Reds 25 Hardest Hit Balls (as of 5/7)


Pitch Acronyms: FF (4-seam fastball), FT (2-seam fastball), FS (split-finger fastball), FC (cut fastball), SI (sinker), SL (slider), CH (changeup), CU (curveball)

Hardest Hit Ball Since Last Time
Tyler Holt pounded the ball into the dirt off Jeurys Familia at 114.92 mph. This is the hardest hit ball by a Red this season.  Interesting to note is that the top 4 are all ground balls.  Physics being what it is, I guess this makes sense.

Farthest Hit Ball Since Last Time
Jay Bruces’s home run off Chase Anderson went an estimated 442 feet.  At 105.35 mph off the bat, it is currently the 26th hardest hit ball of the Reds season.

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