The Cincinnati Reds (9-11) have lost nine games in a row to the New York Mets (11-7), dating back to September 2014. Will youth trump experience? Brandon Finnegan, who just turned 23 less than two weeks ago, tries to put a stop to this losing streak tonight against a pitcher almost 20 years his senior.


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Brandon Finnegan 3.74 5.48 1.7 12.8% 19.2%
Bartolo Colon 2.89 2.97 1.0 2.7% 22.7%


Brandon Finnegan shows flashes of brilliance, but has struggled with walks and keeping the ball in the park early this season. His last outing was his shortest of the season, allowing five runs and seven hits in just four innings against the Cubs.

Like Syndergaard last night, Bartolo Colon just doesn’t walk batters. He has walked two this season in 18.2 innings. Last year, he walked only 2.9% of batters faced in 196 innings. In each of the past four seasons, he has walked less than 1.4 batters per nine innings pitched. So, the 2.7% walk percentage noted above is not due to a small sample size.

Unfortunately, we are talking about homeruns allowed.

Cincinnati pitchers lead the Majors with 37 homers allowed in 20 games. Twenty-seven of those homers have come over the last 11 games, since April 15. That puts the Reds on pace to allow 299 home runs for the season, which would smash the all-time record of 241 set by the 1996 Tigers and the club record of 236 that was claimed by the 2004 Reds. Four starters that season — Aaron Harang, Cory Lidle, Jose Acevedo and Paul Wilson — allowed at least 24 homers each.

The Reds are playing shorthanded tonight with Brandon Phillips mending (not on the DL) from last night’s wrist injury.

1. Zack Cozart (SS)
2. Tyler Holt (RF)
3. Joey Votto (1B)
4. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
5. Adam Duvall (LF)
6. Tucker Barnhart (C)
7. Ivan De Jesus (2B)
8. Brandon Finnegan (P)
9. Billy Hamilton (CF)
1. Curtis Granderson (RF)
2. Asdrubal Cabrera (SS)
3. David Wright (3B)
4. Michael Conforto (LF)
5. Neil Walker (2B)
6. Wilmer Flores (1B)
7. Juan Lagares (CF)
8. Kevin Plawecki (C)
9. Bartolo Colon (P)

Before departing last night’s game with the hand injury, Brandon Phillips added to his hitting streak in New York against the Mets.

According to a Jon Heyman report, Todd Frazier was seeking a long-term extension at the time the Reds traded him this past offseason. He was reportedly looking for money in the neighborhood of seven years and $100 million, which is what Kyle Seager signed with the Mariners. On the surface, that seems like a fair and comparable starting point in negotiations, but when you consider that Frazier is two years older than Seager, a seven year deal would take Frazier through his age 37 season. I hope that Frazier can get his fair market value, but it just doesn’t seem like a financial/contract length fit in Cincinnati at this time.


The battle between two teams in opposite situations continues tonight. The Reds lineup isn’t one you’d see and expect to snap their losing streak to the Mets, but stranger things have happened. Finnegan could have a great night, and the Reds bats could come alive against Colon!


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  1. Patrick Jeter

    I hope Suarez destroys the baseball in the 4-hole in BPs absence. Perhaps that will spur Price into moving BP out of the 4-hole.

  2. Big56dog

    So glad Somson is on this roster in case things go south for Finegan and not wasted on an extra bat, probably could throw JC Ramirez and Drew Hayes in the OF if needed since they have thrown more innings than any of the starters this week and will be too gassed to take on the mop-up role.
    I am so glad that the Reds are realistic to realize a 9 man bullpen is the better move than to have some options for PH- who cares about winning as long as the games stay respectable.

  3. Eric The Red

    I think this one is winnable. A solid game from Finnegan, Cotham and Cingrani are well rested, and we’re finally facing a pitcher who probably won’t compete for the Cy Young this year. (Also, he doesn’t walk anybody so our inability to take a walk won’t matter.) It would be nice to have our #4 and #5 hitters available–or even have one of them–but I still think we can win this one.

    Go Reds!

    • Steve Mancuso

      Finnegan should have an edge against the Mets LH lineup pieces (Conforto, Granderson, Duda) and moves Walker to the right side, weaker side.

  4. preacherj

    Colon comes to pitch. No messing around.

  5. Tct

    That lineup. Ouch. I humbly submit that against righties Tucker Barnhart is the 3rd best hitter in that lineup.

  6. preacherj

    Colon has a good move to first. I feel a TOOTBLAN coming on soon…

  7. preacherj

    That’s an auspicious beginning

  8. ohiojimw

    Bartolo Colon reminds me of the villains in many of the early early James Bond films. In appearance he is almost laughable as he goes about his work yet in is dangerous in results.

  9. james garrett

    Playing short handed is what we do best.Bruce replaced by a pitcher and BP out until he decides he is ready to play.

  10. RedsFanEd (@RedsFanEd)

    Mesoraco may still be hurt but Tucker Barnhart is flat earning the catching job on this team. He’s really turned into a solid hitter to go with his outstanding defense.

    • preacherj

      Not going to be, considering who they are.

    • Eric The Red

      Tucker actually took strike 3, so I think it’s just a terrible umpire rather than favoritism.

  11. preacherj

    Barnhart set up waaaay outside, but that pitch cut the middle of the plate

  12. Eric The Red

    The Mets sure have a lot of inexplicable “he hit a lot of homeruns all of a sudden” stories.

    • Big56dog

      I assume that was about Holts Sacrifice…what happened seems like a dumb call, but so is going with another relief pitchers you got 3 bench players available and 8 relievers if you count Simon as you can skip his next start

      • Eric The Red

        With the short starts and chewed up (terrible) bullpen, it makes perfect sense to have brought up another pitcher.

      • Big56dog

        But why not send 1 down, like Ramirez or Hayes or both no starter has pitched more than them since last week and you will not need 9 bullpen pitchers

  13. preacherj

    What a pitch to end the inning! Nice.

  14. Eric The Red

    We haven’t had many innings like that. The inability to put 8-9-1 away, or finish an inning that starts with two outs, have led to some of the short outings by our starters.

  15. preacherj

    Duvall might have made it if he would have slid toward the base

  16. preacherj

    In my submarine days, we would have yelled “crazy Ivan!!”

  17. preacherj

    I can’t believe these commentators did not know that Bartolo Colon is known as ” big sexy”. I’ve known that for a long time

  18. preacherj

    Theres the OFFICIAL TOOTBLAN ™

    • Patrick Jeter

      Wouldn’t be a Reds game without a TOOTBLAN. That one was particularly bad. Pretty dumb on Holt’s part.

      • Big56dog

        what was up with the prior AB, was he actually sacrificing with 1st and 3rd?

      • Patrick Jeter

        Yeah.. maybe he has scrappy player syndrome, where they actually think that sort of play is helpful. He IS batting in the 2-hole.

  19. BigRedMike

    That is completely unacceptable at every possible level. Just inexcusable.

  20. TR

    More terrible base running with Suarez at the plate.

  21. BigRedMike

    Enjoyable watching Finnegan throw a change up

    Great catch by Hamilton, bad reaction, great catch up speed

  22. Steelerfan

    can only “watch” on computer. What happened?

  23. preacherj

    With plays like that, i have no problem with BHam as a starter. Just keep him in the lower third of the order

    • tdan4

      Remember Billy came close to a Gold Glove already. He will have several before he is done.

  24. TR

    Hamilton is a defensive genius. If only he could get on base more.

  25. Patrick Jeter

    Tonight in AAA, Peraza is 1-3 with a walk and Winker explodes, 2-3, 4 RBI, HR, 2B, and a walk to boot.

    • Patrick Jeter

      Peraza also with a SB. Cody Reed, 5 IP 1 ER, 6K. Good night for the Reds prospects.

    • BigRedMike

      The Reds have a chance to have a good rotation with the youngsters, just need to get some hitting. Winker is important for that. The bullpen can be fixed when the team is ready.

  26. BigRedMike

    93 mph on pitch 99. Good location on the fastball

  27. Patrick Jeter

    So Duda homers here to tie the game, right?

  28. Indy RedMan

    Give my boy Somsen a shot when the times comes….can’t possibly be any worse? He held them to .216 in the minors….has to be worth something? Of course we should have 5-6 runs by now but we’re up to our usual shenanigans of beating ourselves

  29. preacherj

    Cespedes. They mustve burned Duda. Or did they?

  30. Patrick Jeter

    Well, wasn’t Duda, but yeah… because Reds…

  31. BigRedMike

    That stinks for Finnegan

    Tough call for Price, bullpen is not good

    • preacherj

      I think the bullpen kills more than spirits. I probably would have done the same

      • preacherj

        …as I was saying, unfortunately

  32. Indy RedMan

    Of course…..and after my Pacers pull off their usual 4th q collapse as well.

  33. Dan

    I would have kept Finnegan in until his arm fell off.

  34. Indy RedMan

    Price lets Walker beat us lefthanded last night while Cingrani sits and then their big boy beat a tired lefty kid tonite. Price has one arm tied behind his back w/this pen but these decisions make themselves….they really do! He’s not a capable manager….period and I haven’t been a Price basher previously

    • preacherj

      Maybe. Finnegan was still throwing 93. And there isnt a single body i trust down in that pen. Finnegan was tired, but the bullpen is dead.

  35. Indy RedMan

    Game was over at 5-3 last night….save Cotham for tonite. He’s stupid

  36. ManuelT

    Of course Thom Brennaman thought it was a good idea to leave Finnegan in even with a plus-100 pitch count.

  37. RedAlert

    Bryan Price has no feel whatsoever when it comes to pitching strategy – amazing and astonishing. Raise your hand if you didn’t see that bomb coming.

  38. msanmoore

    But it’s a quality start, right? That’s got to count for something … SMH!!

  39. ManuelT

    Isn’t this the second time Price has done this to Finnegan?

  40. Patrick Jeter

    This bullpen really is a joke.

  41. BigRedMike

    At least it wasn’t the 8th inning tonight

    Grooved a fast ball on 0-2

    • Patrick Jeter

      He was throwing hard, trying to blow guys away. Throwing 1-2 MPH harder than normal. Bad move. 95 isn’t hard to hit when David Wright knows its coming.

  42. RedAlert

    Cingrani terrible – this bullpen needs a full enima

  43. Indy RedMan

    lol….0-2 again. Why not change speeds….a breaking ball or change away and doesn’t (shouldn’t) be a strike as long as Barnhart blocks it. I swear….stupid. Lacking talent but more importantly lacking baseball IQ

  44. preacherj

    I agree the obvious move was to use a reliever, but seriously, look at what happens when we do. Anyone else read the article today regarding this dumpster fire? It’s at historic proportions

  45. ohiojimw

    Finnegan was out clearly running on empty yet Price preferred to have him face Cespedes than any have any rightie in his pen face Duda, Thinking of it another way, Cespedes was a bluff who ended up hitting the tying HR

    And as I type, Cingrani grooves another 0-2 pitch to surrender the lead.

    • ohiojimw

      And why do they throw Cespedes a first pitch fastball? Where did that call come from?

      • preacherj

        That I will give you. And Finnegan had good offspeed pitches working.

    • BigRedMike

      Price is a poor manager and he does not have the players to make up for his poor decisions

  46. Indy RedMan

    Whiskey Tango was Holt doing tonite too….picked off 2nd by the Dominican John Candy and a safety bunt w/1st and 3rd and nobody out? What was that? How are you going to put up crooked numbers when u happily give away outs?

    • preacherj

      Yeah, and THOM! Was talking about how Suarez was ending innings. What about the nonsense that happened before he was up? His fly balls might have been effective if we quit playing like little leaguers

  47. preacherj

    So thats what a bullpen is supposed to do…

  48. RedAlert

    And the Mighty Schebler at the bat has struck out again – geeze – rinse, repeat

  49. Indy RedMan

    So Mr. Schebler….this is one of the nicer apartment complexes in Louisville….does a 6 month lease seem fair?

  50. Dan

    Let’s just DFA all or relievers and sign up 6 international league players… couldn’t be any worse. We know we have talentless wits right now so no need to waste time. The Reds have the money this year to pay for these useless contracts so might as well cut bait and try getting lucky on someone else.

  51. sezwhom

    This Reds team is sucking the life out of me and it’s not even May. Really hard to watch our bullpen blow it every stinkin’ night. I’d lay down a mandate: throw strikes, get outs or you’re gone. Enough is enough.

    • Indy RedMan

      I’m enjoying fantasy baseball but I can’t take this team for another month either? Losing is one thing but they’re holding guys like Stephenson back and on top of that Price is so bad and can’t ever think ahead….their fundamentals are horrible. Suarez picked off twice already….Duvall and Bruce threw home for no reason the other night and let guys advance to 2nd? Its a bad team and I thought BP quit the other night when we got down 4-0 to Arrieta. I’m almost done other then checking scores

  52. Indy RedMan

    A quality lefty doesn’t give up a triple (almost got out) to old man Granderson either? Tony C just doesn’t have it….doesn’t have the big curve that makes lefties hate lefties and doesn’t throw upper 90s w/movement either which he needs cause he has is the fastball? Experiment should be over with him too in close games

  53. preacherj

    Nice comeback by Cotham. Now, lets get a Hamilrun

    • Indy RedMan

      3-0…why not put Cotham in then when Finnegan gets in trouble? Finn is a young guy and he’s not 6’5 240 and he hasn’t been starting long….100 pitches is enough and Cotham has been the only effective guy Price has. Instead he puts him in AGAIN when the game is basically over. If Price was with the FBI in Dallas in 1963…he’d be hiring agents on Nov 23

  54. RedAlert

    3 years of Bryan Price is enough. Certainly understand the lack of talent in the bullpen , but he compounds the problem with continuous inept strategic moves from the dugout. He has shown in these 3 years that he is incapable of being even an “average ” field general. Even more troubling is his incompetence in managing a bullpen, regardless of the talent level . For crying out loud , he is SUPPOSEDLY one of the brightest pitching minds in the game. Haven’t seen thstbat all during his tenure.

    • David

      There is some talent in the bullpen, but Bryan Price has consistently misused it, and will continue to use JJ Hoover.
      Cotham, Blake Wood, Cingrani and Ohlendorf have pitched decently on most occasions. Cingrani had a terrible appearance in Chicago after not pitching for days, because Price would not use him. Ohlendorf lost a game, because Price used him one inning too much.
      I haven’t seen much of JC Ramirez (and he gave up the game winning home run to Walker last night on a hanging slider) but seems to have good stuff. Threw several very good sliders, and live 95 mph moving fast ball.

      Running Finnegan out there in the 7th inning was the wrong decision. Thom Brennamen continues to think it was the right decision. What kind of logic decides that making a game-losing decision was the right decision?

      Bryan Price continues to make the bad decisions that lose games, season after season. Brenneman and Welsh continue to rationalize losing games. What’s wrong with this picture?

  55. TR

    Another game given away by the non-existent bullpen. Embarrassing.

    • Indy RedMan

      We should’ve had atleast 4 or 5 runs with all the guys on vs old man Colon but Price would’ve found a way to put anyone but Cotham in until they got the lead no matter how far ahead we were.

      • David

        They continue to lose because there is no hunger to win by the team field manager and the general management of the team, especially the front office.
        And now the rest of the Fox Sports team rationalizes losing. There must be a memo going around about this as the post game narrative.

      • Chuck Schick

        They continue to lose because they’re re-building and it’s a throw away year. What exactly is a hunger to win?

  56. mtkal

    When Price walked back to the dugout leaving Finnigan out there, I felt like I was watching a Dusty Baker game. I was still explaining to my wife how Baker would make a move (or decide not to make one) and we would all be saying or thinking that this would not end well when the ball smashed into that black wall behind the fence.
    I mean come on, did anyone not KNOW what was about to happen? Now in fairness, Baker did have a decent bullpen, while Price has none, so I’ll give him that, but it’s hard to remember being less surprised by a home run.

  57. Scotlykins

    This is exasperating. We are close to winning but keep snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.