Two Game Fives, how exciting:

  • 4 pm ET – Texas Rangers (Hamels) at the Toronto Blue Jays (Stroman)

Series tied 2-2. Toronto favored at home. Hamels is tough.

  •  8 pm ETHouston Astros (McHugh) as the Kansas City Royals (Cueto)

Series tied 2-2. Was the Cueto trade worth it for the Royals? Find out tonight.

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  1. Shchi Cossack

    Johnny Beisbol has a chance to make a statement and put the Royals in the ALCS tonight. Go Johnny! Go KC!

    • lwblogger2

      I really don’t like either of those teams but I’ve gotta root for Cueto tonight.

      I’m pulling for the Jays as well. A guy in the office is a huge Jays fan and I picked them as one of my AL Wildcard winners in my preseason predictions. My ALCS winner is and AL East winner was the O’s and they didn’t make it.

    • CP

      I heard Jacoby taught Bautista that bat flip.

    • Vicferrari

      Would have loved to see him pitch in that type of situation, oh well what could have been. Congrats to him, he will get hundreds of millions based on that game alone

  2. DavidTurner49

    I’m glad Cueto was at his best when it mattered most. A Cubs vs Royals WS in the heartland would be interesting.

  3. TR

    Johnny gets it done with 2 hits, 8 K’s, & 0 BB’s. KC to the ALCS.

    • Victor Vollhardt

      Go back to a story on this site (around the time he was traded) and all the comments on who was the best pitcher in recent (50/60 years) Reds history. A lot of back and forth—-but Cueto is not only good ,but he is unique and he is gone. It would be like trading Koufax or Spahn. Whatever he gets he will be worth it and with his performances he will will pay dividends(via ticket sales-TV contracts-making other quality players want to come to his team) When you buy superior quality (even at a high cost both in business and baseball) you always come out ahead.Most businesses fail because owners don’t use their financial abilities in the best possible way.

  4. ohiojimw

    I am happy for Cueto and also very happy to see both the Texas teams eliminated.

  5. Tom Noonan

    Actually one of the hits should have been scored an error (very arguably!) and both runs would have been unearned. No baserunners allowed after that point. A dominating performance by Johnny. Great to see.

  6. jamesgarrett

    The Royals on this night got what they paid for when they traded for Johnny.He was outstanding and made the adjustments from the first time he faced Houston in this series.Took advantage of the young guys going up there and hacking and mowed them down.Astros bullpen obviously let them down in this series.Says a lot when you use two starters after your opening guy goes down.

  7. Matt WI

    Way to go Cueto. That’s how it’s done. Encore.

  8. Anonymous

    Cueto definitely had his good stuff working, it was a classic start by him. Even the pitch Valbuena hit for the home run wasn’t that bad as much as he just hit it well.

    I knew the Astros was done when he went to his starter Fiers who hadn’t pitched in a couple weeks with 2nd and 3rd with no outs instead of at least his setup guy.