Chad Dotson (our illustrious owner) and I would like to offer our sincere thanks to the writing staff of Redleg Nation. Along with the veteran writers for the site, we’ve taken on a lot of new authors the past two seasons and have been thrilled with the content they have provided on a reliable basis. Before the year’s end, our staff will have made over 1,000 posts in 2015 and the site will set records in views (3 million) and visitors (500,000).

Please allow me the privilege of thanking our writers by name.

In 2015, we upgraded our commitment to Game Previews. Greg Dafler, who was one of the early writers at the site, did a fantastic job coordinating the previews to make sure each one was covered. He and Wes Jenkins wrote most of them, with significant help throughout the year from Nick Kirby. The content was far beyond what I had envisioned when I talked to them in the spring about adding pitching match-ups and line-ups. The daily Game Preview became a terrific source of the latest Reds and other related news.

Our morning column authors never missed a deadline. Nick Kirby covered the NL Central on Mondays. Doug Gray added his insight on the Reds minor league affiliates on Tuesdays and Tom Diesman wrote This Week on the Farm on Thursdays. Tom is another long-time writer at Redleg Nation. Nick Doran and Mike Maffie wrote their great columns on Wednesday and Friday. For Nick K, Doug, Tom and Mike, this was their second year authoring weekly posts.

Taylor Ballinger, Matt Korte and Jeff Gangloff wrote the Saturday morning post This Week In Baseball, a look at interesting and humorous social and economic issues in the broader world of baseball. Their column was exactly what I had in mind when we discussed it in the spring.

Our Sunday Evening Post was a project shared by John Ring, Mark Elliot, Mary Beth Ellis and Greg Gajus. They offered thought-provoking commentary and fascinating historical pieces that were a step or two removed from the heat of day-to-day box scores and transactions.

Our talented afternoon feature writers deserve huge praise for their consistent outstanding content. Grant Freking, Kevin Michell and Nick Carrington wrote once a week. Jeremy Conley wrote a couple times a month.

We received occasional feature articles from Chris Garber, another author whose writing here dates back to the start of the site. Jason Lawrence, Warren Lehman and Justin Merry contributed posts. Tom Nichols (Dayton) and Kourage Kundahl (Pensacola) covered minor league affiliates in detail for us.

Our Titanic Struggle game recaps were mostly written by Nick Kirby, Jason Linden, Chad and myself. It was especially great to see Chad able find time this year to return to the recap writing he had done since 2005. (Although Chad did seem to have the bad luck of getting stuck with more than his fair share of rain delayed and extra-inning affairs, and the couple games that were rain delayed and extra innings also seemed to fall on his nights, too.) And if you’re perceptive, you’ll note how many paragraphs in this post contain the name Nick Kirby. He’s still elite.

One last word of thanks to all the writers who were willing to be flexible with their assignments, often pinch-hitting for me and others at the last minute. It was a pleasure to work with such a cooperative group.

And a special, Diaz-sized thanks to our loyal and valued members. Our goal is to grow a community of people who think about the Cincinnati Reds. Despite the disappointing season turned in by the ball club we follow, you continued to show up here to read and write. Those of you who take the time to post thoughtful and constructive comments are a gigantic part of the value of this website. Please know that we are honored by your contributions (whether or not we agree with them!).

So what’s next?

As major league baseball moves from the regular season to the postseason and then to the offseason, Redleg Nation will be gearing down on content as well. We’ll try to have something new every day as best we can, but it won’t be three or four columns.

However, when the Reds get busy with Redsfest, arbitration, option decisions, trades, free-agent acquisitions, the caravan and other breaking information, we’ll be on it as always, with facts, analysis and opinion. You’ve got us for that.

The good news is that many of the writers have already agreed to return to regular assignments about that time the Reds pitchers and catchers report to Goodyear in February.