The Reds (5-3) are looking to rub off the sting from the last two losses and avoid the sweep this evening at the hands of the 1st place Chicago Cubs (7-1.) Reds Opening Day starter Raisel Iglesias is looking to continue his solid start to the 2016 season and stop the Reds losing ways in Wrigley.

The following stats are from 2015:

Raisel Iglesias 4.15 3.55 1.0 7.1% 26.3%
Jason Hammel 3.74 3.68 1.2 5.6% 24.2%

These two pitchers faced each other last September in Chicago. Raisel Iglesias performed then as he has in most of his starts: 6-7 innings, more strikeouts than innings pitched, a couple of walks, and a couple of runs. Both Cubs runs off him in that game came by way of two solo homeruns, including one from Anthony Rizzo. Iglesias has issued two walks and struck out 12 in 11.2 innings so far this season.

This is only Jason Hammel’s second outing this season. Last week against the Diamondbacks, he allowed one run while walking three and striking out six over six innings. In his September start against Cincinnati last year, he allowed four runs over five innings. He didn’t walk a batter in that game, but gave up seven hits including a 1st inning homerun to Jason Bourgeois.



1. Billy Hamilton (CF)
2. Eugenio Suarez (SS)
3. Joey Votto (1B)
4. Brandon Phillips (2B)
5. Jay Bruce (RF)
6. Adam Duvall (LF)
7. Jordan Pacheco (3B)
8. Tucker Barnhart (C)
9. Raisel Iglesias (P)
1. Dexter Fowler (CF)
2. Jason Heyward (RF)
3. Ben Zobrist (2B)
4. Anthony Rizzo (1B)
5. Kris Bryant (LF)
6. Tommy La Stella (3B)
7. Miguel Montero (C)
8. Addison Russell (SS)
9. Jason Hammel (P)

Devin Mesoraco and Zack Cozart were held out of yesterday’s and today’s lineup, but neither are expected to be out long, per the Cincinnati Enquirer’s C. Trent Rosecrans:

Cozart and Mesoraco are both coming off major surgeries and early season cold weather has caused stiffness. Both complained of quadriceps tightness.

Temperatures today in Chicago are expected to top out at around 55 degrees, but drop into the 40’s again during the early part of tonight’s game.

Reds starter Jon Moscot has been announced as Sunday’s starter in St. Louis. He will be taking the spot that was previously occupied by Robert Stephenson. Rosecrans has an update for each of the other Reds starters currently on the DL:

— Homer Bailey appeared in extended spring training on Monday and took a comebacker off his foot. The Reds have not yet determined if it will impact his ability to pitch on his next scheduled appearance.

— Anthony DeSclafani threw a 45-pitch bullpen before yesterday’s game. The Reds are considering him for a rehab assignment.

— Michael Lorenzen (mononucleosis) is back in Arizona and is working back into pitching shape.

— John Lamb made a start in extended spring training on Monday and is expected to make a rehab start for AAA Louisville either Saturday or Sunday.

The Cubs are 7-1 for the first time since 1985. That 1985 club would go on to finish in 4th place, 23.5 games out of first.

Happy 23rd birthday to Cincinnati Reds pitcher, Brandon Finnegan!

I still find it weird to play a series in Wrigley without any day games. In fact, the Reds played the Cubs in more day games in GABP last season than the two played in Chicago. It’s one of those traditions that has gone the way of having Opening Day on Monday, I guess.

Anyway, the Reds have one of their good young pitchers on the mound tonight. It should be a much closer game than last night’s affair, and hopefully a much better outcome for our Redlegs!


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  1. lwblogger2

    How much work did Suarez get at SS in spring training? I still think he can be a decent MLB SS but the Reds seem to like him at 3B. I’m guessing they wanted to get Pecheco’s gold glove and big stick in the lineup 😉

    • bobbyhowsamjr

      Suarez has got a really solid stick, but his glove is really shaky. I’d like to see him moved to the OF. Hamilton is a waste of an AB. Move Suarez to RF, move Bruce to CF until he’s traded and move Peraza to 3B. Peraza will definitely improve the D, and would at least provide a professional AB, something Hamilton rarely does.

  2. Scotly50

    We still have Hamilton’s sub .200 leading off. The good news is the Bats are giving Peraza some action in CF.

  3. lwblogger2

    Wow, so Pacheco played one whole inning at 3B last year. Why is he on the team again? He can’t hit, he’s only had a handful of games at 3B since 2012. He’s had only 34 total INNINGS at 2B. He’s a lousy catcher and his miserable bat sure doesn’t play at 1B.

    • Shchi Cossack

      But LW … Pacheco had a .975 OPS in spring training! He’s an all star in waiting.

    • Vicferrari

      He is so valuable because he can play all those position, third string catchers who can play the infield are invaluable

    • Patrick Jeter

      He’s one of the worst players in major league baseball. How he’s on a roster is mind boggling.

      • bobbyhowsamjr

        He’s on a major league roster because the Reds are trying to save money and lose as many games as possible this year to get a high draft choice. Frankly, I’d wouldn’t be surprised to see Dick Williams make the case to sign Ferdie Pacheco so the team could have MLB’s first siamese twin bobblehead night.

  4. DavidTurner49

    Suarez at short seems like a bad idea when he’s already struggling at third. Why not put DeJesus at third?

    • Vicferrari

      Because he is a 2B machine evidently

  5. ohiojimw

    The word per Mark Sheldon (@_msheldon) is that “Cozart hit, ran and took grounders today. Said he felt great”. Price and Cozart both apparently feel he will be back in the line up Friday.

    The way things work with the Reds this likely means tomorrow we will be told Cozart couldn’t walk when he got out of bed Friday and has been placed on the DL retroactive to Tuesday 😉

    • Vicferrari

      C’mon the Reds never put day to day players on the DL for at least a week, he will PH Friday,fly back to Cincinnati for the weekend and the beat writers will be sure not to tell anybody

      • ohiojimw

        Or if the beat guys find out and publish it, B.Price will go on an F bomb tirade 😉

    • bobbyhowsamjr

      So true. In that same vein, look for the Reds to announce Bailey has been placed on the 60-day DL due to the catastrophic injury he suffered from taking a battled ball off his shoe laces.

  6. mtkal

    Did Price really see enough good things from Hamilton in those few games batting ninth that he’s back to lead off now? If they are going to bat him lead off, I would think it would be against a lefty since he’s so much better batting from the right side. His lead off double did look good the first game in Chicago, but I really don’t understand why they insist on making him bat switch.

    • Vicferrari

      BH has a higher OBP hitting LH, shown a little more pop batting RH, I was surprised by this. Is there any convention wisdom that the Reds are wrong and every else saying he should only hit RH.

  7. earmbrister

    Way to work a hard fought walk Billy

  8. bobbyhowsamjr

    Classic low baseball IQ. Suarez swings at the first pitch, giving Hamilton no opportunity to steal. And Hamilton then gets picked off. Development? No so much.

  9. David

    Well, considering the way the Cubs are loaded with left hand hitters, the left side of the infield (Suarez and Pacheco) may not get that much work.

  10. Vicferrari

    Any body following the game??? Only 1-0, Reds need to jump on Hammel after wearing himself running station to station.
    Seems pretty big K right there of Rizzo, just following a Gameday but it seems like Reds pitchers are afraid to throw to Zobrist sometimes. Hopefully Iglesias can go 6, but doubt with the rate he is going.

    • Vicferrari

      Hammels trying to feed them something but the Reds are not ready to eat.

      • earmbrister

        You can’t have your pudding if you don’t eat your meat !!!

  11. muttonlettucetomato

    Even a pitcher can hit a double if you groove it right down the middle at 88mph. Sheesh. That might have been the knock out blow with the Reds bats in their current state.

  12. Patrick Jeter

    Phillips not having a good day at 2B.

  13. Patrick Jeter

    One of the things I like most about Votto is how “not bad” his slumps are. He’s at a .250 avg and a .351 obp. He hasn’t had an extra-base hit yet, but if this is about as bad as he can get, that’s really a good thing.

    • Vicferrari

      Exactly what I was thinking at beginning of the game. I thought you would want Schelber in there as much as possible against a RHP stater. if you want tDuvall in line-up then why not 3B- who has got more experience playing there??
      Overall not that big of a deal but Pacheco should just be glad he has got good seats to the game.

    • Brett Witterstaetter

      Let’s face it, Duvall isnt exactly a silver slugger in waiting unless he learns how to pitch. Even then, his k-rate is nothing special.

      • Vicferrari

        The point is why is Schebler not in the line-up over Pacheco not Duvall

    • Patrick Jeter

      Price has shown he’s a “get everyone some work” sort of guy. Unfortunate, although it may be.

      • bobbyhowsamjr

        Price will be trying to get himself some work in the not too distant. He should think about giving himself a couple of days off every week.

  14. Vicferrari

    I dont’t get why you take out Iglesias. If he got the pitcher out he would have a great line, but regardless at 92 pitches he should be able to go 6 innings- especially with allowing Finegan to throw so many over 100. Why not see what he can do 3rd time though the entire line-up and build up his stamina. One less inning going in the Card series might be needed after last night’s fiasco and Mellville going tomorrow.

    • Patrick Jeter

      He’s very quick on the inner half.

  15. Jeff Morris

    Seems like the question every year…is can the Reds be healthy or semi healthy at all. We really need to convince BP or DatDude to accept a trade to a contender for the upcoming trade deadline…need to continue to rebuild. We need players that have a higher than average on base percentage and also can be healthy. This team has had enough injuries!

    • Chuck Schick

      Has there ever been a team that needed guys who were injured all the time and couldn’t get on base?

    • bobbyhowsamjr

      The way to convince DatDude to accept a trade is to velcro him to DatBench. I’d give it two weeks of Datman sitting in the corner with the Robins before he changes his Dattitude and agrees to waive Dat10-and-5.

    • Den

      You don’t sit a player making what he is making.

  16. Kywhi

    Instead of ‘Cubs will be Cubbin’ or whatever the saying was just two short years ago, it’s now the ‘Reds will be (fill in the blanks).’ This bullpen makes them almost unwatchable.

    • preacherj

      Its hard to fill in the blanks with anything that wont violate the TOS

  17. bobbyhowsamjr

    JJ’s having another great night. After Hoover left the game, Iglesias approached him, told him he was trying to learn English and asked Hoover if he wouldn’t mind if he told him a joke. Hoover was a bit irked by the question as he had just spit the bit yet again, but he bit his lip and said “sure kid, fire away.”

    Iglesias told the following joke:

    Knock, knock?

    Who’s there?


    Hoover who?

    Hoover you expecting–a vacuum cleaner?