Final — 12 innings R H E
Cincinnati Reds (63-97) 4 11 1
Pittsburgh Pirates (97-63) 6 7 2
W: Caminero (5-1) L: Balester (1-1)
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The Good
–Brandon Phillips, Jay Bruce, Eugenio Suarez, Adam Duvall, and Ramon Cabrera all had two hits tonight. Suarez hit a two-run homer (his 13th) to get the Reds on the board; Duvall and Bruce doubled.

–After tonight, Joey Votto has reached base safely in 48 straight games. That ties Pete Rose’s franchise record. He’s reached base in 143 of his 156 games so far in 2015. Votto is good.

–Even better, according to our friend Joel, Votto has reached base more than once in a game 106 times this year. That’s a new Reds record.

–For the first time in eight games, a Reds starting pitcher didn’t get the loss. Rejoice!

–A bunch of Reds relievers, most of whom you won’t remember two years from now, pitched scoreless baseball between Keyvius Sampson’s start and Collin Balester’s 12th-inning surrender of a walkoff homer.

–Only two games left in this miserable season.

The Bad
–Good grief, the Reds have lost 97 games. This is insane.

–That’s thirteen losses in a row for the Redlegs. Last time the Reds lost 13 consecutive games: 1945.

–Keyvius Sampson started well, but finished poorly. He gave up four runs in five innings, and couldn’t protect the 4-0 lead provided to him by the Cincinnati offense (thank you Suarez and Bruce).

–Seems like this win meant more to Pittsburgh than it did to Cincinnati. Are the Pirates in contention or something?

Not-So-Random Thoughts
–My grandmother was a teenager the last time the Reds lose 13 in a row. This is not good, Reds fans.

–You have every right to be upset about this Reds season. I’m certainly not happy about it. But if you don’t love Joey Votto, we can’t be friends.

–Tonight’s probably my last recap of the season. This has been an awful year for the Redlegs, but the end kinda makes me sad.

This is the 11th season that we’ve covered the Reds here at Redleg Nation. Most of those years have been losing campaigns for our favorite baseball club, but we’ve soldiered on…and (for our newer readers) until the last couple of seasons, I wrote 95% of the Titanic Struggle Recaps. We have watched a lot of bad baseball together over the years, haven’t we? Unfortunately, 2015 has been as bad as any of those other years.

I’m so appreciative of the guys who have picked up the slack while I took a little break — Steve and Nick and Jason and everyone else have been nothing short of fantastic — but I’ve enjoyed getting back into the mix this season, despite the struggles of the ol’ Redlegs. I love you guys and gals, and I’m actually looking forward to the future here at Redleg Nation.

Yeah, the Reds kinda stink right now. But I hope you’ll stick with us. We have some big plans, and I think we are going to have a lot of fun here at RN over the next couple of years.

I have missed the day-to-day interaction with everyone here. Honestly, I may be the only Reds fan in the world who is excited about 2016, but I can’t wait. This is the best community on the internet, as far as I’m concerned, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Okay, I’ll stop with the emotional nonsense. But even when the Reds stink, I love the fans — YOU! — who are the heart of Redleg Nation. I’m looking forward to being around even more in 2016. I really do believe this is the best community of baseball fans on the interwebs. Stick with us. It’s going to be a fun ride, I promise.

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  1. Kyle Sea

    Everything written here is spot on (especially the Votto stuff). No where to go but up up and away! Here’s to Votto making it 50 games in a row. Viva la resistance.

  2. ohiojimw

    Worst news of the night… Rosecrans thinks there is a strong chance Price returns for 2016.

    • sezwhom

      I don’t think Price returns. Besides, that’s a tough sell to fans going into to next year if you retain him. Need to make a splash with somebody new.

    • wildwestlv

      Fortunately, the Reds beat writers are about as clueless and inept as the organization. Although this could very well be true, I don’t put any stock in what those guys think will happen. And if Jocketty stays, who really cares if Price is at the helm? We’ve already hit the iceberg…heading to the icy depths.

      • ohiojimw

        On the beat reporter radio sound byte, C.Trent was sounding like someone had whispered into his ear off the record. They inferred to him that if the team wasn’t going to contend in 2016, why pay both somebody else to manage and Price to sit at home.
        Wherever it came from that is defeatist thinking straight out of the Schott and Lindner eras.

      • vegastypo

        I can envision a scenario where, if Price is back to start the season, the Reds tank quite early and he is fired by June in favor an interim manager. That gives the Reds time to maybe “audition” someone for a few months, and then either keep him or move on after the season. … And a guy with an interim tag won’t command much cash, which will be important since Price will still be drawing paychecks.

      • Vicferrari

        When exactly was the Schott era when there was a defeatist attitude? I recall mostly winning seasons but maybe I am not sure when the era was, certainly did not have a season like this and was there even back to back loses?

  3. Pooter

    Here’s to Votto breaking the record tomorrow! No matter the record I will always be a Reds’ fan! Go Redlegs!!!

  4. pinson343

    When this season ends after 2 more games, it will be like a mercy killing for the Reds. With the Reds getting blown out on a regular basis lately, I forgot for a bit what this kind of loss felt like. Over the course of the season the Reds have had a LOT of this kind of extra inning losses. For one thing, a game they could have won if they managed to score 1 run in 8 innings (I’m counting innings 4 thru 11).

    Then there’s the typical use of the bullpen in these games. Pick the worst pitcher on the staff, Balester, and go multiple innings with him. After Chapman throws 13 pitches, take him out of the game. Need to have him ready in February, even if it’s for another team.
    Lorenzon would seem to have been a nice choice for extra innings – he can hit, has pitched well in relief since coming back, and pitches a whole lot better than Balester.
    But maybe he wasn’t available. I presume Hoover’s not available, that his shoulder is still bothering him. I wonder if it was bothering him when he turned into a batting practice pitcher that Price kept using in critical situations, back when there was an occasional critical situation.

    • ohiojimw

      And Duvall had another multiple hit effort which probably means he will be reassigned to pine time just like he was earlier in the week when he was looking like he might be getting some things figured out.

      • wildwestlv

        Hey, c’mon, there’s only two more games to start Skip. Kid’s gotta learn.

  5. pinson343

    Thanks, Chad, for a meaningful and ultimately optimistic recap at one of the lowest points in Reds history. Looking forward to your 2016 recaps, maybe even some “happy recaps.”

  6. ohiojimw

    Votto told reporters after the game that he did not care about the games reaching base record (because the team is losing). Contrast this attitude with that of the manager who waxes about finding personal victories for sustainment when the team is losing. They might not have the talent to contend but neither would they be in the sorry state they are in if everyone in the clubhouse had JV’s attitude.

  7. Steve Hanshaw

    Great Recap Chad. As a long time reader of the site, it’s great to have your views more frequently this year – though I enjoy the other contributers as well. Perhaps if we have a good April next year we can bring back the sombrero photos….

    I’m nearing the end of a 2.5 week business trip in Europe. When I initially began scheduling my appointments, I remember thinking it could be an ugly trip if I was staying up most nights to watch games on if the Reds were in the chase. Obviously not an issue there as it turns out. So, I’ve gotten some sleep, missed the abject pain of watching from up close during the 13 game skid, and have just woken up to Redleg Nation and ESPN recaps as I’ve woken up.

    This morning, from the UK I started with the Box Score. That did give me one short bit of laughter as I saw the line below:

    Broxton PR

    For the 20 or so seconds it took me to remember where Big Brox was right now, I thought there had to be one of the great baseball stories of all time behind this. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be, but at least one small part of the Reds gave me a moment of joy today.

    Thanks for all you the site, and onward to 2016.

  8. redbonebuck

    If the Phillies double down today we might win the Blake Rutherford derby. Price has to go right?

  9. jessecuster44

    I always enjoy the discussion here, lose or win. Thanks, Chad.

    Hope the Reds can end this season with a two game win-streak.

  10. DHud

    Cingrani needs to go. He’s not good and refuses to improve due to his attitude.

    Ship him off in a package this winter and be done with him

    • pinson343

      I think Cingrani’s departure is just about a sure thing. Couldn;t develop more than 1 pitch, so couldn’t start, then got ticked off about it instead of developing another pitch.

    • VaRedsFan

      Agree…poor attitude IMO. Took his minor league demotion as an insult…thought he was demoted because of injury only. Refused to try to improve down there.

    • wildwestlv

      There’s absolutely nobody in that bullpen I’d lose sleep over, being gone, next year. I don’t count Chapman, because he isn’t ever used. LeCure has had a fine career with the Reds, but he’s done. Sean Marshall will never pitch in MLB again.

      • ohiojimw

        So true. There are egos to be massaged to get there; but, it is looking like Lorenzen and Finnegan, barring injury, could man the back end for the next development cycle. There will be other drop outs from the starters derby to drop into the earlier slots.

    • pinson343

      I’d read that, and knew the Reds had not finished in last place since 1984, but was surprised to learn this: “Cincinnati’s stretch of avoiding the cellar was the longest active streak across the four major sports leagues.”

      During the awful decade 0f 2000-2009, the Reds always managed to finish ahead of the Pirates or Brewers, because they could score runs.

  11. james garrett

    I join you Chad in looking forward to next year.With the right changes we can start building for the next time this team is relevant.

  12. Peter Ponds

    Thanks Chad for your effort to keep us fans on a positive note. It’s hard enough to endure a season like this one and then having to read about all that negativity and pessimism. Baseball, like any other sport- has its ups and down and when you choose to root for a team it’s like marriage: For good and bad times.

    I share your sentiment about 2016. Can’t wait. Can’t wait to see the progress of the young ones (especially the Pitchers), offseason moves (or not),roster construction, etc. That’s also the beauty of baseball.

    Finally, as a long time reader of this site, I’m looking forward to read more frequently to your recaps, the very first reason I came here on the first place.

  13. classicchad

    If Votto does break the record tonight i hope it comes with a win tonight. I think he is starting to get irritated by all of the talk about it

  14. DHud

    And there have been a lot of them, but this one may be in a category of its own

  15. [email protected]

    I miss Milton

    He must be on the DL because I have not seen him much these last 13 games

    I would be very interested in his advanced metrics

    Thanks for all you guys do

  16. ohiojimw

    From the somebody is always worse off department: In the Brit Premier League football, after playing a brilliant first half, winless New Castle has surrendered 5 goals in just 15 minutes of the 2nd half.
    Wonder if there are any in game/ halftime differential wagers allowed at the legal betting shops??

  17. Shchi Cossack

    Holt still needs to hit to earn a spot on the major league roster, but his CF defense will play at the major league level. With Holt on the 40-man roster, LaMarre’s days should be dwindling to…2.

    I still don’t think Duvall can hit at the major league level (37% SO% for the Reds), but that .328 OBP looks good from a power hitter and gives me some pause at least. His 21% SO% and .333 OBP at AAA (combined with that .548 SLG) provides a sliver of hope and he is certainly looking more comfortable out in LF defensively. A good winter league program working on his OF defense and his plate approach to make better contact could probably benefit his opportunity in spring training.

    It’s certainly looking like BC will retain both WJ and Price for 2016. I will repeat my position regarding Price. As long as WJ stays in place as GM this off-season, there is no reason to change the on-field manager. I don’t see any reasonable way that WJ’s and Price’s contract are extended or renewed past 2016, so they are both lame ducks. The new GM should have the opportunity to name his own on-field manager in 2017, so the GM position must be resolved before the manager position is addressed. It simply doesn’t make any sense to change managers for 2016 and stick the new GM with an existing manager or change managers again in 2017. Now if BC gets past his nepotistic management and jetisons WJ from heading Baseball Operations…

    I’m liking the selection of Dave Stewart in Arizona. He may be one of the few GM’s willing to pony up Cincinnati’s asking price for one season of Chapman to fill an over-rated closer position this offseason.

    • vegastypo

      Part of me really wants to know what Walt turned down at the trade deadline for Chapman, but the other part of me wonders if I’m better off not knowing.

      • lwblogger2

        We’re all probably better off not knowing.

    • lwblogger2

      Everything you said makes sense to me. Though I’m not happy that they will be back next year.

  18. james garrett

    SHICHI you are right about Walt and Price in that both have to go for it to have any positive effect at all.

  19. aktrainer

    I’ve been reading this site daily (during the season, anyways) for 6 years now. Being a Reds fan wouldn’t be nearly as insightful and entertaining without you guys! Long live Redleg Nation!

  20. Vicferrari

    What is up with Cingrani- anyone have any idea? Seems terrible mismanaged talent

    • wildwestlv

      He has one pitch. Fastball. He’s not very efficient. Doesn’t have the stuff to be a starter and took a bad attitude to being moved to the pen. Hopefully he won’t be part of the Reds “reboot”. Whatever the hell that is.

  21. sezwhom

    Well, guess I was wrong. Price coming back next year. Oh boy. Can’t wait.

  22. lwblogger2

    Ah Chad, now you have me all sentimental. It has been good to read your stuff this year and I’ve really enjoyed what has come from the new writers too. The community here is great too. There are a lot of knowledgeable fans here from both the traditional and analytics points of view.