Doug Gray is reporting that Robert Stephenson will be called up to pitch Thursday afternoon’s game against the Phillies.

Robert Stephenson will be called up to make his Major League debut for the Cincinnati Reds on Thursday afternoon against the Philadelphia Phillies according to an anonymous source. The Reds haven’t announced the move, currently only listing three starters on the big league roster. The move will be made official on Monday when the team can officially place Homer Bailey on the 60-day disabled list.

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Keep in mind this report is based on a single anonymous source, so take it for what it’s worth.

Raisel Iglesias pitches Monday, Brandon Finnegan on Wednesday. Presumably Alfredo Simon starts on Friday. Reports on Anthony DeScalfani are positive, so it’s expected he’ll be able to join the rotation soon, possibly on Sunday, April 10. Dan Straily could also join the rotation as the fifth starter.

With luck, Thursday’s spot in the rotation will only be available once, making this a one-and-done for Stephenson. If the Reds send him back to AAA on Friday, the service time considerations are minimal.

20 Responses

  1. wizeman

    Hope this is the case. Want to see him when service time not a consideration. Reed also

      • Wizeman

        An extra day? Still control him the extra year. Not like leake. What’s your point?

  2. Wizeman

    Am in Indy for women’s final 4. Saw 5 innings yesterday in cold windy victory park. Catching ball an adventure
    Good way to get geared up.

  3. Dan

    Dumb move. Tim Melville for 1 game and then release him would be the better move.

  4. preacherj

    Its a great day: we are a half game ahead of the Stinkin Cards.

    • Shchi Cossack

      And tied for 2nd place in a very tight NLCD race!

  5. Daytonian

    We open against the Phils and have Iggy on the mound. After Day One, we should be in First Place!

  6. Fish

    Saw the reds sent Peraza down yesterday. If they bring up Melville instead of Stephenson, I might be forced to admit the GM has his brain in gear after all. Starting stephenson once is ridiculous. Wait for september if he’s ready, then call him up for good June of next year (if he’s ready). . .

    • wizeman

      Couldn’t disagree more
      Tim Melville? Why!

      Give the kid a taste. Rebuilding year. Why put an artificial barrier in front of him. Tim Melville?

      Let’s take a look at what’s coming. Worst thing is he gets beat. Goes down and works on stuff

      Trying to prove a point? Tim Melville?
      Good Lord

      • lwblogger2

        Mostly agree with you except the worst thing that can happen is Stephenson gets hurt and goes on the DL and accrues MLB service time while doing so. That is however, admittedly, very unlikely.

  7. preacherj

    am I missing something? Its just costing us one day of service time, correct?

    Seems to this ol’ country preacher that the one day is more of an investment than a flat out expenditure. Let both the kid and the fans preview the light at the end of the tunnel. I prefer to reserve my angst and bitterness towards managements decision making when I am watching the Tim Melvin’s of the world get shelled.

  8. ed koverman

    bailey on the 60 day i thought he was going to be ready may 1 did he have a set back?

  9. DEN

    If you are going to get the kids feet wet so to speak, what better then at home vs the Phillies. See what he does, how he handles it and it’s at home against a pretty sub par team. There is no long term impact on his FA clock so not sure how this is a bad move.

  10. jessecuster44

    It’s a bad move if he isn’t sent back down immediately. Given the Reds’ roster shenanigans in recent years, it’s not a lock that he gets sent back down after his start.

      • jessecuster44

        hope you’re right. I’m not sure at all.

      • Big56dog

        What if he pitches 6 innings of 2 runs- or even better shut out ball?- if Disco starts Sunday he would have to pitch Friday and someone would have to pitch the following Sunday- I thought they have to keep players up a minimal amount of day to start the season as well.