C. Trent Rosecrans talked to Devin Mesoraco today. The Reds catcher is pain-free and ready to report to spring training in Goodyear. He is scheduled to take part in the Reds Northern caravan stops on Saturday in Dayton and Hamilton.

“I’ve done everything, I’ve been hitting for a couple of months. Catching-wise, I’ve been blocking, throwing, receiving, doing just about everything with no pain,” Mesoraco said on Wednesday at the announcement for the Reds hosting the 2016 and 2017 R.B.I. World Series. “Everything’s been as planned.”

Mesoraco underwent hip impingement surgery at the end of last June, a procedure offering full relief even in squatting positions. Dr. Bryan Kelly performed the surgery on Mesoraco in New York. Kelly has operated on over 100 professional athletes, including Yankees player Alex Rodriguez. It’s no cliche to assert that he’s written the book on the arthroscopic hip procedure. Hip impingement consists of bone spurs that develop over many years. It isn’t the kind of condition where a quick relapse is likely. He says his hip feels fine, totally different than it did last year.

“I don’t have to think about anything at this point,” Mesoraco said. “If I have to block, I’ll block. There’s nothing to worry about, everything feels great.” That’s different from the way he felt after testing the hip before the season. Twice, while Mesoraco was being used as a pinch-hitter and designated hitter, he tried to introduce catching drills. Both times resulted in setbacks. “This is nothing like that,” he said on Wednesday. “I feel perfectly fine.”

A year ago yesterday, the catcher signed a four-year extension, covering his three years of arbitration and one year of free agency. He’s eligible to become a free agent after the 2018 season at the age of 30.

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