This news lands out of nowhere:\

No word yet on return. Stay tuned.

Update on the return:


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  1. sezwhom

    At least he’s in the AL. Now let’s move Bruce. It’s time to rebuild from the ground up.

  2. wkuchad

    Per NY Post’s Joel Sherman, “the Yankees will give up four non-elite prospects”

  3. Kurt Frost

    The Yankees have announced the trade. Rookie Davis is indeed in the deal, and he’ll head to Cincinnati alongside third baseman Eric Jagielo, second baseman Tony Renda and right-hander Caleb Cotham.

    • Kurt Frost

      I cut and paste that from mlbtraderumors

  4. David

    Wow, why not just get a bag of used balls too. The Yanks gave up nothing and I mean nothing for am All Star closer.

    • RedAlert

      Dick Williams off to a flying start looking under the leadership of walt Van Jokerty

  5. Chuck Schick

    He’s a 70 inning per year player a year say from Free Agency….did you think the Reds were going to get Mike Trout?

    • Chuck Schick

      LW…I genuinely respect your view point

      All we know now is who the Reds received….in 2 years we’ll know what they received.

      There was a small universe of teams who were in the market for a 12 million rental closer. He’s a joy to watch, but he just isn’t worth very much

    • Carl Sayre

      I may have been misinformed but if he does get hit with at least a 30 day suspension doesn’t that delay his FA a season? I read an article that seemed legit when I read it that it was similiar to the issue where the cubs waited till after May 1st so that got another year before FA. I do not remember the source and I cannot find it but like I said it seemed legit when I read it.

  6. ahab

    I’m very happy with this trade but I must say I have low expectations of the Reds. I would have been okay with a good bat boy

  7. Aaron Bradley

    They might be trimming payroll to set up a sale of the team… a new owner is going to look at expenses over quality of players, so they get in cheaply and build the team themselves. Castellini may be going back to the fruit stand.

    • Chuck Schick

      Which explains why his son runs the business operation and business partners son was just named the GM. The team is not for sale.

      It’s unlikely they would sell to “non-Cincinnatians” and I don’t see anyone with 750-900 million to buy them out They’re trimming payroll because they’re rebuilding and it makes no sense to pay anymore than needed to be bad.

  8. Joe McManus

    I’m not unhappy with the return. Jagielo was a solid base to start from for the deal. We weren’t getting anymore for him moving forward. We’re going to be bad next year and have another top pick. I’m mostly just frustrated that we can’t move BP in this rebuilding process. I’m not mad at him; he’s earned that right. It’s just a frustrating scenario.

  9. IrishMike

    I never like Chapman…or the way the Reds used Chapman. And…he never figured into the future plans. If even one of these players does anything constructive, it’s a win from my perspective.

    And…as long as I’m on this subject….I never liked Frazier. Even when he was red-hot early last year it seemed like every home run he hit was a solo shot. Not clutch one bit. Then the HRDerby flushed him down the toilet.

    I do not like Bruce. Let’s kiss him off as well.

    It’s been frustrating to watch this team but I’m optimistic about the future. I do think we need a new manager…as long as we’re cleaning house.

    • Carl Sayre

      I am at a loss about Frazier seemed like every HR he hit was a solo shot. How is Frazier supposed to control who is on base when he hits one? I am not trying to be a jack@$$ but I can’t grasp that thought. He did have a terrible second half and still near the top in HR he gave the team plenty of chances to be on base when he went yard.


        I would love to see a breakdown of Frazier’s avg with runners in scoring position versus not….either during the streaky first time or while season. And a similar analysis of his performance with anyone on base when hitting a home run versus solo homers, the only clutch HR he hit was in the All-star game. Dude was a choke artist…. Take it to the bank! That’s my point.

  10. RM

    Salary dump. Reds get little in return
    Rich get richer, the poor (if you believe the Reds are poor) get poorer.

    Depending on who else they trade, we could lose 110 games this year!

  11. thecoastman

    Thank you, Takao. Very nice package… especially picking up a plus power third baseman. Pretty rare these days in baseball…. You have a year or less of Chappy with some very real off the field issues. Does anyone really want to keep this guy around and hope he doesn’t loose any more value if he is distracted and starts the year out slow. Personally, I am surprised we got this much for him.

    Some of the so called Reds fans in here should maybe try something really unique and support their own team. Geez, always seeing the worst in everything. It baffles me why so many Reds fans in here think we have an incompetent front office when the fans and FO personnel from other teams recognize Jocketty as one of the better GMs in the game. This is a guy who turned around a perennial looser into a perennial contender with a fantastic track record in trades. … Free agent and bench signings might be a debatable part of Walt’s track record, but in Uncle Walt I trust when it comes to trades.

  12. GreatRedlegsFan

    Good, only Bruce and Philips are left as potential trade candidates. My take is Philips will stick around as his 10/5 rights makes him untouchable and Bruce has almost zero trade value after two consecutive -WAR seasons.

    • Aaron Bradley

      If I am an opposing GM I’d grab Bruce at bargain basement price. Maybe a change of scenery will be just the thing he needs. At the very least he is solid defensively with a plus arm and has plus power, there is really no way to go wrong if you give up a couple lottery tickets for him.

  13. Chuck Schick

    Given that there is virtually no threat of suspension it confirms that Chapman’s value is far less than many internet GM’s anticipated

    • Chuck Schick

      He wasn’t charged nor arrested and this isn’t the NFL where a weak players union will largely just accept the medicine. The MLBPA isn’t going to allow a major suspension for someone who wasn’t as much arrested. He may get 3 games….if anything.

  14. Darrin

    I wonder if that Kelly kid from the bad news bears is still available. Great return for two current all stars.

    • Kyle

      Well since the Reds don’t buy low, they would only traded for Kelly when his value was at its highest. Now that the nightmare on elm street remake and watchmen took some of the shine off of his comeback, he is off limits.

    • Chuck Schick

      He’s still serving a lifetime ban for the
      “Motorcycle incident”!

  15. Chuck Schick

    What evidence do you have that the Reds are raking it in? It doesn’t take a whole lot of “internet detective” work to determine that at a 115 million payroll they are a break even proposition at best.

  16. Aaron Bradley

    They should have done the opposite of wait… all these trades needed to happen a year ago when everyone but Castellini could see this team was crumbling. Now its a firesale in a flooded market with everyone past their peak. Horrible timing.

    • Rdub

      You nailed it Aaron Bradley. Only thing worse than bad decisions is poorly timed bad decisions. Jocketty has taken what was once a very promising team with a promising farm system and turned it into a farce with nothing to show for it.

  17. TR

    At least the farm system is being restocked. It should be a real interesting spring training. I wish the Reds still did that on the west coast of Fla.

  18. ManuelT

    +1 about the being cheap part. Cause, as much as it’s been said that the team could use savings to bid on a free agent, when was the last time the Reds outbid anyone for a top free agent?

  19. TR

    Your comment gives me some hope after all the initial negativity when the story broke.

  20. james garrett

    No way were we going to get full value for Chappy.We missed out doing that by not trading him at the deadline last year and when the Dodger trade fell through that was strike two.Strike three would have been paying him 10 million + to close this year on a team that is in rebuild mode.I love the stats EARMBRISTER posted above so this trade seems to be a good one to me.

  21. Jack

    I agree. The Reds have to start over and rebuilding the minors is where you start.

  22. NYRedsFan40

    I’m hopeful but not really liking either return for the deals that have been made.

  23. David

    Negative or positive, Reds’ fans will not really be able to evaluate the trade until 2017, when perhaps Jagielo makes it to the Bigs.
    I would be interested if the Yankees expect Aroldis to start or relieve. Perhaps they negotiate a big extension for Aroldis and demand that he become a starter.

  24. David

    After all these trades, I would expect the Reds to draft the best hitting outfielder available in the first round (and the competitive round). They seem to be stocked up on infielders.
    3rd base this year could be Cozart, if his range at SS is reduced due to his knee injury. Or Duvall, who allegedly can play 3rd base.

  25. NYRedsFan40

    Just read this on the Reds website.
    “Jagielo is a guy we liked in the Draft,” Jocketty said. “We could see him as a potential left-handed — maybe utility guy at first and third — for the first few years. He would definitely be a strong bat off the bench, definitely a solid hitter.”

  26. Gatorjtm

    Enough of how the poor reds need to dump salary and rebuild. The small market team is a bunch of crap. If this was true St. Louis would not be good year after year, but the Cubs, Mets, Red Socks, Phillies, Dodgers would be in the playoffs every year. Quit comparing to the Yankees. But Jocketty got it right. The Reds are a business and I will treat them like a business the provides me a lousy product. I will take my business elsewhere. Lets see how that helps their bottom line.

  27. Phil Gasson

    Don’t forget the reds traded All Stars Lee may and Tommy Helm’s to Houston for four nobodys. See how that turned out.

    • Ed Koverman

      Don’t think we got little joe in either the Frazier or chapman trades

  28. Carl Sayre

    The thing that is giving me nightmares is they are taking some questionable return for pretty good ball players that it is a salary dump…………….wait for it so they can extend Bruce. This would fit with how Mr. C thinks and WJ has been in town long enough he can recycle Reds instead of recycling Cards?

  29. mtkal

    Not even a full bucket. Only eight of them. 😉

  30. Jonathan Morgan

    That would be 3 rule 5’s.
    Already have o’grady and cave.