Before we blame the bullpen entirely for this loss, remember that Brandon Finnegan gave up five runs in five innings. That said, various relief pitchers reverted to miserable form after a single glorious night of not giving up a run.

You didn’t really think the Reds were going to win four games in a row for the first time since last June?

Reds 7 • Brewers 13  |  FanGraphs  |  Milwaukee’s Wurst

Finnegan Rakes Brandon Finnegan didn’t have a walk or a hit in 31 at bats in the Kansas City Royals system. But playing for the Reds, he already has five hits, including a 2-out RBI single in the second inning. Finnegan didn’t have as good of a night on the mound. Although he didn’t give up a walk (important improvement) he only struck out one. The Brewers dinged him for three home runs. Finnegan was pitch efficient but only lasted five innings.

BP Milestones Brandon Phillips homered for the fourth consecutive game for the first time in his career. Phillips hit two big numbers today, playing in his 1500th game with the Reds, 1000 of which were with Joey Votto. Phillips added another bomb in the 10th. BP will be sad to see the Brewers pitchers leave town.

Chaos and Havoc Billy Hamilton flashed his speed twice tonight. In the first inning, he created a run by stealing second and third and scoring when the throw went into left field. In the fifth inning, he scored from first base on a Joey Votto single to left center field.

Vote Zack Zack Cozart had two hits tonight and is now hitting .344/.347/.548 and wRC+ of 129. Add that offense to his Gold Glove defense and we have our National League All-Star shortstop. Time to Vote Zack. He’s going to be the Reds representative anyhow, might as well make him a starter.

Meltdown Steve Delabar walked the first batter he faced as a member of the Reds bullpen, so he passed the audition. After that Delabar smartly worked through three outs, hitting 95 mph consistently on his fastball and topping out at 96. He could work his way into the back end of the bullpen. J.C. Ramirez handled the heart of the Brewers lineup 1-2-3 in the 7th but in his second inning of work served up a game-tying home run to Aaron Hill in the 8th. Ross Ohlendorf retired the Brewers in order in the ninth. Caleb Cotham was unlucky before he was ungood.

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  1. Jeff

    Reds Bullpen = China Syndrome of dumpster fires.

    • GreatRedLegsFan

      WOMAD = Weapons of Mass Destruction

  2. Indy RedMan

    Just your garden variety opponent quadrupling his HR total (1 to 4) and nearly matching his season total of rbis in one night (7 to 8)

    Delabar with 11 walks in 12 ip and gets promoted…lol

    Wood 4.04 career minor league era .252 allowed
    Hayes 3.39 milb .233
    Cotham 3.94 milb .265

    Now I’m not saying Layne Somsen is the answer but 2.47 era (.210 batt avg) and he doesn’t get a sniff? I hope they pull off the worst bullpen in mlb history this year. Why not?

    • lwblogger2

      Delabar has a great arm and he looked pretty good. That said, I have no idea why he would be the one that got the call. Price is talking about guys out of the pen that don’t walk guys and the front-office gives him another guy for the pen that walks guys. Small sample I know, but seriously 11 BB in 12 IP?

  3. preacherj

    Ok, i did watch the post game show. Was hoping i missed something. I didnt. We were up 6-2 in the 5th. Unreal.

  4. ohiojimw

    Just announced via @Reds that Scott Schebler has been sent to AAA; “expected” that Kyle Waldrop will be recalled tomorrow

    • ohiojimw

      Hang tough, get a hit in the 9th, be sent down. Help build a bonfire in the 10th and you are safe or something like that.

      Can’t help but wonder if something else might be in the works that would supercede the Waldrop call up….

    • Indy RedMan

      Schebler had a nice basehit tonite off their closer! He’ll be back I’m sure….they prob need more 3B help since Suarez looks so bad lately?

      • ohiojimw

        Here is the text of the Tweet from @Reds:
        Reds option OF Scott Schebler to Louisville. Expect to recall from Louisville OF Kyle Waldrop (#30) tomorrow.”

        Are you suggesting they will bring up an OF and start using Duvall some at 3B?

      • JB WV

        You got me. Price said he wants Schebler to get more playing time because he’s “young”, 25, while they call up Waldrop to get less ABs, 24. Math’s a little screwy.

      • vegastypo

        My guess is it isn’t screwy math as much as the Reds actually see some hope for Schebler, so he gets the everyday at-bats. Unsure how they feel about Waldrop, if he surprises us, great. If not, at some point he goes back down as well.

  5. Yippee

    Does BP have another 30-30 in him? Wouldn’t be shocked to seem him pull off a 20-20.

  6. wildwestlv

    Just found the headline:

    “Evacuees Relocated as ‘Absolutely Vicious Fire’ Burns Uncontrollably”

    Thought I had found the game recap. Then I read further. Turns out it was about the Fort McMurray wildfire, not the Reds bullpen.

    • msanmoore

      +25 for that one … and a bonus +5 for tying to a current headline.

  7. docmike

    Hey, anyone remember when Caleb Cotham was really good?

    Me neither.

  8. WVRedlegs

    The Gasoline Gang resurfaced tonight. As Ron Burgundy said, “Boy, that kind of got out of hand tonight.”

    • Hotto4Votto

      Price: Boy, that escalated quickly, I mean that really got out of hand fast.
      Riggins: It jumped up a notch
      Price: It did didn’t it.
      Cotham: I stabbed a man in the heart
      Price: I saw that, Cotham killed a guy, did you throw a trident?
      Cotham: Yeah, there were horses, and a man on fire, and I killed a guy with a trident.

  9. ohiojimw

    Can’t help but wonder if Finnegan is having a little bit of innings fatigue set in already.
    He seemed more pitch efficient tonight within innings but was used up on 80 or pitches.

    The way he has battled previously, it was surprising to see him let that 4 run lead (twice) slip away.

    At the least he looks like a solid backend bullpen guy for the long haul

    • Dan

      If Finnegan is already experiencing fatigue then he is not a starter. We aren’t even half way through May. How many times has he even been through the 6th inning? He has been a pleasant surprise but it does make you wonder.

      I think if he is fatigued it will be the nail in the coffin on our pitching training staff.

      • ohiojimw

        He pitched around 140 innings in 2014 at all levels, college (105 innings) and professional. Last year, he pitched just over 100 innings at all levels. Those are whole season totals. So far this year he’s pitched ~40 innings in 5-6 weeks.

    • GreatRedLegsFan

      He’s not set to be part of the rotation in the long term, just filling in. Once the cavalry is back (Bailey, Disco, Iglesias & Lorenzen) he should be reassigned to the bullpen.

  10. Earl Nash

    Aaron Hill gets tonight’s “Bill Hall Brewers” award for middling middle infielder hitting with Hammering Hank power against the Reds.

    The Crusty Boys need to volunteer to pitch at the home run derby at the All Star game.

    • msanmoore

      Oh yes! Choose Hoover to toss BP balls to you in the derby … that works.

  11. wizeman

    I am a little surprised that Winker is coming since we have been talking about super 2 status continually. I actually think that in the back of their mind they see themselves being over 500 against everyone except the Cubs.
    I was also surprised that Hayes got a recall while Somsen did not get a sniff.
    Lastly… Reed lights out again last night. We have not heard how Bailey felt after playing catch. No one has mentioned Disco in a week. Iglesias still has a bad shoulder…Moscot on DL. It’s time for Reed and Stephenson. They have earned it. Make no mistake… if we decide to wait on Super 2… so be it… but talking about waiting until May 2017 is counterproductive.

    • msanmoore

      Waldorp is coming up, not Winker.

    • ohiojimw

      Still waiting for official word that it is Waldrop. After the meltdown last night and Adelman going just 5 on Friday, I would not be totally surprised if it turned out to be a pitcher.

  12. wizeman

    My mistake. Absolutely not paying attention.

  13. preacherj

    We were up 6-2 in the 5th. Unreal.

  14. Robert Godfrey

    two important points that would have won the game without needing extra innings:
    1. Suarez did not get the force at home with the bases loaded and threw to second – got an out, but run scored; could have had an out at home with no run scored
    2. Bruce struck out with runner at third and one out

    • Steve Mancuso

      I’ll add on the first point that Suarez could have sensed from how the ball was hit that it would be tough to turn a double play. When you’re preparing for the pitch, you say if it’s hard hit go for two, if not, get the out at the plate. The out at home would have been easy because for some reason the runner at third broke back to the bag even though bases were loaded.

      Easy to second guess after the fact, and the play at first was sorta close. But I thought at the time the right play was at home when the ball took such a high hop.

      • ohiojimw

        Welch opined that a 3B in that situation needed to be of a mindset ahead of time that unless he could step on 3rd and throw to 1st for the DP, he should come home.

      • Steve Mancuso

        That sounds right. Need a hard-hit ball and slowish runner to get the 5-4-3 double play. Reds are last in the majors in turning double plays based on percentage of opportunities.

        When Suarez played SS it seemed like a few of his errors came from a lack of concentration. Playing 3B has a way of focusing the mind. But given how new he is at the position, not surprising he hadn’t thought it through correctly. Again, hard to second guess split second plays. But you have to know in your mind what the right play is before the ball is pitched. That’s a huge part of playing the infield.

      • Robert Godfrey

        My thoughts exactly Steve, and particularly agree that Suarez should have been mentally prepared for the play. The easiest and most logical play was right in front of him at the plate and he had to turn back towards second base to make the throw, not nearly as easy. I like Suarez and realize 3rd is newish to him, but that was a bad mental play to make at second base..

  15. ohiojimw

    At least 2 runs given away by the defense that probably would have ended the game before that fateful 10th.

    In the 5th Barnhart bungled an easy out on the pitcher’s sac bunt. Later in the inning with the bases loaded and one out Suarez made the wrong decision in trying for an around the horn GIDP instead of taking an out at the plate. Result=1 unearned run.

    In the 6th, BP erred on a ball seemingly hit right at him; and, the runner eventually crossed on Hills 3 run HR, allowing another unearned run.

    • Robert Godfrey

      BP (my favorite player) has surprised me this year with balls missed that he normally made his usual spectacular plays on. That error and Barnhart’s didn’t help the game, but if Suarez had gotten the out at home plate, the game tying homer at 6-6, would have then been 6-5; Reds win if all else played out the same (including the errors).

    • lwblogger2

      I’m a big fan of Suarez and have been saying his defense will come around. He has the tools. That said, he’s really, really frustrating. I bet the coaches are even more frustrated.

  16. lwblogger2

    I’ll add one thing on Finnegan… I think he may end up being the odd man out as far as a guy who gets traded as part of a package for a bat. I like him a lot but don’t think he fits what the Reds need in the pen or as a starter. He likes to live on that high fastball and as a byproduct, he really is more of a flyball pitcher. That doesn’t work at GABP. The fact that he has some control issues and gives up the occasional walk because of it compounds the problem.

    The stats say he’s more of a groundball pitcher overall but that sample going into this year and they are trending in a flyball pitcher direction. The eyes say that will continue. Wonder what his batted ball profile looked like in the minors?