Last night, Brandon Phillips was hit on his hand by a pitch. X-rays were negative (that’s good). Earlier in that at bat, he hit two foul balls onto his leg. The Reds have not said whether Phillips will be sidelined for either of these issues for any length of time or if he will go on the DL.

Some have raised the possibility of calling up Jose Peraza. Peraza was the headline return from the Todd Frazier trade this off-season. He has been playing shortstop and batting leadoff for the AAA Louisville Bats. Peraza could certainly fill in for Phillips at 2B.

The downside of calling Peraza up right now is service time. Before coming to the Reds, Peraza was with a major league club (Dodgers) for 42 days. So his service time stands at 0.042. One year of service time is 172 days (0.172). To avoid using up a year of team control, the Reds must keep Peraza’s time with the major league club this year below 130 days. In other words, if Peraza earns fewer than 130 service time days with the Reds in 2016 the Reds will control him through the 2022 season. If Peraza earns 130 days or more in 2016 and then stays in the majors for the rest of his career, he would become a free agent before the 2022 season.

Assuming once Peraza is promoted, he’ll stay up, to keep him below 130 days of service time, the Reds need to delay his call-up until the last week of May.

Or, they could call Peraza up now for a while – hypothetically, the 15 days while Phillips goes on the DL – and then send him back down to AAA. The number of days he spends with the Reds now would push back his permanent promotion date that many days. So if Peraza comes up now for 15 days, the Reds would need to wait until mid-June to call him for good.

Of course, all this assumes that Phillips will miss a significant length of time.