What do you expect with Reds MVP Zack Cozart given the day off? Vote Zack.

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Medium Overall John Lamb pitched OK. He went six innings, walking three and striking out three. Jeff Brantley said early in the game that Lamb was throwing his fastball in the bottom of the zone, something he wasn’t doing in Cleveland. Made it hard for Mariners batters to pick up. The four runs came on two homers. Both should have been solo  shots (see below).

DatPlay Brandon Phillips made a beautiful defensive play in the second inning, diving to his left to rob Franklin Gutierrez of a single. (Video)

One Shot The Reds biggest threat took place in the third inning when they mounted a two-out rally. Lamb chopped a single six feet in front of home. That was followed by an opposite field single by Billy Hamilton and a walk by Tyler Holt. Joey Votto then lined out to the pitcher on the eighth pitch of the at bat.

Deja Vu In the fifth inning, with two outs John Lamb drew the first walk that King Felix has ever issued to a pitcher, Billy Hamilton followed with another line drive hit, Tyler Holt walked again. That set up another bases-loaded match-up of one of the great pitchers vs. one of the great hitters of our time. Votto grounded out to first.

Delabetter Steve Delabar gave up a walk (sigh) but that was all in his inning of work. Far better than his last time on the mound in Cleveland. Has the stuff. Just needs to keep it aimed in the right direction.

Bespectacled Spectacle Jumbo Diaz walked the first two (sigh) batters he faced. Brantley says Diaz can’t throw a secondary pitch for strikes, so hitters sit on his fastball. Diaz escaped without giving up a run.

Oh-lendorf! Ross Ohlendorf was unfit for the Reds bullpen today. It’s as if he hasn’t been paying attention and didn’t know what to do. Ohlendorf didn’t walk anyone or give up a hit.

Suarez Dual Bobble Eugenio Suarez missed a play at third base in the fourth inning. The ground ball was hit about one step to his right. He reacted so slowly and with such bad footwork, Suarez didn’t even touch the ball, which is why it was initially ruled a hit instead of an error. It should have been a double play, erasing the base runner. Two batters later, Gutierrez hit a 473-foot, 3-run homer. The next inning, another play that Suarez should have made was ruled a hit by the scorer. Both plays were good examples why defensive metrics that ignore error rulings and instead judge whether the play should be made based on what other players do are far superior. Suarez’s defense at third continues to be a huge liability.

Possible Format Change If the Reds have a lead tomorrow when the starting pitcher leaves the game, I may publish the Titanic Struggle Recap then, sans spirit-crushing reference to the bullpen. Out of sight, out of sight.


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  1. james garrett

    The Reds offense remains as it has been.We hit homers we may have a chance but no homers we don’t.Same players with same thought process at the plate.Lamb,Hamilton and Holt got on base 6 times today while the rest of the offense failed to show up.

    • greenmtred

      Except that the Reds’ two threats in this game–bases loaded twice–were the result of small ball, and would have led to runs without a homer.

  2. jessecuster44

    Average: Bad. I’m a big Votto fan, but it’s clear that he’s struggling. If only he had someone to protect him in the lineup?

  3. ohiojimw

    I did not see or hear the 4th inning but per the MLB.com play by play, if they turn a GDIP on the ball erred by Suarez, the inning ends before the HR is hit.

    As it is, assuming the error withstands any post game review, Lamb actually ends the day with a minimal quality start, 3ER in 6 innings,

    Given this was his 4th start returning from back surgery; and, he had to deal with that jammed thumb which happened during his 2nd start, I think Lamb is probably not far from where he would be reasonably expected to be right now,

  4. ohiojimw

    Something big is happening with the Reds C.Trent just tweeted the following

    Jumbo Diaz & Keyvius Sampson optioned. Delabar DFA’d

    Time approx 730PM Cincy local.

  5. wdwrolen2713

    C Trent is reporting that Sampson and Jumbo optioned, Delabar DFA’d.

    Interesting turn of events . . . Who is coming to Cincy I wonder?

    • ohiojimw

      With the team travelling to LA immediately after the end of tomorrow’s game it makes a lot sense logistically to go on and make moves today.

      But who and from where. Sheldon has now posted the optionings/ DFA and says the corresponding moves are TBA. This probably means they are waiting for players to be told.

      Neither Bruce nor Cozart played today. Could there be a trade as well of or instead of call ups.

      Sounds like somebody was listening to what B.Price said after Friday’s game.

      • wdwrolen2713

        I actually just saw C Trent’s tweet, I don’t get the postgame show.

      • jazzmanbbfan

        Bruce banged his knee on the outfield wall and was wincing after that and Cozart was given the day off. Of course this is the Reds’ pregame show people talking so maybe you’re right. But Bruce was definitely feeling it after he hit the wall last night.

      • DHud

        If I was Price, I would have a few choice words for the front office by this point.

        Something along the lines of “*blankety* get me somebody in the bullpen who can actually *blanking* pitch or I’m dragging your *blanking* *blank* out there tomorrow night and you can *blanking* do it your *blanking* self!”

      • pinson343

        As stated below, Bruce hurt his knee on Friday night. And Cozart, as Price has said more than once, will be getting days off as his knee needs occasional rest.

    • wdwrolen2713

      Moves will be made tomorrow according to Bryan Price, so we’ll have to wait to find out who’s coming up. Daniel Wright did get scratched from his start. Saw a comment in the game thread that he starts Tues . . .

      • ohiojimw

        Wright is not on the 40 man. The DFA of Delabar would open a spot for him.

        There was speculation on the radio broadcast Saturday that Stephenson would make the start on Tuesday in LA as a one off then be sent back down like after his other two MLB starts. If that turns out to be true, no doubt he will travel with the team Sunday to LA but I wouldn’t look for him to be activated until Tuesday.

        Perhaps Peralta who came up to Louisville about the same time as Wright will be involved or maybe Dayan Diaz. However i believe both of them would also require a 40 man spot/ move.

      • pinson343

        It looks certain that Daniel Wright will come up. Please not Dayan Diaz. They might give Layne Somsen another shot. He’s pitched well for the Bats and he was OK in his two appearences for the Reds until he was asked to go more than 1 inning/30 pitches against the Indians. That was a predictable disaster, but Price needed innings.

      • pinson343

        Someson can’t be called up now, he was sent back too recently. Other than Wright, the other two are a mystery. I hope they’re not bringing back Hoover already, he needs more time.

      • ohiojimw

        Looks like Dayan Diaz, AJ Morris, and Josh Smith. Totally uninspiring. Disco and Yorman Rodriguez move to the 60 day DL to open the two additionally required 40 man spots.

  6. tralfaz

    If the Reds do get ahead, don’t take away the recap of the inevitable bullpen meltdown. The sick, gallows humor is all I have to look forward to at this point.

  7. Mark from NC

    Dude, Milton looks pissed…

    Seriously, an angry goat can head butt the crap out of you. Feels about the same as being forced to watch all 162 of these Reds games, except all at once.

  8. Patrick Jeter

    Not sure why people continue to think Votto is “untouchable.”

    This is a game recap… not an analysis. Going 0-4 in a game is not a noteworthy occurrence.

    It WAS mentioned that he recorded two outs with the bases loaded.

    Not sure what you are looking for, Mike, a call to have Votto sniped on his next AB or something? Demote him to Single-A so he can learn how to hit again?

  9. 666wolverine

    Votto needs moved down in the line-up. If this does’t help then he needs a stay in the minors to get his mind right or for a reality check! Do the reds have the gonads to do it???

    • Chuck Schick

      What a brilliant idea. He’s a 5 year player so he can’t go to the minors without his consent.

      • 666wolverine

        I did not know a player had to agree to it. Personally this opens my eyes up even more to the complacent nature of this team!!! Sorry for my ignorance.

      • greenmtred

        Has nothing to do with complacency. It’s a rule, and the Reds have to follow it.

  10. TR

    It’s good to see Milton in a new pose.

  11. KetteringRedsFan

    Tonight’s homework assignment:

    Eugenio Suarez vs. Edward Encarnacion (formerly known as “E-5”).

    Compare. Be prepared to defend your answer

    • Dan

      Suarez…. he is young our team stinks so might as well learning while we are going to lose anyways. Suarez didn’t cost of the game, we would have lost anyways. Factor that into all of his errors.

      • KetteringRedsFan

        Wasn’t suggesting a swap (grin)….just noting the (apparent) similarities and parallels. The power brings hope….the fielding, however, needs work.

      • jazzmanbbfan

        I thought Suarez was a terrible fielding shortstop and so far isn’t any better at 3rd base. Given the circumstances of the team this year I’m willing to give him more time but so far, not impressed.

    • pinson343

      Suarez and Encarnacion have different problems at 3rd base. With EE it was primarily throwing errors, he was quicker than Suarez. With Suarez, he’s just not used to the ball arriving that fast off the bat.

      EE’s problem was said to simply be footwork, but he never solved it. With Suarez they’re also trying to teach him footwork, we’ll see.

      • greenmtred

        I’m not optimistic about Suarez. 3rd is a new position for him, yes, but Shortstop wasn’t.

  12. Dan

    I guess Joey Votto was unlucky again. Maybe I will mail him some rabbit’s feet to help out with that.

    • BigRedMike

      Joey has some interesting batted ball rates. Ground Ball rate is up this year and line drive rate is down. He is pulling the ball more.

      His hard hit rate is well above his average. Not sure what to think at this point

      • Dan

        I do. Long contracts are never worth it. If a contract extends a player to the point of 10/5 not worth it. If a contract extends a player past his prime…. it is not worth it.
        Love Joey Votto but that contract was not even close to being worth what he will contribute to this team moving forward.

      • Darrin

        Votto was raking the second half of last year and in spring training (yes, I know it’s spring training), I don’t think he suddenly became too old on the way from Arizona to Ohio. I think he started off slowly and now he’s stuck in his own head. Ohhhhhhh what could have been if he never got hurt.

      • Dan

        Joey is 32 will be 33 in 100 days or so. He was great but I think we can see the drop off. If this isn’t it well… we should at least be prepared to see it coming. Imagine the what ifs on injuries. Johnny Cueto’s injury could very well have cost us a world series. Ken Griffey Jr’s years of injuries…. my goodness. I would imagine that just about any franchise can attribute loss championships due to injuries. Who says injury is no excuse? The Reds can use that card for the next decade.

      • BigRedMike

        Not sure what you just stated has anything to do with his hitting this year

        Great rant about players contracts

      • pinson343

        Teams have had success pitching Votto inside, and I know the Phillies were doing that, it might account for his pulling the ball more. On low and outside pitches, his swing has looked good to me. After last year’s all star break he moved a bit away from home plate and suddenly was crushing inside pitches, hopefully he finds some sort of adjustment again.


    The performance today of the bullpen is misleading at best. Mariners were ahead already — and probably wanted to end the game as quickly as possible as well. The patient “at-bats” were definitely not like they were last night. So if the opponent is ahead — there’s a good chance the bullpen will perform “better” than if they are behind. Also at that point — there isn’t the stress of trying to keep the lead. So the mindset of all involved is different. Wish I could believe the performance is better – but until I see that performance under “stress” or “critical” situations WITH the reds in the lead – I will need to reserve judgement on the bullpen performance… I’m truly hoping the bullpen performance improves…

    • Dan

      yeah I agree. oh well, we keep losing maybe we’ll make a run at #1 draft choice.

    • pinson343

      I totally agree. The bullpen’s pitching 3 shutout innings with the game already lost was even predictable. Would any combination of them have pitched 3 shutout ininings with a 1 run lead ? We already know the answer to that.

  14. GreatRedLegsFan

    I see no work on other two major issues: Suarez is not fit to play 3B and Votto’s hitting, definitely there’s something wrong with him.

    • Dan

      at least aren’t competitive this year so that gives Suarez the opportunity to show some level of improvement. Votto, yeah he is looking like an old man already.

    • pinson343

      The Reds know Suarez is awful at 3rd base but think he can learn it and this year – with a last place team in any case – is the year to do it.

      Votto seems to be healthy and during the first half of last year we thought he’d gotten old. He might not have another year like last year but he’s much better than this.

    • pinson343

      Suarez is working on his 3rd base defense with Benavides every day. Joey’s doing extra work on his hitting every day. What kind of work do you want to see, benching both of them ?

      • GreatRedlegsFan

        Sometimes a player just does not have required skills to man a position, 3B is a very tough position to learn. As for Votto I hope he’ll get his timing back, so far his swing is awful.

      • pinson343

        True but too soon to give up on Suarez I think, and I don’t see an alternative plan for this year.

  15. pinson343

    Brantley as usual is right when talking about pitching: Hitters are definitely sitting on Jumbo’s fastball.

    I like Steve’s idea of the 6 inning recap. With the game shortened to 6 innings, the Reds are almost a .500 team.