The former Red received 437 of 440 votes. That’s more than 99 percent, a record. No word yet on who the three dissenters were.

Congrats Junior!

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  1. davisremy10

    Find the dissenters! Strip them of their votes for years to come!

    • davisremy10

      Haven’t posted in a while… Guess I need a new avatar lol

  2. jdx19

    Congrats to the Kid! You’re still the only piece of autographed memorabilia I have hanging in my home.

  3. FLA Red

    I hope the names of the 3 voters who did not select Junior are released to the public.

    • jdx19

      They will be.

      They will be people who fundamentally disagree with ANYONE being a unanimous selection. It won’t be based on Junior’s merit as a player. That’s just the view some people have. They aren’t idiots, or anything. Just have a weird, antiquated view.

  4. FLA Red

    Steve, what do you think: Will we find out?

  5. big5ed

    I am afraid that the first unanimous guy will be Derek Jeter or (worse) Mariano Rivera.

    Junior was never completely right with the Reds, but the old highlights of him in Seattle have been great to see. And I am glad that there won’t be any controversial guys going in with him, because Junior deserves center stage.

    I was rooting for Tim Raines, who I thought was a helluva tough player.

    • DHud

      Personally, I think Griffey should have been unanimous. But I also think Jeter should be

    • pinson343

      I’m with you, Big5Ed. If I were a voter, no doubt I would vote for Jeter his first time on the ballot. But no way that I would want him to be the first to get in unanimously, as it would support the crazy BS I get to hear in NY all the time that he’s “the greatest player ever”.

      His final season with the Yankees, when he was a weak hitter and the worst defensive SS in baseball, I had to hear about his “heroics” every night.

      His 3,000 hit was front page national news. That was a first but predictable.
      I would ask people, who was the previous guy to reach 3,000 hits ? No one knew (it was Craig Biggio).

      • pinson343

        On another topic, speaking of Craig Biggio, I accidentally got to meet him the day after he was elected to the HOF. There he was with his beautiful wife, standing 10 feet away as we were about to board the same plane from NY to Houston.

        After congratulating him, I introduced myself as a Reds fan, to which he responded: “That’s OK.” When I said how he was a Reds killer, he said I was thinking of Bagwell. I replied, “No, I know all about Bagwell, but you killed us too. His reply: “I had some good games against the Reds.”

        He was upset that Bagwell wasn’t voted in yet.

      • jazzmanbbfan

        That’s interesting. I’m originally from NY and most of my family and friends back there are Yankee fans. Not one of them have ever suggested to me that Jeter is even close to being the greatest Yankee ever, much less the “greatest player ever”. Maybe some idiots on radio or TV say that to generate controversy but no one who even begins to think of, to narrow it down, the history of the Yankee franchise can really believe Jeter is even the greatest Yankee. I don’t know that I would put him in the top 5 even but that’s just my opinion and probably not worth the time I’ve taken to write this, lol.

      • jdx19

        Interesting that you mention Jeter’s defensive woes… an article on Grantland from a few years back did an in-depth analysis and concluded that Derek Jeter created the most *negative* value of any defender in baseball history. Partly because he wasn’t all that good, and partly because he plays so many innings.

        He’s at 71.7 career fWAR… really not all that high, all things considered.

  6. FLA Red

    I agree @BIG5ED. It’s a shame Rock Raines didn’t make it.

    • Mark from NC

      Raines should make it next year, his last on ballot.

      No player who has gotten as high a percentage of the vote as Raines just did has not eventually been voted in.

      • pinson343

        Yes I think and hope Raines gets in next year.

  7. msanmoore

    On Mike-and-Mike this morning, the only reason even close to logical given for somebody not voting for Junior was the 10-selection limit and somebody who knew Griffey was getting in chose to gift his/her slot to a different 10th player who they thought was deserving. A little weak in my book, but it at least makes some sense. And I think Buster Olney was involved in that conversation, so at least it wasn’t a random thought.

  8. Nachos Grande (@Nachos_Grande)

    Congrats to Ken Griffey Jr. I’m not a fan of the whole “no one should be unanimous” but if Griffey couldn’t go in with 100% of the vote then I’ll be ok with the one or two dissenters for when Jeter is elected. I guess that’s hypocritical, but oh well.

    • pinson343

      I’ll be OK with it too, in Jeter’s case.

  9. preacherj

    It ain’t iffy if it’s Griffey

  10. Joe Atkinson

    Interesting bit of trivia: According to SI, Griffey is the first #1 pick to enter the Hall of Fame, and Piazza – as a 62nd-round pick – is the lowest draft pick ever to make the Hall of Fame.

  11. Michael_Øk

    Should have gotten 100% of the vote. Nonetheless, congratulations Junior.

  12. Yippee

    The sweetest swing in baseball history, in my opinion. Will Clark and Albert Pujols are #’s 2 and 3, respectively…