Around-the-clock baseball bliss today.

  • Texas (Hamels) at Toronto (Stroman) already started, Texas leads series 1-0
  • Houston (Kazmir) at Kansas City (Cueto) 3:30 ET, Houston leads series 1-0
  • Chicago Cubs (Lester) at St. Louis (Lackey) 6:30 p.m. ET
  • New York Mets (deGrom) at Los Angeles Dodgers (Kershaw) 9:30 p.m. ET

Game comments here.

9 Responses

  1. Kyle Farmer

    Watching Marcus Stroman really settle in versus the Rangers. I’d like to imagine Robert Stephenson pitching similarly in that situation for the Reds in a couple years!

  2. whodeythinkgonnabeatthemredlegs

    Not a great start for Johnny

  3. Brian

    I think it is going to be interesting to see what the market is for Johnny with his performance out of Cincinnati. I would imagine that there will still be a team or two that will look at this rough stretch and still be willing to throw big money at him but gone are the days when it was looking like he may get scherzer type money.

  4. RedInInd

    Hope the Cubs are on their game tonight. (You may substitute any team playing the Cardinals at any time of the season.)

  5. james.garrett

    Its just different pitching in the other league and Cueto hasn’t made the adjustments.He was our ace but may never be in the American league but he is still a solid 2 or maybe a 3 on most teams.As Brian said somebody will still throw a bunch of money at him and I mean a bunch more then we could ever afford.As for Scherzer,he threw two no no’s but I expected him to win 20+ games for the Nats since he came from the other league but his stats were off the charts.Just shows that wins/losses is probably not a good judge of how good a pitcher really is.

  6. Jim t

    I know they are different sports but how in the world does Andy Dalton get so much grief for his playoff failures and Kershaw and Price hardly ever get a mention. Both have been terrible choke artist.

    • CP

      Probably because most of us live around Cincinnati. Just a guess.

      • Jim t

        CP the Dalton story is mentioned on a national level whenever a talking head is commenting on Bengals. They can not drag the franchise down for character issues anymore so they try another negative angle. Dalton has made the playoffs four straight years after taking over a dumpster fire from Palmer. In 3 of his playoff losses his team was the underdog. The only game I fault Andy for was the charger loss.

  7. james.garrett

    Just seems like in pro football until you win and win consistently in the playoffs you never get much credit for the regular season.Baseball is such a long long season there are numerous conversations and many many more stats to discuss about guys like Price/Kershaw etc.Dalton will have to get to the title game or super bowl to get any recognition.Another thing I think hurts him is that several highly respected football people including some coaches say the Bengals have the most talented roster in the NFL so it becomes more about he should win and when he doesn’t he gets hammered.