A double-double header today. Baseball nirvana.

  • 1 pm ETKansas City Royals (Ventura) at the Houston Astros (McCullers)

The Astros lead the series 2-1. Defending AL champs on the ropes.

  • 4 pm ET – Toronto Blue Jays (Dickey) at the Texas Rangers (Holland)

The Rangers lead the series 2-1. Best chance for Rangers to close out.

  • 6 pm ET – St. Louis Cardinals (Wacha) at the Chicago Cubs (Arrieta)

The series is tied 1-1. Great pitching match-up.

  • 8:30 pm ET – Los Angeles Dodgers (Anderson) at the New York Mets (Harvey)

The series is tied 1-1. Think Chase Utley will get booed in New  York?

Comments welcome!

12 Responses

  1. whodeythinkgonnabeatthemredlegs

    Not so fast

  2. Tom Reed

    Big win for KC. Johnny Cueto goes for the series win Wed. night. I hope he gets it done. That slide by Utley was ridiculous; way out of line.

  3. Patrick Jorgenson

    The Astros bullpen absolutely imploded, not springing for Chapman at the deadline may very well have cost them a World Series ring. This is absolutely wonderful, we are going to be able to get the entire farm for Chapman this winter.

    • Tom Reed

      Not sure about the entire farm, but if the trade of Chapman includes a young OBP guy for the outfield who can lead off, it will certainly help the offense.

  4. VaRedsFan

    Cubs go back to back…Bryant and Rizzo to take a 5-2 lead

  5. kmartin

    I live in Chicago and walk to and from the office. When I was walking home from the office tonight it was incredibly windy. I said to myself that I bet balls will be flying out of Wrigley tonight. I just got home and checked the box score. Yes, I guess so.

  6. seat101

    I am rooting for the cards. They have always been my second favorite team. Actually, that’s not true the athletics or my second favorite team and till they beat us in the World Series.

  7. VaRedsFan

    That would be Soler getting those 2 runs back.

  8. Tom Billings

    I’m actually cheering for the cubbies it would be good for baseball and there fans

  9. Grant Freking

    The amount of young (and cheap) offensive talent Epstein & Co. have collected is staggering.
    Rizzo (signed/under team control through 2021).
    Soler (signed through 2020).
    Just incredible. Bringing in Dexter Fowler was a sage move, too. Starlin Castro ain’t bad either.

    • Playtowin

      Very impressive work by Epstein. That is excellent GM work.

  10. Playtowin

    Brett Anderson is human batting tee reminding me of Holmberg and Marquis. After Kershaw and Greinke Dodgers pitching is awful.