Judging from the return addresses of recent donations to Redleg Nation, fans of the Cincinnati Reds do live all over America.

As you would expect, we’ve received contributions from all over Ohio – Cincinnati, Columbus, Warren and Gallipolis to name a few. Kentucky is also well represented – Central Kentucky, Northern Kentucky and Eastern Kentucky. Louisville and Lexington. We’ve received donations from other states near Ohio – Indiana, Tennessee, West Virginia, Illinois.

But we’ve also heard from every corner of the United States: the Pacific Northwest (Oregon and Washington), California, the Rockies (Colorado), the Southwest (Arizona, New Mexico, Texas), the South (Florida, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina) and the East Coast (New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island)!

That’s 20 states and puts the nation in Redleg Nation.

We always suspected that Reds fans lived all over the United States. But, apparently we’re spread all over the world.

We’ve received donations from England, Germany and New Zealand!

So maybe we should rename the site Redleg World?

Seriously, we greatly appreciate the support you’re providing Redleg Nation. Remember, the fund raising drive lasts two weeks. There are a few days left in this week where we ask for cash. In a few days, we’ll offer new Redleg Nation merchandise. We’ll use the money you contribute to pay the cost of hosting and managing the site as well as to do nice things for our hard-working writing staff.

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