Today the Reds faced Clayton Kershaw.  Clayton Kershaw?  Sounds made up.

Entering the game as losers of 10 of the last 11 games, you don’t want to face a fellow named Clayton Kershaw. It’s like not playing poker against Amarillo Slim or not getting into an archery competition with Orlando Bloom or, really, not associating with anyone named after a city.  You just stay away.  They Reds were unable to stay away from Kershaw.

Kershaw tossed a complete game, two-hit shut-out, walking 1 and striking out 7. He needed only 102 pitches.


The Good

Brandon Finnegan went 8 innings giving up 5 hits on 107 pitches, with 4 BB and 2 K. The K:BB ratio leaves something to be desired, but we won’t quibble tonight.  If it weren’t for an error and a nothing-but-luck checked swing single from Adrian Gonzalez, Finnegan would not have given up a run.

Zack Cozart hit the first pitch of the game into left field for a double. It was his 500th career hit.  He also made a few fantastic plays in the field.  On the season he’s hitting .321/.331/.533.

The Reds bullpen did not give up a run for the 3rd straight game.  We’re on to something here…


The Bad

The Reds got shut out. But that’s more normal-ish than bad against Kershaw.

The Reds committed 3 errors, one on a routine grounder by Brandon Phillips and two on throws by Tucker Barnhart.  The third error led directly to the Dodgers scoring their first run.  This was the run that lost the game.


Completely Random Thoughts

I grew up in Cincinnati on eastern time. I now live in Colorado on mountain time.  I don’t generally like this time zone, but on nights like tonight it can’t be beat.  I really like an 8pm start time.

Watching a baseball game you don’t expect to win for multiple reasons (Kershaw/Reds are bad) really takes the emotion out of it.

Kershaw didn’t seem to be all that sharp tonight, initially.  Then you look at his stat line and shake your head.

I prefer Pepsi Max to Coke Zero.


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Game Thread Comment of the Game

On Ross Ohlendorf’s suspension being rescinded…


Vin Scully Quotes

For the next 3 nights as I do the recaps, I’ll honor the great Vin Scully by recording some of his musing in these hallowed annals.

“The Reds have a lot going for them. After all, they are professionals.”

“And Brandon Phillips kicks it.  I mean, your 6 year old could handle that.  But, to err is human.”

“There’s hair, and there’s more hair. One of the members of the Three Musketeers.” (With John Lamb on the screen)

“Billy had a sandwich named after him. That’s the sign of budding star.”

“It’s amazing how bad teams find a way to self-destruct.” (After Barnhart’s 2nd throwing error)

Tomorrow’s Game

All hope is not lost, Reds fans, for tomorrow begins the Daniel Wright era.  Witness.