Bob Nightengale (USA Today) is reporting the Reds are in discussion with Cleveland about Todd Frazier.

We’ve seen several discussions of possible trade fits between the two clubs for the Reds 3B. Joe Sheehan makes the case that Frazier could be a fit in exchange for pitching, which Cleveland has in abundance.

Urshela can go back as a second piece in any deal; he’s a glove man who, at 24, might become an average-minus hitter and at least replaces Frazier’s defense in the short term. Pitching-rich Cleveland will have to be willing to deal a southpaw prospect like Rob Kaminsky or Justus Sheffield to get a trade done, however. The Reds could get bold and ask for Trevor Bauer, who showed positive signs last year but still was just a below-average starter. He’s the clear #4 for Cleveland, who have enough depth to move Bauer if it means making a four-win upgrade and not adding much to the payroll.

I haven’t had time yet to look at Cleveland’s prospects list, but the Reds should get a decent return for Super Todd. I hope the Reds mention he won the Home Run Derby.

Also reports of discussions between Reds and the Chicago White Sox.

Update: Mark Sheldon has source saying the Reds and Cleveland having a hard time matching up.