C. Trent Rosencrans (the Reds reporter for the Cincinnati Enquirer) occasionally brings out the worst in some people. Like Bryan Price or Brandon Phillips. But he is a great reporter. His scoops include recognizing Tucker Barnhart on the plane to St. Louis and getting a story out quickly.

And now, he’s being recognized by his peers as the Sportswriter of the Year in Ohio by the National Sportswriters and Sportscasters Association of America. You have to scroll way down to find this. And yes, technically he is the co-Sportwriter of the Year, sharing the award with Mary Kay Cabot, the Browns beat writer for the Cleveland Plain Dealer. She’s busy this week reporting on the Browns poaching.. sorry, coaching situation. Congrats to both of them, first year winners of this award, dominated in the past by Hal McCoy, 15 time winner. George Vogel from Channel 5 in Cincinnati wins Sportscaster of the Year in Ohio.

Last year I wrote that Rosencrans is the best baseball beat writer I read on a regular basis. Perhaps this award offers a bit of evidence in support of my opinion? Your thoughts?

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  1. Gaffer

    I have no particular love for C. Trent (although nothing he did warranted BPs meltdown or Pricegate) but who was he competing against? I don’t know many other Ohio sports writers, but given how Paul Daugherty is absolutely horrible, was that his competition? This is on par with our new GM being called a “stats guy” based on him having once worked in a Bank.

    • Grand Salami

      Hal has been been reminiscing the last several years before he retired. John Fay was the ultimate ‘establishment candidate’ to steal a term from this presidential cycle. He marched to the tune of the Reds front office.

      C. Trent has ruffled feathers and run with stories revealing things the organization didn’t want brought to light. That is the nature of reporting, no?

      I appreciate the guy – he is the ONLY sports beat writer/reporter in the city as far as I’m concerned.

      • David

        “C. Trent has ruffled feathers and run with stories revealing things the organization didn’t want brought to light.”

        Which is why Price and Phillips (and Dusty said nothing) got mad at him on separate ocassions. Who will yell at Trent in public again?
        Place your bets. Somebody volatile on the Reds’ roster. My bet would be Tony Cingrani.

    • Matt WI

      I think you’re selling Ohio reporting a little short there. If it’s a state-wide award, that means he’s up against writers for the Cleveland Plain Dealer (e.g. Bud Shaw, Bill Livingstone, Mary Kay Cabot- whom I’ve heard interviewed on national shows frequently), the Columbus Dispatch (admittedly don’t know much about that market), Toledo Blade (e.g. Dave Hackenberg), Akron Beacon-Journal, and other publications that cover a pretty significant range of professional sports. Lots of writers out there, lots of stories. Hardly only a competition between only him, Doc, and Fay.

  2. rfay00

    I never cared for him prior to any of the controversy. Since the majority of his communication is tweets, I might have read them in a negative way.

  3. larry papania

    I always thought of him is a arrogant jerk, but I guess your job as a reporter isn’t to make friends, but to report anything newsworthy. I still don’t care for him/ but he is a good reporter.

  4. james

    Can’t believe this guy Won when he’s such a joke. Ask the dumbest questions to players and wonder why they get Mad. He cares about obp when a guy has 109 rbi. Take you ass back to Atlanta. I’m not sure who’s worse Jon or Trent.

    • Jeremy Conley

      I believe he asked about BP’s on-base percentage when there was a suggestion that he be moved to the leadoff spot. Isn’t that what you want out of a leadoff hitter?

  5. TR

    Congratulations to C. Trent Rosecrans. Although he apparently grew up as a Royals fan, I like his reporting on the Reds. I’ve thought he might be related to the Civil War General William S. Rosecrans.

  6. Jeremy Conley

    Trent is the only official sportswriter in Ohio that I’ve rad that tries to use an even slightly modern lens when looking at the game. His stuff is incredibly tame compared to some of the pieces on this site or a site like Red Reporter, and I look forward to the day that writers on sites like these are considered for these awards. Given who was in the running, Trent seems very deserving.

  7. WVRedlegs

    Can we get BP to present the award at the dinner? Karma.

    • lwblogger2

      Or Price… If it’s BP, it would be Priceless…. (Sorry, couldn’t resist that one)