We’ve decided to make this a weekly feature as long as the Reds aren’t playing a Sunday night game. I will simply update the list weekly and try to note anything…note-worthy.

Reds Batted Ball Exit Velocity Leaderboard – as of 04/23:

Pitch Acronyms: FF (4-seam fastball), FT (2-seam fastball), FS (split-finger fastball), FC (cut fastball), SI (sinker), SL (slider), CH (changeup), CU (curveball)

As usual, most entries from the game occurring the previous day will have incomplete data due to when the StatCast database updates.

Hardest Hit Ball of the Week
Brandon Phillips singled off David Hale at 108.92 mph.

Farthest Hit Ball of the Week
Eugenio Suarez’s home run in the Reds 13-5 win over the Cubs last night was hit 413 feet with an exit velocity of 106 mph.

King of the Hill
Scott Schebler maintains the top spot for the 2nd week in a row.

Frequency Award
Both Schebler and Joey Votto lead the way with 5 entries in the Top 25.

Sometime in the future I will include information about the Reds pitchers who are giving up the hardest hit balls, as well as some more analysis on things like “the Red with the most balls over 100 mph” and “batting averages on balls over 100 mph,” among other things.

In the post last week, I should have shared where I am getting this data.  Daren Willman, the Director of Baseball R&D for MLB Advanced Media, also created and runs BaseballSavant.com.  It’s a fantastic site for folks looking for charts and graphs of StatCast and/or PITCHf/x related things.  He’s implemented an easy-to-use web form that can query the site’s StatCast and PITCHf/x database.  Go here and check it out!