All those grand narratives about how to win based on the first two games of the World Series? Never mind.

The Mets look to even the series tonight.

  • Game Four 8:07 p.m.Kansas City Royals (Young) at New York Mets (Matz)

Kansas City leads series 2-1.

9 Responses

  1. whodeythinkgonnabeatthemredlegs

    holy Conforto

  2. kmartin

    Are my eyes deceiving me, or are two of the Kansas City wins by ex-Reds?

  3. Scot Lykins

    The Royals are very aggressive at the plate. The Mets have the starters to beat them but do not seem to have the bullpen.

    • greenmtred

      Nor do they have the defense, at least in this game. We should all consider Cespedes and Murphy when we’re advocating getting rid of Billy, Cozart and Phillips. Pitching–even great pitching–doesn’t go far without good defense.

      • Scot Lykins

        Murphy made a great double play to save a run later in the game. Hosmer, as well, had a big error also in a previous game. It happens.

    • CP

      Cespedes is a pretty darn good fielder actually.

      I don’t think the Mets are in the WS but for Murphy’s bat (particularly in the postseason). It does stink when a player’s weak area gets exploited during the WS.

  4. Matt WI

    Sound like anyone the Reds know?: “It’s part of passing the baton — taking a walk when you need to,” Zobrist said. “This team is an aggressive team, but we’re aggressive in the zone. We’re not just flailing at the ball. That’s the important thing about this ballclub. Guys understand how to hit and approach at-bats with the best hitting philosophy.”

    Now multiply that by an entire lineup and you just might win a WS. Go figure.

    • TR

      Knowing who’s pitching against you and working the count.