Your basic irresistible force: Reds vs. Pirates, hit-by-pitch, hit-by-pitch, Reds hit Pirates, Pirates hit Reds, hit-by-pitch, umpire warning, hit-by-pitch, Clint Hurdle turns purple, hit-by-pitch, umpire warning ignored, yapping with opposing dugout, umpire warning ignored again, hit-by-pitch, Starling Marte leans into a pitch, hit-by-pitch, Pirates hit Reds, Reds hit Pirates. The Reds margin of victory was going to be Brandon Phillips scoring on Jay Bruce’s home run after BP had been hit by a pitch (until bullpen). Reds hit Pirates, pitcher ejected, manager ejected.

Reds 4 • Pirates 5  |  FanGraphs  |  The China Syndrome

Hamilrun Billy Hamilton scored the first run after tripling down the right field line. Brandon Phillips drove Hamilton in with a bloop just out of the reach of the drawn-in infield.

BRUUUUUUUUUCE! Jay Bruce’s 2-run homer in the fourth inning give him 126 at GABP, tying Adam Dunn for the record. Bruce also led off the bottom of the ninth with a single.

Vote Zack Zack Cozart continues to be the Reds MVP this season. His sacrifice fly knocked in the Reds fourth run and he made a dazzling defensive play on a line drive in the sixth inning. Strongly deserving of being elected the NL All-Star starter. Vote Zack.

Catching Fire Tucker Barnhart doubled and tripled. He’s hitting .284/.333/.433.

Today in Plate Discipline The Reds didn’t draw a walk in this game until Joey Votto’s two-out, ninth inning AB.

I’m With Price On This One Saving Votto for the ninth inning was the right call. If he’d been used to pinch hit in the seventh, the Pirates would have walked him with first base open. Then the Fyre Price! folks would have gnashed their teeth about the manager wasting Votto. At least the walk in the ninth inning moved Bruce into scoring position. Legitimate difference of opinion possible. But saying the choice was obvious and that Price is an idiot for saving Votto isn’t reasonable.