The Reds play Cleveland for the third consecutive day. The game begins at 3 p.m. ET and can be seen on MLB.TV and heard on WSAI-1360. You can find future TV and radio coverage for the rest of spring training on the broadcast schedule.

The lineup is:

  1. Jake Cave CF
  2. Ivan De Jesus SS
  3. Joey Votto 1B
  4. Brandon Phillips 2B
  5. Jay Bruce RF
  6. Adam Duvall LF
  7. Jordan Pacheco DH
  8. Tucker Barnhart C
  9. Alex Blandino 3B

Anthony DeSclafani starts on the mound.

Cave and Duvall, who are part of the battle for outfield positions get starts. Votto, Phillips and Bruce return to the lineup. Still no Devin Mesoraco or Zack Cozart. Nothing to worry about there. Alex Blandino gets a start at third base.

Stuff to Read

Mark Sheldon ( on Robert Stephenson:

“Once I master the consistency, I think I will be ready,” Stephenson said. “Whether I have to go to Triple-A to do that or figure it out here and have more consistency in Spring Training, I just want to be able to show my best stuff in Spring Training and put that in their hands.”

Zach Buchanan (the new John Fay at the Cincinnati Enquirer) on Kevin Gregg Jason Marquis Jonathan Sanchez:

For the Reds, Sanchez is a lottery ticket. He always had great stuff, and Cruz said he helped Sanchez introduce a cutter into his existing repertoire of a fastball, curve, sinker and split. If Sanchez can exhibit some hard-won savvy and stay healthy, he could provide a valuable veteran presence either in the rotation or the bullpen.

Actual John Fay (WCPO) on Stephenson and Cody Reed’s first appearance:

(Reed:) “But just getting my feet wet in my first big-league spring training game was definitely something to overcome for myself. Now, I feel fine. I’m ready for the next time out.”

C. Trent Rosecrans (Cincinnati Enquirer) on Rule 5 selection Chris O’Grady:

“I’ve done a handful of different things the last couple of offseasons, I was a substitute teacher one year and I bartended one year,” O’Grady said. “Being out in Arizona, there’s no better place than that for golf, so I got a job at a golf course five days a week, paid the rent and played free golf all winter.”

Billy Witz (New York Times) on former Reds closer Aroldis Chapman accepting a 30-game suspension:

By arriving at a number — 30 games — that everyone could live with, Manfred established a strong precedent with the first case under his new policy and thus avoid any possibility that the suspension would be reduced or even overturned by an arbitrator. In particular, he established an immediate contrast with the chaos the N.FL. has encountered in trying to devise a coherent policy on domestic violence.

In addition, by agreeing not to appeal, the union can avoid being put in the awkward position of having to defend one of its players in a domestic violence case.

In his own statement after the announcement, Manfred cited the use of a firearm by Chapman during the episode and the impact it had on his girlfriend, Cristina Barnea, who, according to the police report, hid in the bushes outside his home while she phoned police dispatchers for help.

Chelsea James (Washington Post) writes about former Reds batboy Teddy Kremer visiting Dusty Baker in Nats camp:

As Chris Heisey completed the long walk from the vistor’s clubhouse beyond right field to the dugout at the Charlotte Sports Complex, he spotted a familiar face, and his face lit up. A few minutes later, as a pack of eager fans cheered his name, Dusty Baker’s face did the same. Standing there, waiting for Dusty, was former Reds batboy Teddy Kremer.

37 Responses

  1. Patrick Jeter

    Any day with a lineup to post is better than any day without a lineup to post.

    Go, Reds!

  2. WVRedlegs

    Saturday’s ST game is with the Cubs. Watch Jocketty’s whereabouts during this game. Reds might be checking in on the availability on Cubs OF Jorge Soler. Cubs want/need pitching for Soler. Not much pitching in Cubs top prospects. A Soler, Cave, Bruce outfield might be the ticket for 2016.
    Reds need a SS for 2nd half of 2016 and beyond if Peraza is the long-term 2B. Former Texas Rangers top prospect, SS Jurickson Profar, is back healthy after missing 2014 and 2015. But he is blocked at SS, 2B and the bench middle INF spot on the Rangers. The Rangers need pitching in the worst possible way. Reds play the Rangers next week on March 9.
    Two quick spring training trades for young stars in need of a rebound (for what the Reds have an abundance of) and the Reds re-build/re-boot/re-model could be accelerated by a year and give this team more hope for 2016 than previously expected. And could accelerate the hopes of 2017 being back to respectability.

    • Chuck Schick

      The Reds have a number of pitchers who COULD be good. It’s a bit premature to say they have an abundance of pitching.

      The Cubs are going for it now….why would they trade Soler….within the division…for a package of unproven pitchers when they can likely trade him at the deadline for an established starter? Money isn’t an issue for them.

      Trading Soler to the Reds makes no sense if you’re the Cubs. The players the Reds could offer would only modestly help them in the short run ( their current focus) and you’ve given a division rival a young, cost controlled player they could really use.

      Theo Epstein isn’t stupid.

      • PDunc

        Just going by Fangraphs projections here:

        Soler is going to be the Cubs 4th outfielder behind Fowler, Heyward and Schwarber and will be worth 1.3 WAR in that roll.

        Without Soler, maybe Zobrist gets a little more time in the outfield and Javier Baez gets some more time at second. Still a pretty good option offensively. The Cubs have the offensive depth to make up for losing Soler.

        The Cubs could ask for Desclafani in return. He is younger and likely a better long-term option for the Cubs then current #3 starter John Lackey and is projected to be better this season (2.7 WAR) than the Cubs options for #4 and #5 starters. Kyle Hendricks (2.3 WAR), Jason Hammel (1.6 WAR) and Adam Warren (1.2 WAR).

        Not saying either club would necessarily agree to some version of trading Desclafani for Soler, but it doesn’t seem like a totally crazy idea.

      • WVRedlegs

        No Chuckster, Epstien isn’t stupid.
        Where is Soler going to play? Schwarber in LF, Fowler in CF, and Heyward in RF. They are playing Baez in CF this spring to get him ready to take Fowler’s spot next year. That is why they dealt Coghlan.
        Is Soler a 5th OF? A platoon with Schwarber?
        Look at the Cubs rotation? Lester is 32, Arrieta is 30 this month, Jason Hammel is 33, Lackey is 37, and Hendricks 26. Hammel is signed thru this year with a $10M option for ’17 and Lackey is signed thru ’17. The Cubs are very thin after that, but if they have an injury they have Cahill and Travis Wood in the bullpen to go to in a pinch. Cubs starting pitching is a little thin at AAA and AA.
        Like you said Theo Epstien isn’t stupid. Sure he is going for it now, but he also has an eye out for his future rotations as well, as smart GM’s/PBO’s do.
        Soler has 5 years and about $21.5M left on a 9 yr/$30M contract he signed. He gets $3.667M in ’16 and ’17, and $4.667M in ’18, ’19 and ’20. Those years left are his age 25-29 years, probably his peak years. It is all a gamble though. They have the spring to see if Schebler and Duvall can handle the duties, and if they can’t, maybe Soler could be a solution to the long standing black hole in LF.

      • VaRedsFan

        I would take Soler over Schebler and Duvall every day of the week. I don’t think either of those two are anything more than roster filling 4th outfielders.

      • Chuck Schick

        i would be all for the Reds having Soler…..but the Cubs aren’t going to trade him to the Reds for unproven pitchers. . Even if that were a possibility, the Reds aren’t going to give up any of the pitchers until they have a better idea of what they actually have.

        Who plays left field for the 2016 Cincinnati Reds is irrelevant. They’ll audition a bunch of people and hope someone sticks.

  3. Shchi Cossack

    Cave playing in his 3rd straight game to start spring training. He’s aquited himself nicely during the 1st 2 games. At least the Reds are serious about getting a good look at the kid.

    Things will get interesting if both Cave (LH) and Schebler (LH) continue to excel during spring training and Hamilton continues to struggle at the plate, especially since Schebler was also getting a look in CF, despite limited prior experience playing CF. If Duvall and/or Holt also step up during spring training…well there’s only so many OF spots available in GABP.

    • Steve Mancuso

      The Reds will *never* consider starting Hamilton in AAA, no matter what. They pushed all their chips in the middle on him two years ago. He could benefit greatly from taking more time to work on his hitting at the AAA level. He’s one-of-a-kind defensively, but the Reds have guys in camp now who are above average CF defensively, so the drop off wouldn’t be great. Of course, none of them are proven hitters, either. Maybe Hamilton’s shoulder recovery might give the Reds the pretext they need to send him down at first. Lots of hitter struggle to regain their hitting stroke after shoulder surgery.

      If Hamilton were to start at AAA, the Reds could keep Holt, Cave, Duvall and Schebler, with Jay Bruce. That leaves Yorman Rodriguez out, so instead maybe he makes it and Holt gets sent down.

      • Shchi Cossack

        Yeah, I completely agree that “The Reds will *never* consider starting Hamilton in AAA, no matter what.” It doesn’t make it the correct decision, just the stubborn, self-justifying decision.

      • reaganspad

        unless there are better offensive options who can play capable defense

      • ohiojimw

        The situation could be resolving itself due to the situation with Hamilton’s surgically repaired shoulder. Even though Price for now says it should not be an issue by opening day, his extended comments about shoulder surgery (labrum) recovery suggest that might be less than a sure thing.

        There was an article in the Enquirer wherein Price discussed the situation (shoulder surgery recovery and throwing) a bit more completely but I can’t find it now.

  4. 44

    Is there a chance that they start the season with Hamilton on the DL, in order to get a better feel for the OF options at the big league level, and also give Billy a chance to recover from surgery/prepare further for the season?

    • reaganspad

      and his rehab is at AAA. Saves faces and serves a purpose.

      Billy needs to be at AAA until he gets his bat untracked. There is no reason for him to start at the Major League level this year

      • Scotly50

        Yeah, but he sells tickets. Heck I saw him on a billboard for something or another. Worst hitter in the league.

  5. Steve Mancuso

    Early score for the Reds. Jake Cave walks. De Jesus singles. Votto walks. BP with sacrifice fly.

    Cave, leadoff walk, scores run.

    cc: Billy Hamilton

  6. Steve Mancuso

    Adam Duvall – 2-run, 2-out single up the middle

    • vegastypo

      Votto tagged up from first and went to second on the sac fly as the right fielder was in no position to throw anybody out. That extra base became a run.

    • JB WV

      For what it’s worth (not much), an astute Giants fan thought the Reds did well getting Duvall, that he was misused in SF and just needed some regular playing time to blossom. Certainly has pop. Sometimes those throw-in guys turn out well.

      • sezwhom

        As a Reds fan who lives in the Bay Area yet watches the Giants, I would agree. He did provide some prodigious blasts but always kept a steady breeze blowing out with a lot of swings and misses. I feel Duvall does deserve a chance though. He has monster power.

  7. Steve Mancuso

    Nice play by Blandino at third base diving into the shortstop hole. DeSclafani has two 1-2-3 innings.

    Reds ahead 3-0. Undefeated season?

  8. vegastypo

    Unsure if this was discussed elsewhere, but Dick Williams was on the TV broadcast yesterday. Said he thought the Reds were among the upper tier in teams using analytics. News to me.

    • lwblogger2

      And the coffee almost went FLYING out of my nose.

  9. Steve Mancuso

    Two nice plays by De Jesus at SS already. He could be a valuable utility player. Media drum beating commenced for Jonathan Sanchez as LH in bullpen.

    • vegastypo

      The only consolation I could take from Sanchez in the pen is if it prevents the Reds from wasting a young starter by throwing him down there instead. The Reds just can’t resist their reclamation projects.

      • Steve Mancuso

        And their roles. “veteran left hander in the bullpen”

    • VaRedsFan

      ID Jr should get that utility IF spot. He did a pretty good job last year

  10. vegastypo

    Give us this day, our daily TOOTBLAN. Barnhart, on base after hitting a double, assumes a flair fly ball was caught and jogs lazily around third, when Hatcher was trying to get him to stop at third. Gunned down.

    • ohiojimw

      Barnhart is a guy who needs to mind his P’s and Q’s. The org clearly likes Cabrera. He appears to perhaps be not quite technically as strong of a receiver as Barnhart; but, he is receiving kudos for how he handles pitchers. Add in that Cabrera looks to be the better bat of the two; and, if Meso is healthy Barnhart could end up as a surprise odd man out back at AAA.

  11. vegastypo

    Winker with an RBI single, Wallach with an RBI double, 5-1 Reds in the top of the sixth. Inning started with a hard double to left center by Bruce.

  12. Shchi Cossack

    The Old Cossack just finished watching the replay from the Indians’ feed.

    Cave is getting a strong look (9 PA) through the 1st 3 games and is taking full advantage of his chance at the top of the lineup (.375/.444/.500 w. 1-2B, 1-BB & 3-SO).

    I really like what I see from Blake Trahan. He looks very fundamentally sound in his game, although he was a little old to play in ROK ball last season.

    Four of the OF competing for a job are all off to good starts:
    1.833 OPS => Schebler in 4 PA
    1.000 OPS => Duvall in 4 PA
    0.944 OPS => Cave in 9 PA
    0.900 OPS => Holt in 6 PA

    One of the OF competing for a job, not so much:
    0.250 OPS => Rodriguez in 4 PA

    Suarez is looking solid at 3B with that line drive wand he wields as a bat.

    Bruce had another solid drive to deep left CF yesterday to go with his solid drive to deep CF from the 1st game. Bruce also added a very bad SO and rolled over a pitch into the teeth of the shift with his front shoulder flying open. Bruce is now 2-5 w/ 2-2B & 1-SO in 5 PA.

    Disco looked on track for opening day with a solid start. Not much else from the rest of the pitching staff yesterday.

    • Steve Mancuso

      It’s so great to watch all the young players competing for jobs and following their production. The only problem is the nagging knowledge that spring training sample sizes are too small to be meaningful. Still fun to contemplate, though.

      • Shchi Cossack

        Since the young players are the ones we (the Reds) need to evalute for future contributions, anything that gets them on the 25-man roster and regular playing time is a good deal. It sure beats the heck out of washed up veterans with no current of future production capability.

  13. ncmountie1

    When are Mez & Cozart expected to debut?