In this year’s first installment of “This Week on the Farm”, I’d like to take a quick look at what the Reds top two farm clubs rosters might look like opening day.  The rosters of these two farm clubs will contain the players that have the best chance of helping out at the Major League level this season.

First we’ll take a stab at what the Reds roster might look like opening day this season.


  • RF Bruce
  • CF Hamilton
  • LF Duvall
  • SS Cozart
  • 3B Suarez
  • 2B Phillips
  • 1B Votto
  • C  Mesoraco
  • C  Barnhart
  • IF DeJesus
  • OF Schebler
  • OF Rodriguez
  • OF Cave
  • SP DeSclafani
  • SP Iglesias
  • SP Simon
  • SP Finnegan
  • SP Moscot
  • RP Hoover
  • RP Ciingrani
  • RP J. Diaz
  • RP O’Grady
  • RP D. Diaz
  • RP Sampson
  • RP Villarreal
  • DL Bailey
  • DL Lamb
  • DL Lorenzen
  • DL Skipworth

There’s a lot of room for debate here, but that’s not the focus of this discussion.  Essentially, that’s a list of 25 names which will not be included on the AAA and/or AA rosters below.

AAA Louisville Bats

I’m going to mostly stick to prospects and fringe prospects for the roster selections.  I’ll try not to include any Jermaine Curtis’, Hernan Iribarren’s, Brandon Allen’s, or Ray Chang’s on the rosters.  I’m sure a few of those AAAA types will end up making it, but I’m mostly sticking to the younger players who might be on these rosters on opening day this year.


  • C  Cabrera
  • 1B Lutz
  • 2B Vincej
  • 3B Mejias-Brean
  • SS Peraza
  • LF Waldrop
  • CF Holt
  • RF Winker
  • C  Berset
  • IF Renda
  • IF Triunfel
  • OF Selsky
  • OF Smith
  • SP Stephenson
  • SP Reed
  • SP Melville
  • SP Adleman
  • SP Wright
  • RP Weiss
  • RP Hayes
  • RP S Johnson
  • RP Somsen
  • RP Cotham
  • RP Ramirez
  • RP Smith

Restricted List:  Duran

Jesse Winker and Jose Peraza are, of course, the guys everyone will have their eyes on.  Peraza slashed .293/.316/.378/.694 at AAA last year and with a strong spring is simply awaiting a trade or injury to open up a full time spot for him.  Winker slashed .282/.390/.433/.823 at AA last year and has just one level of the minors to conquer before supplanting himself in the one of the OF corners in Cincinnati.

Seth Mejias-Brean, .247/.352/.360/.712 at AA, will look to add a little power to the good batting eye and glove he displayed last year.  Kyle Waldrop will be in a make or break type year, as he will need to prove he can make the adjustments and perform at AAA.  It will also be interesting to keep an eye on Selsky and Lutz to see how they come back from injuries that shortened their seasons last year.

Pitching wise, the Bat’s fans will be treated to the Reds top two pitching prospects in Robert Stephenson and Cody Reed.  The rest of the rotation will soon be bolstered significantly as Bailey, Lorenzen, and Lamb return from the DL in late April and/or early May.  That will result in the Reds having to make some really tough decisions and some combination of Moscot, Lamb, Lorenzen, and Finnegan joining the Bat’s rotation.  That is, of course, if they don’t decide to utilize any of them to bolster the major league bullpen instead.  Zack Weiss will hope to continue to prosper in the closer role at the AAA level and be the first to be recalled help bolster the bullpen.

The Reds retool/reboot/rebuild strategy of obtaining near ready MLB talent has resulted in providing some good depth for the Reds to draw from at the AAA level and also provided what will be a very exciting team for the Louisville fans watch this summer.

AA Pensacola Blue Wahoos

Here’s my best guess at what the Blue Wahoos might look like to start this season.

  • C  Hudson
  • 1B Jagielo
  • 2B Blandino
  • 3B Sparks
  • SS Daal
  • LF Elizalde
  • CF Amaral
  • RF Ervin
  • C  Wallach
  • IF Wright
  • IF Dixon
  • OF Gelalich
  • OF Buckley
  • SP Garrett
  • SP Travieso
  • SP Mella
  • SP Romano
  • SP Davis
  • RP McMyne
  • RP Klimesh
  • RP Moran
  • RP Bender
  • RP Becker
  • RP Peralta
  • RP Astin

The two best hitting prospects here will be on Alex Blandino and Phil Ervin.  Blandino slashed .294/.370/.438/.808 at A+ last year before hitting a more modest .235/.350/.374/.724 in 138 PA at AA.  He will look to show that he can continue to hit at AA and his time here could be short if he starts out strong.  Ervin slashed .242/.338/.375/.713 at A+ and then .235/.409/.412/.821 in 66 PA after a promotion to AA.  Ervin will look to show he can continue to hit at this level and be more consistent at the plate.

Eric Jagielo is penciled in here at 1B, but will see some time at 3B as well I’m sure.  He slashed .284/.347/.495/.842 at AA before a knee injury ended his season.  He could be in line for a quick promotion if he continues to put up those kind of numbers here.

Taylor Spark will look to show off his big power again and cut down on his strikeout numbers.  Sebastian Elizalde will look to continue his slow and steady climb through the Reds system by showing that he can hit at the AA level also.

The big story on the mound for the Blue Wahoos is the starting rotation.  With Garrett, Davis, Mella, Romano, and Travieso the rotation is stacked with solid prospects.  Any of these five starters could blossom this season and get promotions given there is room for them at the next level.

The Pensacola fans are in for a great season as they are getting what was a playoff team last year at A+ that is bolstered even more by the Reds acquisitions over the winter.