The Cincinnati Reds (9-10) are looking forward to playing anyone other than the Cubs as they head East to begin a two-team, six-game road trip against the 10-7 New York Mets. While the Reds won’t play the Cubs again until the end of June, the Mets don’t provide any safe haven either. Not only are the Mets the reigning 2015 National League Champions, but they also beat the Reds all seven times they played each other last season, outscoring Cincinnati 47-16.

The Mets entered play one game below .500 just one week ago. Thanks to a 5-1 week, including a three game sweep of the Braves this past weekend, the Mets have now catapulted themselves into 2nd place and three games over .500.


Raisel Iglesias 3.09 2.97 0.7 5.1% 22.5%
Noah Syndergaard 0.90 0.79 0.0 5.2% 37.7%

Iglesias pitched into the 7th inning for the 1st time in four starts last week against the Rockies. He allowed just 2 runs in 6.2 innings, walking a batter and striking out eight. For the season, he’s walked only five and struck out 22 in 23.1 innings. Tonight will be Iglesias’ first time facing the Mets.

Noah Syndergaard is 3-for-3 in quality starts this season. After tossing six shutout frames in his first start of the season back on April 5th, he’s allowed just a single run in each of his last two starts. Syndergaard has walked just four batters and struck out 29 in 20 innings this season. In two starts against Cincinnati last season, Syndergaard threw 15.2 innings, allowed three runs, walked no one and struck out 16.

Best wishes to Jay and Hannah on the birth of their first baby.

Jay Bruce is out of the lineup, likely for the series. Adam Duvall gets the start in right field tonight with Scott Schebler playing starting in left.

1. Zack Cozart (SS)
2. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
3. Joey Votto (1B)
4. Brandon Phillips (2B)
5. Devin Mesoraco (C)
6. Adam Duvall (RF)
7. Scott Schebler (LF)
8. Raisel Iglesias (P)
9. Billy Hamilton (CF)
1. Curtis Granderson (RF)
2. David Wright (3B)
3. Michael Conforto (LF)
4. Lucas Duda (1B)
5. Neil Walker (2B)
6. Asdrubal Cabrera (SS)
7. Alejandro De Aza (CF)
8. Travis d’Arnaud (C)
9. Noah Syndergaard (P)


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The Mets are the reigning National League Champions. They swept the Reds twice last year. They return home from a 7-2 road trip where…where am I headed with this? It’s going to be a tough game and a tough series, but the Reds have their best pitcher going for them tonight. Let’s hope that Iglesias can keep pitching the way he has, and the bats can scratch out enough runs to put them over the top, breaking the Mets streak against Cincinnati!


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  1. lwblogger2

    Thor’s slider is mighty (as is his fastball), but lets hope the good guys can run into a few and start the series off right.

  2. vegastypo

    I’m surprised that Schebler is in left field instead of Duvall. I thought he had a better arm than Duvall, and he has more outfield experience. Duvall has been a pleasant surprise in left field, so why move him?

    • ohiojimw

      Same thought here. Maybe Duvall getting an audition for after Winker’s arrival with the Reds

  3. Big56dog

    Do they really need Layne Somsen- defeatist attitude maybe-
    Our long relief guys are getting killed- need more AAA back JC Ramizez cannot be counted on for 3 innings every 3 or 4 days
    Holt can back-up the OF, Dejesus get the INF, Tucker can catch and thank goodness Pencheco can be the 3rd string catcher in case something goes wrong
    Lets go with a 9 man bullpen

  4. Eric The Red

    Man, we’ve had a brutal schedule to add to the fact we have the world’s worst bullpen and a starting rotation-worth of injuries. It’s kind of a miracle our record isn’t worse.

  5. vegastypo

    Looks like Lorenzen was moved to the 60-day DL to make room on the 40-man for Somsen.

    • ohiojimw

      So they say. Guess that makes him back around the 1st week of June at the earliest? There is some rule about how far they can back date DL time at the start of the year; but, the detail slips my memory right now. Believe it is less than 2 weeks though.

  6. Eric The Red

    I can’t help but think “if we had Syndergaard, we’d have thought ‘I bet he’d make a great closer.'”

  7. Steve Mancuso

    Am I the only one thinking that hitting the ball in play against Syndergaard is a moral victory?

  8. dan

    The Reds pitchers sure do give up dingers. If we are leading all of baseball in that category I’d be surprised.

  9. VaRedsFan

    Ron Darling is a pleasure to listen to in the booth

  10. VaRedsFan

    Iggy avoids further damage…just a few extra pitches thrown

  11. Eric The Red

    We must be on our way to some sort of record for “runs given up after there are 2 outs and no one on base.” It will go nicely next to our record for “most damage done against us by 8-hole hitters.”

    • VaRedsFan

      Don’t forget 8th inning runs allowed.

  12. VaRedsFan

    There goes the no-no. BP extends his hitting streak to 33 at the Mets.

  13. dan

    There will be no no-hitter today at least. Small victory.

  14. Indy RedMan

    You don’t have to throw 94+ to be an ace but you have to find a way to throw strikes without serving up a meatball right down the middle to their 3 hitter? Raisel isn’t an ace in my book….maybe a 2 if everything breaks well for him and he can sink the ball more?

  15. VaRedsFan

    The Mets didn’t hug the 3rd base line like the Cubs did when when Mez bats. Cost the there.

  16. vegastypo

    Can’t help but think we’re not going to get many opportunities like that … hate to get nothing out of it.

  17. Scotlykins

    Votto falls over trying to get away from that ball. It is rare to see a major leaguer who’s is scared of grounders !!!

    • VaRedsFan

      It is a problem, and has been for 3 years now.

      • Patrick Jeter

        Yeah it’s strange. ALmost like his brain has been programmed for some reason to react in that manner. Not sure why. He’s obviously not afraid of the ball, but it’s odd.

      • VaRedsFan

        Another strange thing about it is that you won’t find anyone better at picking up errant throws

      • Patrick Jeter

        Yeah. He has the ability to be an elite defender at 1st, and mostly he’s just average-ish.

    • VaRedsFan

      Followed by an easy steal. We need a Hamilrun.

      • VaRedsFan

        In 2 pitches, he’s standing on 3rd…scores on the Cozart SacFly…Well done

  18. Steve Mancuso

    Great bunt by Billy. Two stolen bases off Syndergaard’s high leg kick. Cozart long fly ball nets a run.

  19. EC Reds

    What’s that new big show on Broadway? ‘Hamil-run’?

  20. dan

    ahhh if only we could see that juiice on base more often. Imagine the possibilities.

  21. vegastypo

    Not long after I say we might not get many more chances, Billy proves me wrong.

  22. dan

    No shame in being called out on a 90 mph changeup.

    • Patrick Jeter

      Pitch looked very hittable, though. Tough to go Arrieta, Lester, Lackey, Hammel, Syndergaard when you’re trying to bust out of a slump.

      • dan

        Welcome to the big league boys. Put away the training pants and put on your depends. Should not be an excuse. Our roster doesn’t match up plain and simple. Cubs and Mets have major league teams and we have something closer to AAAA.

      • Eric The Red

        Yeah, no reason to note the quality of the opposition when talking about our team. What a lousy “excuse.”

      • Patrick Jeter

        Did I ever say it was an excuse. No. I said it’s hard to hit against good pitchers. I know that isn’t a groundbreaking observation, but I in no way implied what you are purporting I implied.

  23. Patrick Jeter

    Iglesias looks very hittable tonight. Not sure he’s hit 90 more than once or twice. Mostly sitting 87-88.

  24. Indy RedMan

    Mets 7-13 off Raisel so far w/2 bombs…..he needs to get w/Homer and see if the split would work for him. It def helped Bailey when he went w/the split over the rolling curve he had early on

    • vegastypo

      Looking like yet another 5-inning start for a pitcher, too. Just can’t keep doing this to a bullpen like the Reds’.

  25. dan

    over under on Iglesias heading to the DL in the next 2 weeks.

  26. VaRedsFan

    Other than the Phillies, Duda has more HR’s vs the Reds than any other team (9). He has 9 vs 3 of the East teams also.

    • Eric The Red

      I’m hoping that one of these days we’ll learn to pitch him. He’s Babe Ruth against us.

  27. Scotlykins

    Iglasias seems to have a very hittable fastball, at least tonight. Every time he throws it for a strike they pouund it.

  28. VaRedsFan

    BP busting his legs up on foul balls. I wonder why everyone doesn’t wear protection.

  29. VaRedsFan

    And now nailed in the fingers…left the game. Good grief.

  30. dan

    Syndergaard gets that hitting batters is part of the game. This guy walks no one and hits BP. We walk everyone and hit nobody. I call that pitching with confidence vsersus pitching with fear.

  31. Eric The Red

    Well, that’s one way for the Mets to make sure BP doesn’t end up helping the Nats this year.

  32. Patrick Jeter

    An AB with a guy who carries one of the worst contact rates in baseball against Syndergaard is almost a foregone conclusion to end in a strikeout.

  33. Scotlykins

    We need to thump someone. Thor threw it up there intentionally

    • dan

      +100. But we won’t. Our pitchers are all dandys.

    • Patrick Jeter

      Why in the world would Syndergaard throw at Phillips?

  34. dan

    DeJesus missed a perfect opportunity to spike Syndergaard. To bad Ty Cobb’s spirit doesn’t live in the modern era. It would provide for greater entertainment to see some WWF style fireworks while we rush off to lose 100 games.

    • Chuck Schick

      Yes…if only guys were more like Ty Cobb. Spiking one of the best players in the game sounds tremendously entertaining. I bet you’re the toughest guy on your softball team.

  35. Patrick Jeter

    Suarez is a bad defender. Plays like that can’t be blamed on inexperience at 3rd.

  36. Scotlykins

    Holy cow. Suarez whiffed at that attempt. That was not an error?

  37. Indy RedMan

    Why does every night feel like we’re in a gunfight with a knife? Can someone explain to me why Bob Steve has to be in Lville shutting down minor leaguers instead of with the Reds? The Cubs wanted to save a year for Bryant so he was down for 12 games and then immediately called up. I don’t get it? Trying to find some positives but we’re just outgunned almost every night pitching wise? I wouldn’t call Homer or Disco an ace by any means but they could get thru 6 with 2-3 runs on most nights and give us a shot. Its seems like Hamilton hasn’t hit as many cans of corn this year and his walk rate is much better? I haven’t given up on him!

    • Patrick Jeter

      Have you not read any of the dozen or so posts about service time? Bob Steve being with the Reds this year wastes a year of team control on a season in which the Reds won’t be competitive. Makes no sense to have him up here, especially when he’s not really been dominant. He’s striking out like 1/2 the guys as normal. IF that’s his new norm, it’s a problem. Needs more time at AAA.

      • dan

        I have to agree with Indy on this. We live at a time when the best players can’t play because we have to be overly concerned about service time. Sounds like a fundamental flaw in the system if we don’t get the pleasure of watching the very best at their craft. Bob Steve has been dominant his last 3 starts. Sure the strikeouts aren’t there but low pitch counts and high ground ball rates are just as sexy.

      • Patrick Jeter

        Yes, its a flaw in the system… doesn’t mean you have to be stupid with your assets.

      • Patrick Jeter

        Takes elite command to be a good pitcher without striking out a lot of guys. Stephenson doesn’t even have average command. Can’t call him a groundball pitcher after 3 games. He hasn’t been dominant, even if he’s had good results..

    • Chuck Schick

      Would you rather watch Bob Steve pitch for a 90 loss team in 2016…..or watch him pitch for (hopefully) a 90 win team in 2022? You can’t necessarily have both so what do you prefer?

      • dan

        considering that there is a good chance I’ll be dead in 2022 I like to see him pitch this year.

      • Chuck Schick

        Hopefully the after life has cable as you won’t be seeing Bob Steve much (if at all) this year.

  38. VaRedsFan

    X-rays on BP’s finger….negative

  39. Scotlykins

    Hoover is warming up. If there is a God in heaven, please let it not be so.

    • dan

      looks like we will get to see if the coaching staff was able to fix what was broken. rumor has it he was tipping his pitches.

  40. dan

    Votto has nerves of steel to take that inside pitch.

    • Patrick Jeter

      Then swings at a pitch that missed the strike zone by a foot.

  41. dan

    and he strikes out the side. Wish this guy could wear Red and White for a few years.

  42. Chuck Schick

    An actual opinion can’t be stupid, as it’s difficult, if not impossible to prove or disprove. Saying vanilla ice cream is better than chocolate is an opinion….there is no truth to prove.

    It’s easy to prove that it is in the Reds best interest to not have Bob Steve pitch for them in 2016. If the Reds willingly and knowingly fail to act in their best long term interest then their actions are stupid.

  43. dan

    Robert Stevenson ERA at louisville is .75 his 2 games with the Reds it is at 3.00 Whip at Louisville .92 with the Reds 1.08 balls per 9 is at 3. For our staff that is not only dominant but downright elite.

  44. Indy RedMan

    I haven’t looked but wasn’t Cueto younger than Bob Steve and they ran him out there to take his lumps? Lorenzen barely pitched in college and then ran him right thru the minors? I think his arm is every bit as good as Bob Steve’s! I understand what you guys are saying but I won’t be watching the comeback of Jason Marquis in July when we’re 26 games behind the Cubs this year and I’m almost as hardcore as they get. Fans deserve some reason to watch? I want to like Duvall but there’s a good chance he’s a AAAA player….just hacking away on sliders in the dirt. He did the same thing yesterday w/men on? Suarez is the real deal but there is little to no real reason to watch a non competitive team…period

    • Patrick Jeter

      Completely agree. Fans should vote with their dollars, so to speak. If you don’t like the way the team is being run, it’s your prerogative to not watch or support. So if you don’t want to watch the rebuilding years, I don’t think anyone will argue with you. It might be ugly to watch.

      But given the financial constraints of the Reds, it’s unrealistic to expect them to compete every year. I’d rather take my lumps for a year or two if it means having an increased chance of building a young, winning nucleus that will propel the Reds to the playoffs for 5-6 seasons in a row.

    • dan

      +1 mate you have valid points. We watch a game of baseball because we think our team has a chance and that we will be competitive. right now we really can’t hold our heads up and say either. To boot we are not even entertaining to watch. The funnest part of the Reds is seeing how many walks Joey Votto can draw.

      Call me crazy but I enjoy seeing me some contact with the ball to bat and a pitcher with a crazy side willing to pitch inside.

      We are not entertaining baseball hope that the management is noticing that as well. Go find us the Next Mark Fidrych or Lenny Dykstra if we are going to lose games by not competing. At least entertain us with something other than mascots.

      • Chuck Schick

        I live in Chicago….the 2012, 13, 14 Cubs were horrible to watch. It was painful and had no entertainment value…..and I don’t actually care. However, no one is complaining now.

    • Chuck Schick

      Indy….you’re a great fan who wants to see his team do well…or at least not suck. Those are reasonable expectations.

      However, without cold pragmaticism, the Reds will be a perpetual 78 win team…..bad enough to not make the playoffs…good enough to not suck.

  45. WVRedlegs

    Even though they said the X-rays on BP were negative, that is an injury that certainly doesn’t heal overnight. This would be a good time to bring up Peraza. Let Peraza play a little SS and CF. DeJesus isn’t hitting. Schebler can back to Louisville for a time. Give Peraza 4 weeks and see what he has.

    • VaRedsFan

      You forgot…BP would have to be day to day for 7 days first. #redsway

    • vegastypo

      Considering that the Reds might let Brandon sit for four or five days, without playing him but without putting him on the DL, either, I like this idea.

    • Patrick Jeter

      Not a bad idea, I think. Schebler (of whom I was a big supporter of out of ST) has been very bad. And not unlucky bad. He just swings through everything in sight.

  46. VaRedsFan

    Scratching 2 runs off Noah isn’t bad…Now do some damage against their pen.

    • VaRedsFan

      make it 3!!!!…as Votto delivers!!

  47. VaRedsFan

    Votto has had three poor ABs so far…would like to see him get a shot here this inning.

  48. Indy RedMan

    I guess it comes down to they think Bob Steve is a elite prospect and Lorenzen was just a power arm? I don’t think Cueto was ever hyped up as much as some of the other guys coming up either? I just see BS throwing 94 like every other young guy in baseball. I know they said he hit 100 in the minors but they said the same about Homer and it only translated twice against the Pirates. Who cares if they lost the 5 fingered discount kid a year early….Leake’s 3.90 is replaceable for cheaper. We’ll see? Finnegan is younger than BS too and he’s with the Reds and lefties throwing 94 are much much harder to find!!

    • Steve Mancuso

      The difference is they don’t expect to compete this year. So saving millions of dollars by delaying Stephenson’s promotion is more important to them. Last year, the Reds were trying their best to win, so they didn’t let that concern be overriding.

      I’m fine with them saving the money to be able to spend it on other players. I can wait two months to see Stephenson.

  49. dan

    This pitcher has one of the best names in baseball. Bastardo. Just rings of tough guy. Kind of like a boy named Sue.

    One of those small victories. We actually raised the ERA on Snydergaard the viking.

  50. Patrick Jeter

    Votto’s modest hit streak now stands at 4 games!

  51. dan

    Joey Votto… get er done. Maybe he is breaking out of his duldrums.

      • Patrick Jeter

        He’s facing very good pitching lately. Hard to be JMVP against Arrieta, Lester, Lackey, Hammel, Syndergaard.

  52. Indy RedMan

    The Ferrari is out of first gear!!

  53. WVRedlegs

    Votto! Why didn’t NY just walk him when the count went to 3-1?? DeJesus was coming up next. Don’t respect the Votto, get burned by the Votto.

    • Indy RedMan

      If we can just steal this one? I like our chances tomorrow with a lefty vs all their lefties….and old man Colon!

      • dan

        yes! Colon is way past shelf life. Maybe we catch him during a senior moment tomorrow and run up the score.

    • vegastypo

      I can only guess that present-day Votto really doesn’t scare anybody. But that was taking an unnecessary gamble.

  54. dan

    ouch. Those darn lead off walks by our relievers….

    • vegastypo

      And it’s not like the Reds shouldn’t know how NOT to pitch to Neil Walker. Hits us like he owns us.

  55. BigRedMike

    What a sad bullpen. This is painful, will be all season

  56. Indy RedMan

    Wow….0-2 hanger down and in to a lefty….you cannot do that on 0-2? Bullpen strikes again. Walker is much much weaker righthanded…..where is Cingrani? This whole team is lefties….where is Cingrani? That’s on Price!!

  57. VaRedsFan

    All 5 runs coming via the longball. Neil Walker all of a sudden a power hitter. HR #8

  58. TR

    Yes, it is a non-competitive, rebuild year, but what a bullpen!

  59. Indy RedMan

    Price has to be on top of that with Cingrani there? Its 2nd guessing I know but their whole team is lefty except for a few guys…neuter Walker big-time by making him a righty! You give TC atleast an inning! I haven’t piled on Price like some but he’s never ahead of the situation like a good manager. I like that he has them running, etc but he has no feel for the pitching which is really weird?

    • Chuck Schick

      I’m reasonable sure that Price pitches who he is told to pitch. The FO wants to see how “Random Guy A” performs in a given situation. The match ups,etc. are secondary.

  60. vegastypo

    Reds Media Relations ‏@RedsPR 3m3 minutes ago

    Welcome to the world, Carter Bruce, born at 9:08 p.m. ET.

    • Patrick Jeter

      Congrats, Jay! Maybe lil Jeter and lil Bruce will play together in the bigs someday!

    • Indy RedMan

      Awwww….I’ve been hard on Bruce for many years but he’s a heckuva nice kid and has really impressed me with the way he’s trying to adapt this year. I’m glad we didn’t deal him off and I hope we don’t!!

  61. Indy RedMan

    Toddfather with the go ahead 2 run double tonite….3 rbis in all. I’ll even root for Latos too…why not?

  62. Patrick Jeter

    Billy is without a ground ball single in 2016.

      • VaRedsFan

        Yeah…he never does really. Infielders are playing in on him all the time.