Ken Rosenthal is reporting that the Reds have traded Aroldis Chapman to the Los Angeles Dodgers for two prospects. No word yet on specific names coming back to the Reds.

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  1. Joe McManus

    I’m hoping for Verdugo and De Leon. That’s probably more than we got, but I can dream until we find out.

  2. Joe McManus

    Well shucks. Maybe Holmes and Verdugo? They’re both pretty young though. Maybe Tony Kemp is involved.

  3. gaffer

    If it is not one of Seager or Urias, then I am going to be disappointed. Most likely this is the case. The Dodgers hitting prospects are not exciting (Peraza is OK but has no power). They have good pitchers, but geeze that is not enough. I really wonder if they had a better offer last year.

    • Tommy Tom

      Why disappointed, u will not get the world for Chapman for 1 yr control. The expectations have to be realistic.

      • gaffer

        You are not wrong, but we turned down 4 prospects from Boston. Last year we had good offers from Astros and D’backs. Its more opportunity cost I am lamenting.

  4. gaffer

    Pederson is not a prospect, so that would mean the story is wrong.

    • redmountain

      And Peraza who hit .290 in AAA last year. Wish he would walk more but is pretty universally seen as a top flight prospect. He also is a burner so maybe he could hit lead-off.

  5. Tommy Tom

    All reports have said it will NOT be one of their higher grade prospects so whoever is dreaming Seager or any of that QUIT and be realistic.

  6. Jeremy Conley

    What if the Dodgers end up getting the est starting pitcher afterall? They lost out on Price and Greinke, but they might just be smart enough to start Chapman.

    • ManuelT

      It’ll happen. Not all teams have some self-defeating desire to squander top-flight talent. Or believe that all fans will buy a stupid, “He said he prefers to be a closer”, story. That was just cover for their (Baker?) own desires. Sorry, we’d like to accommodate our fans but, see, he’d rather be a closer.

  7. JoshG

    is that a good “wow”? or a Bad “wow”?

    • Jeremy Conley

      That’s what I just pulled from fangraphs, yeah. He had a good but not great year last year in Low A. I expect him to move up the board as other prospects graduated, but not past 50. Still, as a return for Chapman it seems reasonable if a little weak, and certainly not a surprise.

      I was hoping for a top 30 guy, plus another good piece.

  8. Jeremy Conley

    This should be a really interesting look at what the Reds front office is thinking. After poking around, it looks like the two best prospects the Dodgers have after their top 3 are RHP Grant Holmes and OF Alex Verdugo. Those two are the Dodgers’ 2014 first and second round picks respectively.

    I think it’s a decent return for Chapman, as fangraphs had Holmes as the 89th best prospect in the game before the season and Verdugo in the 150s, and both had good years so should expect to be ranked higher this offseason. Verdugo hit .311/.340/.441 with a lot of doubles and Holmes had a 3.14 ERA in 103 innings, with 117 Ks and 54 walks.

    The thing is they are both 19 years old and both finished the year in A ball. So these guys will not help the Reds at all in 2016, and thinking they will be ready to really contribute in 2017 is a stretch. They will both be 21 then, presumably having faced one year of AA competition. Not many guys make that jump seamlessly.

    So if those two are the guys, then it may signal that the Reds are really looking at 2018 as their next possible playoff year, which would make a lot more of the current team expendable.

    • RedsFaninPitt

      We will see what we actually get, but your last point has been my thought all along. Teams that are competitive are not going to give up MLB-ready talent because of how they think these pieces can help them during 2016 or provide additional depth. If indeed it is younger but perhaps higher ceiling prospects that the Reds received for Chapman and perhaps should expect from a Frazier or Bruce trade, then the Reds should also be willing to move Votto now to get a huge haul back since he will be 35 or 36 before they are competitive again with a substantial remaining payout during his age 36-39 years.. We will see though. If Peraza is in the deal, he is much closer.

      • Jeremy Conley

        Peraza is of basically no interest to me. He just struggles to get on base too much, and the Reds have plenty of that to go around.

      • RedsFaninPitt

        I wouldn’t prefer Peraza either. I would be happy with Barnes and Verdugo or even Verdugo and Cody Bellinger, but wouldn’t be surprised if it is a young highly regarded pitcher (Holmes) and Schebler who can play throughout the OF.

      • JoshG

        peraza has struggled at every level getting on base, he’d have to consistently hit .300 to keep his OBP at .315, he refuses to walk

    • Jeremy Conley

      I was thinking exactly the same thing. They have another pitcher named Anderson who was their first round pick in 2013. He hasn’t pitched nearly as well as Holmes, but he finished the year in AAA (though he pitched terribly there). If the Reds got him instead because he’d be ready in 2017, I’d be ok with it, especially if they think they can help him improve based on scouting.

      But there really are no other bats I’d like instead of Verdugo. He seems like just the type the Reds need (like Votto-lite, good AVG, good OPB, decent power but mostly doubles), but they just have to wait for him to develop.

    • ManuelT

      If that’s true, then it would at least demonstrate a plan with some coherence and that would be a good sign. Much better than blowing smoke up our butts. However, if 2018 is what we shoot for, shouldn’t we also think about trading Votto and Bailey? Shouldn’t EVERYONE be available?

  9. gaffer

    I trust C. Trent to be behind by 6 hours.

  10. Jeremy Conley

    Are you thinking that the Reds would only get Barnes back because the Dodgers are taking on BP’s salary in this scenario? I say no, I don’t want to save money, I want to get the best players back. Verdugo and Barnes for Chapman would be interesting, especially if the Reds moved Mesoraco to LF permanently.

  11. PDunc

    I’ll be interested to see what the Dodgers do with Chapman and Kenley Jansen. Will one of them accept a setup role? Will the Dodgers get creative with their bullpen and use something other than the traditional closer/setup-man bullpen? Is Jansen now on the trading block? Are they going to ask Chapman to start?

    • gaffer

      Its an odd rumor, as it says only that he was “discussed”. If he and Holmes are it then this is a decent deal.

  12. Matt

    I don’t believe that for one second, unless maybe they packaged the Toddfather with Chapman.

    • JoshG

      I was thinking the same thing, If Frazier was going that way too……

  13. Joe McManus

    No chance. I wish, but no chance.

  14. NYRedfan41

    I hope it’s 2 younger lower level higher upside prospects like Holmes, Verdugo rather than two 25 yr old prospects like Barnes and Schelber

  15. rfay00

    Reds do not have a top 100 IF prospect so wouldn’t getting Peraza (#2 2B prospect and #24 overall per be a great upgrade? I might be looking too much at the cover of the book though and not reading through.

  16. redmountain

    I think history may show that Pederson is a cross between Bruce and Dunn. No thanks. OBP

  17. Joe McManus

    I had that initial thought as well, but he seems to have better contact skills than Billy. I’m guessing Peraza and one of Ballinger, Verdugo or Barnes. I would take that (not that I have a choice).

  18. Jeremy Conley

    .315 is not good. MLB league average was .317, and he’s certainly not going to be facing easier competition in the big leagues compared to AAA. He profiles as having below average on-base skills in the big leagues.

  19. Brian

    that appears to be as they said its more teams in on chapman still not a three team deal necessarily, just more teams still in on chapman

  20. BMBLUE

    Why does everyone keep thinking that zack cozart is going to be the SS past this year? They are not, and should not, resign him.

    • ncmountie1

      If Cozart comes back and hits like he was before injury why wouldn’t you resign one of the best defensive SS in baseball??

  21. ChrisinVenice

    Please let this mean there is some bidding going on.

  22. Matt

    Also from Sheldon:

    “By multiple teams involved, meaning others could be in mix to get Chapman.”

    So may not be a 3-team deal, just might be that deal wasn’t finished and now more are bidding him up now that it looks like he’s going to be moving?

  23. Brian

    knowing arizona was in on chapman previously this could get interesting if true that more teams are still offering. Dodgers who lost out on grienke can’t afford to also lose out on chapman to arizona. smart move by the reds front office if they are playing these teams off eachother.

  24. whodeythinkgonnabeatthemredlegs

    maybe the diamondbacks are trying to outbid the dodgers. they did have a great package for us at the deadline

    • Joe McManus

      I’m hoping it’s the Astros. I want Daz Cameron and Vincent Velasquez 😎

    • TR

      I would prefer Chapman going to the Astros since it’s an AL team and the Reds would only face Aroldis every three years.

    • Ryan Lykins (@ryan_lykins)

      What was the package that the DBACKS had offered? I didn’t see any names.