
    I guess Zack finally realizes what we all thought he was when he came up as a rookie and is the Reds only participate in the All Star game this season.

    When our window was open, if it all could have just came together at the same time, Dusty could have brought the Queen City a World Series. Almost every player down the lineup was an All Star or multiple All Star at some point. The starting pitching was excellent, the bullpen was good, and had the best hammer in the game to close it out. I just HATE rebuilding…they blew this up so fast.

  21. Matthew Habel

    Bruce giving a nice DH tryout tonight.

    • preacherj

      Maybe part time DH, but he has too good of an outfield arm.

      • dan

        used to. His legs have become a traitor. Bruce is no longer a good fielder.

  22. Mack Ashley Potter

    A pitch can be right at Votto’s face and he will try and take it to left field.
    I just don’t get it. He has the talent to be the best player in the game.
    It’s time to re-think his approach.

    • dan

      Ummm maybe 5 years ago but no he doesn’t have the talent to be the best player in the game. Not even close to a Harper or a Trout just to mention 2.

    • Patrick Jeter

      Maybe you should read some of his interviews. He’s tried pulling inside pitches. He said he can’t do it with his swing.

      • Steve Mancuso

        Nah, he should listen to fans.

    • dan

      He is a pleasant surprise so far this season.

      • Indy RedMan

        He is the only pleasant surprise so far….maybe Zack and Straily but pickings are slim

      • dan

        I would add Finnegan and Straily to the list as well as Zack’s rebound back. Lot’s to be disappointed over though which is suck a black cloud right now that it hides the few pluses.

  23. preacherj

    Love the strike out/throw out DP

  24. muttonlettucetomato

    What the heck has happened to Tucker Barnhart the last couple games, giving away some runs with some terrible throws?

    • Indy RedMan

      He’s a backup catcher that’s playing too much

    • Chuck Schick

      “If you play the extra people long enough they’ll show you why they’re extra people”

      Joe Nuxhall

  25. muttonlettucetomato

    Interesting to see Walt J sitting in the front row behind home plate. I guess he’s getting a first hand look at this current mess of a team.

    • Chuck Schick

      Maybe he’ll stagger onto the field….like Dennis Hopper in Hoosiers…..screaming for Scott Rolen and Skip.

      • wdwrolen2713

        Well, Skip is already there . . .

  26. wdwrolen2713

    Hearing Jim Day’s interview w Skip makes me think hes probably a pretty good guy but its kind of sad and good at the same time to hear even Skip himself call himself bad (near his careers end). At least he realized it and retired when he was done.

      • wdwrolen2713

        True, guess he could have floated around the minors, maybe?

  27. Patrick Jeter

    How many of you east coast guys will be able to stay up late for 3 games in a row? 😉

    • wdwrolen2713

      Did last night for Finnegans good game, but now with bullpen in . . .

  28. muttonlettucetomato

    I wonder what is on Joey’s mind right now, because it doesn’t seem like baseball. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him struggle this bad with both bat and glove. Really sad to watch right now.

    • Patrick Jeter

      That was his first error of the season. UZR/150 has Votto as 8th (of 27) best 1st baseman in baseball so far.

      To my eyes, he’s been about the same as always.

      To be fair, DRS has him at -4, which would be the worst of his career.

  29. Mack Ashley Potter

    My man JV needs a major WAKE UP CALL.
    That o’lay garbage isn’t going to cut it anymore.
    He has turned himself into one of the worst 1st baseman in the NL on top of hitting 2 points above the Mendoza line. Either get in front of the ball or go to the AL and DH.
    He just got lucky to field the ball hit by Pederson.

    Former UK Alumn Joe Blanton now on the bump.

    • Indy RedMan

      Watching Joey is sad….like watching Michael Jordan in a Wizards uniform missing dunks and jumping like me. Bruce looks like an old 29 yr old in the field and Votto looks like a worn out soon to be 33? It would help if he would ever attempt to just smother the ball instead of stab at everything.

      • Patrick Jeter

        You guys realize that was his first error of the year, right?

        He really hasn’t been any different than normal.

        I know losing sucks, but flipping out over every error is goin to take years off your life. Not worth worrying about. Votto’s not a GGer. Move on.

  30. Indy RedMan

    This puts the Reds on a 10 wins 30 losses run! That’s Paul Householder and Johnny Bench playing 3rd bad….actually probably worse

  31. Takao

    I’d just like to take this moment to point out that Trayce Thompson, the Dodgers starting LF, was acquired in the Frazier trade. Y’know, instead of Schebler, who we got.

    Thompson is OPSing over .900 on the season…

    • Indy RedMan

      I don’t get it? Hamilton and Peraza would be ok in GABP played like LA or KC but it doesn’t? You get all the power you can find and then try to make do on the road like Baltimore and Camden. Peraza as the main guy for Frazier is insane

    • Patrick Jeter

      And he OPS’d .745 and .743 in his last 2 minor league seasons…

      You guys and hindsight!

      • Takao

        I mean, I’ve been one of Jocketty’s biggest defenders. I even defended the trade, with the caveat that Schebler must have shown them something special.

        It’s rare but not unprecedented for a player to get better once he reaches the majors, as well. It’s starting to look like that might have been what happened with Thompson (or it could all be a BABIP-based mirage).

        Having said all that, it seems that Schebler was not in fact better than Thompson like I assumed. It’s starting to look like the “expert writers” were actually right on this one and us Reds fans were wrong.

      • Patrick Jeter

        I don’t doubt Thompson will likely have a better career than Schebler, but making that decision on 100 plate appearances for Thompson is not really useful. Also, I’d be a pretty penny that Jose Peraza retires with more career WAR than Trayce Thompson.

        Thompson’s BABIP is fine, but his HR/FB% is out of whack. 1 in 3 fly balls he’s hit has left the stadium. That’s no where close to sustainable.

      • Takao

        (have to reply here due to the way the site functions)

        People seem to have forgotten the lessons we learned with Billy when it comes to Peraza. Yes, he has a much better hit tool and walks more, but he is still extremely limited when it comes to power. There’s only so much that a player can do when pitchers can pitch with virtually no fear.

        With that said, I’d love it if he came up and sustained peak Dee Gordon levels of greatness. I just don’t think it’s likely. I think it’s more likely he shows Ben Revere levels of “oh, that’s right, he’s a decent player” except without the bad defense.

        Meanwhile, the Dodgers got Montas who looks like a back end of the bullpen option at worst and Thompson who has star potential (even if he is playing at his absolute ceiling right now). Schebler looks like another Heisey and Peraza (again, my opinion) could be anywhere from Ben Revere to Dee Gordon.

  32. Indy RedMan

    Cotham is another one that should’ve gone before Somsen. Are they just fixated on velocity only? They did draft Mike Leake? The new Diaz looked ok….looks like he really tries to keep the ball down which will help in GABP for sure!

  33. Indy RedMan

    Well I have tomorrow off so I thought I might watch this whole game. For some stupid reason I thought the bats might wake up tonite off their scrub starter. 3 hits 3 errors tells another story. We have a shot for the #1 pick if Atlanta and the Twins can just pick it up a little? Unfortunately for the Twins they don’t play us?

    One last thought before I go to bed…..if Crawford can be a $20 mil pinch hitter for LA then BP can do the same next year. He’s worthless…its like trying to sell an 8 track player at Best Buy

  34. Takao

    I’m gonna be honest: If the Reds are going to be bad, we should be glad that they’re shooting for worst in the league bad. If we get the top international signing money next year and the top draft spot, we’ll be set up to go on a huge spending spree.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if we only make a few large international signings this year so that we don’t go over by too much.