MLB Network is great, during the season.  Quick Pitch is a fantastic program, allowing me to see all the game highlights without the burden of other sports.  But during the off season, there are only a couple of  things that can entice me to watch – the whole “hot stove” action of trades and free agent signings, and the announcement of who gets into the Hall of Fame.   And as a Reds fan, I’ve anticipated today for a while to see the results of this years election, otherwise known as “How Many Votes Will Junior Get?”

So I turned it on around 4:30, and just watched the most boring, uninspired and insipid television I’ve seen since the last time I mistakenly dialed in Dr. Phil.  With the vast amount of highlights, game coverage and possible guests why in the world does MLB spend hours upon hours airing a group of talking heads saying the same things over and over again?  Sure, there were a couple of nuggets buried in-between the verbosity, but I was so disappointed in the entire show.

Compare that to ESPN’s Heisman show, where they are interviewing each candidate with a highlight package and a live studio audience.  They keep a little suspense, sell it to a few major sponsors and have created an enjoyable hour of television.

MLB?  What a snooze!  My favorite part was the “opening of the envelope” – which then the dude from the HOF set aside and went back to reading the teleprompter.

It’s great that Jr. is in and set new records.  It’s sad that our favorite sport can’t figure out a way to jazz things up during the off season.