The Cincinnati Reds (15-25) hope to salvage a win in this four game series against the 20-17 Cleveland Indians. To Cleveland’s benefit, the three games that they’ve won this week, coupled with the 1st place White Sox corresponding losing streak, has cut the Indians deficit to just 2.5 games in the AL Central division.


Josh Tomlin 3.82 4.79 1.8 2.8% 16.1%
Tim Adelman 3.38 4.59 1.1 10.5% 19.4%

Josh Tomlin is in his 11th season with the Cleveland organization since being drafted in the 19th round of the 2006 amateur draft. He has appeared in 101 games, making 86 starts for the big league club over parts of the last seven seasons. He has impeccable control, walking just 4 batters in 35.1 innings this season, but he also doesn’t get a lot of strikeouts either. His average fastball velocity has dropped from 89 MPH in previous seasons to 87 MPH this year. Tomlin only flashes his fastball about 45% of the time, throwing a mix of his other pitches (cutter: 35%, curveball: 12%, and change-up: 8%) more often. Over his last three starts, Tomlin has pitched 18 innings, given up 20 hits, and allowed 10 runs, including five homeruns. The Indians have given Tomlin plenty of run support by scoring 34 runs in his six starts this season, or 5.7 runs per game. As a result, Tomlin is 5-0 through his six starts this year, and the club has won all six games that he started.

Tim Adelman is making his 4th major league start tonight. Adelman is just three years and one month younger than Tomlin, but his road to the majors has been very different. After being drafted in the 24th round of the 2010 amateur draft by the Orioles, Adleman was released two season later and has spent much of the next few years of his professional career in independent leagues. The Reds signed him as a reliever in A and AA ball in 2014, before he spent most of last year in AA Pensacola’s rotation. After three starts in AAA this year, he got the call to pitch for the Reds. In his major league debut, he held the Pirates to two runs over six innings. Through his first three starts, Adleman has allowed six runs on 15 hits over 16 innings. He’s walked seven and struck out 13.


1. Rajai Davis (CF)
2. Jason Kipnis (2B)
3. Francisco Lindor (SS)
4. Carlos Santana (1B)
5. Jose Ramirez (LF)
6. Lonnie Chisenhall (RF)
7. Juan Uribe (3B)
8. Chris Gimenez (C)
9. Josh Tomlin (P)
1. Zack Cozart (SS)
2. Billy Hamilton (CF)
3. Joey Votto (1B)
4. Brandon Phillips (2B)
5. Jay Bruce (RF)
6. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
7. Adam Duvall (LF)
8. Tucker Barnhart (C)
9. Tim Adleman (P)

Jay Bruce now holds the record for most homeruns hit at GABP with 128. Overall, Bruce is 7th on the all-time Reds list with 216, just 28 behind George Foster.

Another blown lead by the bullpen last night, leads to another barrage of questions to Price after the game about said bullpen. Price is working with what he has, and what he has is 4-for-13 in save opportunities. If the Reds bullpen would have been league average with respect to save opportunities, that would add five more wins to their total, making them 20-20 right now.

“We want to win the games we should win, period,” Reds manager Bryan Price said afterward. “And if we did that, at least we’re capable of being there with Pittsburgh and St. Louis if we can put some games away. It’s maddening. As much as everyone kind of went into the season thinking ‘the Reds stink,’ I don’t think we stink. I think we’re a lot better team than what we’re seeing. It’s hard to watch it when games get away.”

I’m convinced that this season’s bullpen performance is just another in a series of long running gags by the Impractical Jokers (Staten Island natives, like Tim Adleman). The rest of the league gets to play with Q’s Crew, while we’re stuck with “the man himself” Q. “I can’t do the stuff they’re doing!”

It’s not just the bullpen that is struggling. Only twice have Reds starters lasted seven innings or more while averaging little more than five innings per start. Tim Adleman’s starts have been good, but have also lasted just six, five, and five innings respectively.

Something needs to finally click for starters to work deeper into games and for relievers to get those final six to nine outs. Hopefully, they can get it going tonight against Josh Tomlin and the Indians.


50 Responses

  1. Patrick Jeter

    Unrelated to the game, but I just read that Steve Delabar walked more guys in his 0.1 IP than Clayton Kershaw has walked in his entire season…

    • liptonian

      Yea I read that too. Makes you kinda sick.

    • IndyRedMan

      11 walks in 12 ip at Lville….big shocker. Great promotion….I’d go Unibomber on the Reds brass if I was Josh Smith. “Honey…theres a package for you”

      • Patrick Jeter

        Sorry for being the downer, Greg! 🙂

      • Greg Dafler

        No problem. It’s not like there’s much positive in anything else I’ve written this week. 🙂

  2. redsfan4life

    Last time I checked Brian Duensing and Neal Cotts were both available. Both could be had for league minimum. Not sure if they would be much of a upgrade but couldn’t be worse than some guys in the pen now. At least both have a decent track record. Granted both are getting long in the tooth and neither fit well in a rebuild, but goodness something has to be done with this pen.

  3. Patrick Jeter

    I thought this standard-ish lineup would get easier to swallow as the season went on. It still makes me shake my head every time I see it.

  4. sezwhom

    Prediction: Adleman will go five innings. I know, I’m out on a limb with that one.

  5. DEN

    I read the Reds are bringing in Brett Tomko this sunday. NOW it’s only to make an appearance at the Reds HOF, but you have to wonder if maybe he might be better in the pen then we have right now…

  6. vegastypo

    Maybe the Reds need to be scouting the independent leagues a little more thoroughly.

  7. seat101

    This umpire seems to have a very low strike zone. That’s not good for Jay Bruce.

  8. Indy RedMan

    You can’t turn Hamilton loose on the bases now? I know they said Tomlin was good holding runners but he is righthanded. They’re in doubles prevent so BP either homers or we need 2 hits in a row….caught stealing makes more sense then not running at all?

  9. seat101

    Adelman has the strangest delivery. Most of his pitches, when he takes his hand out of the glove, it’s like he does a double pump.

  10. vegastypo

    That’s nice, make the rookie pitcher get 5 outs this inning. Three aren’t enough. sheesh.

  11. Darrin

    Is something wrong with the pitching mound in cincy or what? Sheesh.

  12. dan

    Well the good news in all of this is that this makes it almost certain that Josh Smith and Daniel Wright will be considered adding to the 25. Daniel Wright has the Reds organization only complete game this season. Either Smith or Wright will be nice to see instead of Simon.

    • Jonathan Morgan

      Get them both up here wright, and smith.

  13. seat101

    This is getting to the point where it’s just not fun, anymore.

    Ou sont les Rouges d’antan?

  14. dan

    4th inning and game over. Think I’ll watch an old episode of Laurel and Hardy. Sad to say that this team isn’t worth following that closely at the moment and most definitely nothing worth going to see at GABP.

    • TR

      With I used to make sure I didn’t miss the opening pitch and what followed. No more with this version of the Reds. Family matters come first and then I check in on the Reds without high hopes.

    • David

      They play Atlanta some time this year.

  15. BigRedMike

    Awful baseball. Hamilton batting second is fitting for this organization. Need to ensure that one of the worst hitters on the team gets more AB’s. At the same time, Suarez and Duvall bat 6 and 7.

    The whole organization needs a reboot and a new way of thinking

    • seat101

      So far Hamilton the second spot is not all that bad. And the other two guys you mentioned one for four

      • David

        you can discuss and debate how the players are placed in the line-up, but the problem is pitching. Starting pitching has been at best mediocre, not enough innings for starters and the bullpen is abysmal. They scored 7 runs last night, and it was not enough.

      • BigRedMike

        Maybe, but, Hamilton is not a good hitter and should not be a the top of the order. A short decent stretch means nothing. It just shows a lack of understanding of good baseball by the organization.

        Basing where Duvall and Saurez bat based on 4 AB’s in a game??

  16. vegastypo

    Adleman has a strained oblique. Isn’t that usually several weeks of waiting for it to heal?

    • tralfaz

      Or in the case of the Reds medical staff, several weeks of waiting to be told it’s actually something else.

      • jessecuster44

        And then he’ll reinjure it. This med/training staff is an utter joke.

    • wdwrolen2713

      The Reds have to be one – if not the – most unlucky teams in MLB. It is just injury after injury, big and small, minor and serious. Assuming the Reds don’t have STL Cardinal spies or something in our training staff, the Reds are simply snakebit when it comes to injuries.

      • wdwrolen2713

        “one *of the* most unlucky teams”

  17. vegastypo

    Marty and Brantley talking about the “glowing reports” that Price was given about how well Sampson and Jumbo were doing in AAA, and they get back to the Reds, and it’s like they never left.

    • tralfaz

      They should call those the “pee in my shoes and tell me it’s raining” reports.

  18. RedAlert

    Total embarrassment of a team , organization , front office … And yes , ownership.

    • David

      Well, and the fans. They are so poorly dressed.

      This is what a bad team looks like. This is not re-building, re-tuning, recharging. This is a bad baseball team. This is the team that Walt Jocketty and Bob Castelini built. The 2010 team was put together by other people.

      This is 7 years on with Walt and Bob. Congratulations.

      • RedsFanEd (@RedsFanEd)

        Don’t forget the scouting and drafting that has been so bad that minor league had zero options in the upper system to keep this situation from happening.

    • Darrin

      Yeah, it’s not the losing that bothers me as much as all the blowouts

      • jessecuster44

        exactly. It’s not that they are losing, it’s HOW.

  19. dan

    turning in my Reds fan card for a paper sack to hide my shame.

  20. wdwrolen2713

    I looked to see what options there were in Louisville pitching wise, and was surprised with what I found – somewhat. On Baseball-Reference, if you see Louisville’s pitching stats you’ll find the Reds have basically called up all the pitchers on the bottom half of the team in BB/9. No wonder this team walks so much. And it’s not as if there are no options at all. Daniel Wright and Wandy Peralta top the team in control and both are young – probably too early to pitch in Cincy since they just came from AA. But definitely options if not now, later this year or next year. But, then there is still Josh Smith and Dayan Diaz. And, of course I haven’t even mentioned Reed or Stephenson yet. Whether or not they need to be called up now or later, there are legitimate options for the Reds beyond their two top prospects.