The Reds have made a roster for Opening Day.

Starting Eight

  1. Devin Mesoraco C
  2. Joey Votto 1B
  3. Brandon Phillips 2B
  4. Zack Cozart SS
  5. Eugenio Suarez 3B
  6. Adam Duvall LF
  7. Billy Hamilton CF
  8. Jay Bruce RF

Position Player Bench

  1. Scott Schebler OF
  2. Tucker Barnhart C
  3. Jordan Pacheco IF/C
  4. Tyler Holt OF
  5. Ivan De Jesus IF/OF

News: Jose Peraza was optioned to AAA and Tyler Holt was recalled from the minor leagues for the final bench spot. Jordan Pachedo does make the team. Jake Cave was DFA’d.

Starting Rotation

  1. Raisel Iglesias
  2. Brandon Finnegan
  3. Alfredo Simon

Homer Bailey remains on the roster until tomorrow when he’ll be put on the DL. That’s when the Reds will call up the starter for Thursday’s game. Most teams name more than three starters to their Opening Day roster.

Tim Melville was assigned to Louisville.


  1. J.J. Hoover
  2. Tony Cingrani
  3. Jumbo Diaz
  4. Caleb Cotham
  5. Ross Ohlendorf
  6. Keyvius Sampson
  7. Dan Straily
  8. Blake Wood

News: The Reds will use Dan Straily in the bullpen for now. Dayan Diaz was assigned to the minor leagues. Carrying Blake Wood (30) is apparently more important to the organization than holding on to Jake Cave (23).

The Reds signed reliever Steve Delabar (32) yesterday to a minor league contract. Delabar has been with the Toronto Blue Jays since 2013. The Blue Jays released Delabar last week. Delabar is a Kentucky native who had played for the Florence Freedom back in 2008

Delabar was an All-Star in 2013, one of the most dominant relievers in the game. But the past two seasons, he’s split time between AAA and Toronto. He’s got a big arm and strikes out more than one batter an inning. He’s also had control problems. Don’t dwell on Delabar’s ERA. He’s a reliever, so it doesn’t mean much. In 8 appearances this spring, he had 8K and 3BB. This is a good addition for bullpen depth.

Disabled List

  1. Homer Bailey
  2. John Lamb
  3. Anthony DeSclafani
  4. Michael Lorenzen
  5. Jon Moscot
  6. Yorman Rodriguez
  7. Kyle Skipworth

News: Not news. A long list.


42 Responses

  1. Kurt Frost

    How did I miss Simon coming back to the Reds???

  2. Patrick Jeter

    Good to hear Peraza starting in AAA. Holt is a nice piece… he’s had a .402 OBP against lefties the last 3 seasons (mostly at AAA and a little MLB). He should start against every lefty.

    • Patrick Jeter

      Some Holt numbers against LHP:

      2015: .277/.397/.356 (AAA/MLB)
      2014: .342/.440/.394 (AA/AAA/MLB)
      2013: .286/.364/.395 (AA)

      Against RHP, all three years combined:

      2013-15: .272/.356/.348

      Holt has no power to speak of, but he gets on base!

  3. Shchi Cossack

    Oh My!!! They actually optioned Peraza to AAA!? What an absolutely positive move; then they go and recall Stephenson for a spot start? Gulp!!! Back to the antiquated, incompetent roster handling. Stephenson still hasn’t resolved his control issues and he’s the #1 p[itching prospect, so he’s the pitcher the Reds choose for a spot start? Just idiotic.

    I do like Holt being added to the roster, but I just son’t see any real playing time for him.

    Pacheco was another bad decision, but a foregone conclusion. He’s an emergency catcher at best and a poor hitter. That simply doesn’t translate to an effective role on the team.

    Wow! That’s a complete starting rotation on the DL to begin the season.

    • VaRedsFan

      I assume the service time clock won’t be a major issue, because they can send him back down immediately, and only lose 1 day. Even if he throws a 2 hit shutout over 7. That’s just my guess.

      After saying that, why not do that with Reed instead, as he looks a little more polished.

      • Tom Diesman

        Stephenson is on the 40 man roster where Reed is not yet on it.

    • David

      I think Pacheco is a roster place holder until Yorman Rodriguez is off the DL.

      Disappointing that they didn’t keep Jake Cave. In a world without much memory of who paid what to sign a teenager from Venezuela, I would rather have Cave than Yorman Rodriguez.

      Yorman and Juan Duran have been pretty big failures as big money signings when they were 16.

      The money committed to Blake Wood and a Major League contract were probably the reasons he made the roster after frankly a pretty lousy Spring Training. The pitching roster will change in 30-60 days, so let’s all not have kittens about the problems with it. I mean, I know and you know and everyone seems to know that the bullpen has problems. Dick Williams and Walt Jocketty and Brian Price know it too, but are going be happy talking about it because that’s what they’re paid to do.

      • Bill

        I think Cave has solid potential as a 4th or 5th outfielder–not a starter. His roster spot was likely taken by Schebler who was acquired after the Rule 5 draft. As for Cave vs. Rodgriquez, I definitely prefer Y-Rod. He faster, better arm, more power and likely equal in terms of hitting and fielding–IMO Y-Rod’s ceiling is a solid starter vs. a solid role player. Also, Y-Rod also has more time at AAA and is more likely to make a positive contribution on the major league team.

      • David

        Yorman is a fine athlete and very good outfielder, but he is both injury prone and not a proven hitter. I surely want him to succeed, but at this late date, I have my doubts. I think at this time the Reds are a little light from the left side of the plate, too.

      • Shchi Cossack

        Cave, not Schebler, was taken in the rule 5 draft. I don’t believe Cave has not been lost to the Reds…yet. If he is claimed or returned to the NYY, then he will be lost, but right now, he was just DFA’d. If claimed by another team, they have to keep him on the 25-man roster all season. If no one wants him on the 25-man roster and NYY don’t want him back for the $25K return cost, then he stays with the Reds, just not on the 40-man roster.

      • Tom Diesman

        “I think at this time the Reds are a little light from the left side of the plate, too.”

        This is the only reason I was surprised that Cave was offered back. If Schebler starts, the Reds only LH option off the bench is Tucker Barnhart, with Pacheco now unavailable for PH since he’s then the backup catcher. If Barnhart and Schebler both start, there are no LH PH available. The Reds sure know how assemble a bench.

    • Bill

      I think Pacheco is a solid choice for a bench role. He’s inexpensive, versatile, experienced and the Reds don’t need to worry about getting him at bats. I think the likely alternative would have been Peraza. Like you, I want to see him playing everyday at AAA, preferable at SS, until a full-time job is open on the big league roster.

  4. Patrick Jeter

    Maybe they are showing him that terrible start in ST last week doesn’t matter. Perhaps a confidence booster, maybe? Who knows!

  5. sezwhom

    The roster you see on April 3rd looks completely different by May 3rd.

  6. ohiojimw

    I saw something about Bailey going onto the 60 DL. Is this accurate? I’ve been a bit out of touch but I thought I was keeping up with the big stuff?

    • David

      I think the “60 day DL” for Homer opens a spot on the 40 man roster. When Homer is ready, he can come off, even if it hasn’t been 60 days. With all the injuries to pitchers this early, and the last minute signings of Straily and the other guy, the Reds’ 40 man roster is kind of chaotic. I predict at least one of the present stinkers on the pitching staff will also be gone in 60 days or less.

      • Shchi Cossack

        I believe any addition to the 60-day DL MUST stay on the DL for at least 60 days before they are eligible to come off. Also, unlike the 15-day DL, the 60-day DL does not retro back to spring training and becomes effective day 1 of the regular season, so Bailey would be locked on the 60-day DL for the entire month of April and May.

      • Tom Diesman

        My understanding is that one on the 60 day DL must stay their for at least 60 days. But I do believe that you can retroactively be placed on the 60 day DL going back 10 days. See Jesse Biddle of the Braves (Placed on 60-day DL on April 2, retroactive to March 25.) I also saw where you can not place a player on the 60 day DL unless your 40 man roster is full. The Reds are currently at 39 on their 40 man roster. So if they do want him on the 60 day DL, not sure why if he hasn’t had a set back, I think they can retro him back to March 25th, but they’ll have to add one more player to the 40 man to fill it before they can put him on it. As usual, the Reds seem to do everything the hard way which usually makes no sense.

  7. Eric

    Since Jake Cave cleared waivers and was DFA’d does that mean he will end up in Louisville?

    • David

      I think the Jake Cave situation is one of the great mysteries of April 3rd, 2016.

  8. Scotlykins

    Holy cow. Peraza to Louisville and Cozart and Phillips starting ??? We can play a bunch of rookie pitchers but can’t in the field ??? Cave dfa’d is beyond me. We can’t find a place in the minors for a 23y prospect ?????

    • Shchi Cossack

      As a rule 5 draft choice, optioning him out to the minors is not an option unless he completely clears waivers and the NYY decline to take him back for $25K.

    • Carl Sayre

      He couldn’t be sent to the minors as a rule 5 draft pick. I think that he will end up back with the Yankees but maybe he will end up in Louisville.

  9. Steve Schoenbaechler

    Holt hadn’t done much of anything in ST. Going by the OF’s on MLB’s stat webpage, there were 6 other OF’s who hit better than him. Peraza was just listed elsewhere, since he plays other positions.

    The only real change I can see is, I would send Holt down, start Peraza in CF, and put Hamilton on the bench. Hamilton on the bench and Holt sent down, or vice versa. But, bottom line, the more Hamilton hits, the worse off this team is.

    As well as, this isn’t anywhere going to be the key for this year. The question mark is the pitching. We could have the most prolific offense in the league, if the pitching doesn’t get better than last year, we aren’t going to be much of a team this year.

    So, as far as what pitchers make the team, that’s a tossup if you ask me. Especially with the newer ones we just brought in, we probably have about as many as 18-20 pitchers who could easily step in somewhere. Besides the few who did step up, those last pitchers who made the team, either starting or relieving, those were tossups for me.

    • Patrick Jeter

      Holt didn’t make the roster b/c of anything he did in ST. He likely made the roster b/c he can play nice CF defense and get on base, as proven over the last 3 seasons in AA/AAA/MLB.

    • Carl Sayre

      I just can’t see Hamilton on the bench, but I also don’t see him starting for the same reason. His speed makes for a nice PR option or defensive replacement but do you waste a roster spot on that player? The thing is if you can’t waste a roster spot on that player is a full game of his defense worth a spot in the starting line up? He brings two clichés to mind “speed doesn’t go into a slump” and the other is “you can’t steal first”. I would be willing to be more patient if it looked like he was trying to get better but his swing is that same “lofting the ball” swing he brought with him to the majors. I am sure the last time he was a HR hitter the fence was 200 feet straight away center and he was 12. The fact you know he has been told this and it pointed out if he would level out his swing even if he doesn’t hit line drives just slap it through the infield and let the wheels do the rest.

  10. Mark Lang

    How do you have only 3 starting pitchers? We’re going to be seeing 3 to 5 pitchers every game with this crew and they’ll all be “blown” within a month.

    What a nightmare.

    • RiverCity Redleg

      They’re not going with 3man rotation. They will make roster moves as the 3rd and 5th pitcher come up in the rotation.

  11. Indy RedMan

    Is that the Reds posting their starting 8 or your starting 8? The reason I ask is in a normal platoon Schebler would play a lot more than Duvall would. Schebler would be my pick for leadoff vs righties but I know that’s not the direction they’re going in. It sounds like Straily has a pretty big arm so maybe we’ll get lucky with him? Well worth a shot over what we had.

  12. jveith1991

    I find it interesting that the Braves just released two of their players (Swisher and Bourn), who are owed a combined $29 million in 2016. Brandon Phillips is owed $27 million over the next two seasons. Will he play out the full remainder of his contract in Cincinnati as the starting second baseman, be relegated to a bench role later this season when Peraza is called up, accept a trade this July or next winter, or will the Reds ultimately release him? It will be interesting to see how it all plays out once Peraza is called up (hopefully sooner rather than later).

    • Shchi Cossack

      Phillips performance has earned his $12M+ salary every season of his contract and is giving every indication that he will do the same this season. The issue is Phillips possibly blocking prospects, particularly Peraza, from playing at the major league level. I was not and am not a fan of Phillips’ contract, but relates to the Reds paying any players FA money on extended contracts as a limited budget team.

      I would have liked to see the Reds able to trade Phillips for some positive return, but Reds management screwed up that opportunity when it was available, not Phillips. As long as Phillips is performing and producing positive value, I see no reason not to play him. I certainly don’t agree with Phillips hitting in the middle of the lineup (#2-#5 hole), ahead of more productive hitters, but that is not Phillips’ decision. The responsibility and accountability for that decision rests with Price.

      The issue with Peraza will be resolved when the decision regarding Cozart and/or Hamilton creates an opportunity for a regular starting position at the major league level or if Phillips does not perform up to expectations, so it’s not just Phillips that might be blocking an opportunity for Peraza. Besides, Peraza’s real value will coincide with his ability to get on base (sound familiar) to take advantage of his base running capability in combination with his very good defense at whatever position becomes available. I still think SS will be Peraza’s ultimate landing pad at the major league level for the Reds with Blandino the heir-apparent for Phillips at 2B and that would not conflict with Phillips’ contract.

    • lwblogger2

      Big difference is Phillips is still a very productive player. Swisher and Bourn, notmso much.

      • Shchi Cossack

        Some teams still haven’t learned that long-term contracts to aging players are simply not a good idea or sound business. I don’t fault the players for taking the money or the agents for fighting for the money, but the owners and GM’s who shell out those bad contracts should be culled from the herd.

      • Michael E

        The Braves didn’t sign either of them, but shrewdly “swallowed” those awful contracts to get much better prospects in trades. I wish the Reds would up front 10 or 20 million if it meant getting a top prospect, instead of a #10 prospect.

        In 5 years, maybe the Braves are bad, but there GMs did the rebuild almost perfectly, getting the better of nearly every trade (at least potentially) and then bringing in a couple of solid veterans that they can then trade again this year at the deadline to get yet another couple of good prospects for just a few million.

      • Shchi Cossack

        You are correst the Atlanta didn’t sign them, but Cleveland did. Atlanta just swapped their bad contract for Cleveland’s bad contracts with the bonus you mentioned. Atlanta had already unloaded their own bad contracts in prior trades.

  13. Matt WI

    Let’s just get out there and take Opening Day. Small victories will be big victories this season. Plus, Iglasias. Who doesn’t love his stuff?