Ladies and gentlemen; like it or not, the StatCast era is upon us.  Last year, small bits of data trickled to us at seemingly random intervals.  Many of us desired the trickle become a deluge.  The time is nigh!

The below table represents the 25 hardest hit balls by Reds batters in 2016 as of 4/16/2016.  We have both Exit Velocity (EV) and Launch Angle (LA), which are very important to the result.  Also, we have the distance traveled (Dist), the opposing pitcher, the pitch type, the date, and the result.

Among pitch types, here are the acronyms defined:
FF = Four-Seam Fastball
FT = Two-Seam Fastball
FC = Cutter
CH = Changeup
CU = Curveball
SI = Sinker
SL = Slider

Without further delay – the table!


The numbers from yesterday’s game come from the MLB At Bat app, rather than the StatCast database. This is why they are incomplete and rounded to the nearest whole mile-per-hour.  I wasn’t staying up until 3am for the database to update!

Scott Schebler sure can hit the ball hard, eh?  If any of these balls had an optimal launch angle, they’d be 450 ft home runs, likely.

For reference, the hardest hit ball recorded by StatCast of any Red in 2015 was a 111.7 mph line drive from Todd Frazier on August 11th.  It went for a double.  The hardest hit ball of 2015 by any Red who is still a Red was a line drive single off the bat of Jay Bruce at 111.4 mph.

I will attempt to update this list every week and post it on a non-interference basis with real columns!

6 Responses

  1. Shchi Cossack

    A point of note…

    Just one entry for the Reds designated cleanup hitter.
    Just one entry for a pitcher.

    Both of those entries came off the bat at the same speed. Only a manager with questionable insight would consider hitting a pitcher in the cleanup position when so many better candidates are available to hit cleanup, arguably one of the most important positions in the batting lineup.

    • CI3J

      On the list of sins commited by Bryan Price, his complete botching of lineup construction ranks high up there.

      Continuing to bat Brandon Phillips at cleanup when he may have the least power of any regular not named Billy Hamilton is completely indefensible.

    • Redsfan48

      Based on how everyone has played this far into 2016, here’s how i would line them up.

      • Gaffer

        That’s an extremely subtle change, and probably meaningless really. This team simply does not have a leadoff hitter, despite Cozart doing well so far. I don’t agree that hard hit balls or power are required for cleanup.

      • Redsfan48

        I agree, we need a true leadoff hitter. Peraza will provide us with that after the trade deadline if either Phillips and/or Cozart is traded/benched.

    • Patrick Jeter

      With the added granularity of the database entry, Finnegan’s hit was actually harder that Phillips, so he’ll leapfrog him on the rankings.