While the Cincinnati Reds have been sitting at home after the regular season ended they have had several players begin to play in various winter leagues around the world. If you want to follow along with the stats for those in the organization who are playing winter ball, here’s a good link to bookmark.

Two guys are standing out for their performance early on in the winter leagues. Right handed pitcher Nick Travieso has made two starts in the Arizona Fall League and outfielder Sebastian Elizalde is just over two weeks into the Mexican Winter League campaign.

21-year-old Nick Travieso had some problems making his debut in the Arizona Fall League. His first start was postponed due to weather and there were two scheduled off days that followed. His start was then postponed again by the weather before he finally was able to make his first start on October 21st, eight full days after the league kicked off the season.

In his first start he tossed 3.0 hitless innings with a walk and he struck out four batters. Travieso topped out at 97 MPH in the game and was rather dominating. There’s a full scouting report here. He followed that up with a start on Monday afternoon where he allowed a run in 4.0 innings without a walk and he struck out three batters. In his start yesterday he also topped out at 97 MPH several times during the outing.

Through his two starts he’s posted a 1.29 ERA, allowing just the one run in 7.0 innings pitched. He’s walked just one and he has struck out seven batters to go along with a WHIP of 0.86.

Down in Mexico outfield Sebastian Elizalde is having a strong start to his winter league season in his home country. He kicked the season off by going 4-4. That was followed up by going 2-4 with a walk, triple and two runs batted in.

Over the last eleven days he’s put together a nine game hitting streak that has actually pulled his average down despite hitting .342 during the streak. On the season he’s now hitting .357/.410/.482 with five walks, nine strikeouts, two doubles, a triple and a home run in 14 games played. His .357 average ranked 6th in the league at this point in time. He’s also stolen two bases in two attempts.

Here’s some video of the outfielder hitting with Daytona from back in August.

11 Responses

  1. cfd3000

    Thanks as always for these uodates Doug. The small sample size means I don’t get too excited, but these results are still far better than bad outings and hitting slumps. Go Reds!

    • Doug Gray

      With the pitchers, the small sample sizes can mean more, simply because we get to see the Pitch F/X data on them and that gives us very useful information.

      With the hitters, yeah, we don’t get much but hitting well is better than not hitting well.

  2. WVRedlegs

    Excellent news on both Travieso and Elizalde. Hard not to be excited about Travieso, Stephenson, Garrett and Reed all rising to the top.

  3. ohiojimw

    Good to see Travieso off to a strong start. Probably nothing like the arrival of three or four strong arms into the org to get the blood and competitive juices really flowing.
    I appreciate your contributions here and also recently signed on to your site and registered to show my support in the way that matters most. Keep up the good work.

  4. Peter Pond

    I think Elizalde should be moved faster. He has shown strong hitting tools already and has faced strong competition in winter ball with pretty good results two seasons in a row. Perhaps the dark horse of prospects.

    • RFM

      Elizalde has now played 194 games in advanced A ball but only has a .317 OBP in that time, with his second year being worse than the first. His ‘strong hitting tools’ have only amounted to a .259 average at that level. He hasn’t improved enough to make up for the move from Bakersfield to Daytona, let alone justify being promoted faster. So far he’s been unable to duplicate his success from Dayton in early 2014.

      I suspect Elizalde will get promoted to AA for 2016, more because of his age than because of his production.

      A 1b/OF who can’t hit for average, get on base, or hit for power is sure a dark horse… not much else, though…

      • Doug Gray

        To be perfectly fair to Elizalde, his OPS was 57 points better than the league average in the Florida State League this year. That league just absolutely crushes hitting. His OPS was better, compared to the league, this season than it was last season in the California League despite it dropping off nearly 70 points.

        He will head to Double-A next year, and deservedly so. He’s got work to do still, but he’s earned the promotion on merit, not on age.

      • Peter Pond

        See above. A nice way to learn a bit about minor leagues, especially about Park Adjustment, league tendencies, etc.

        I won´t go as far as to talk about pitchers faced in winter ball, might be too much.

      • Tom Diesman

        Doug already pointed out how the league differences come into play here. I just wanted to note as well that it appears his 17.9 BB% at Dayton in 2014 appears to be a fluke as he’s put up about a 7.3 BB% since. Also that his .385 BABIP at Dayton in 2014 has fell off to right about .300 since. I look forward to seeing him at AA next season and expect him to do pretty well.

        Also, keep an eye on Brian O’Grady who should start out back at Daytona next season as dark horse/sleeper of sorts.

  5. wkubas

    You have forgotten to mention former Stanford Cardinal, Alex Blandino appearance in this years’ Arizona Fall League.

    Blandino has not hit, continuing his lack of hitting since his promotion to Pensacola in August.

    Blandino, now playing second base, has committed two errors (throw).