In this week’s installment of “This Week on the Farm”, I’d like to take a quick peek forward to next season to see what the Reds top two farm clubs rosters might look like opening day.  The rosters of these two farm clubs will contain the players that have the best chance of helping out at the Major League level next season.

Just to level set, let’s first see what the Reds roster might look like opening day next season with what they have right now minus free agent departures.


C  Mesoraco
1B Votto
2B Phillips
3B Frazier
SS Suarez
LF Duvall
CF Hamilton
RF Bruce

C  Barnhart
IF DeJesus
IF Cozart
OF Rodriguez
OF Holt

SP Bailey
SP DeSclafani
SP Iglesias
SP Lorenzen
SP Lamb

RP Chapman
RP Hoover
RP Cingrani
RP Diaz
RP Matheus
RP Villarreal
RP LeCure

There’s lots to discuss here, but that’s not the focus of this discussion.  There will be some players above moved over the winter and some major/minor league free agents added to the mix.  Basically, that’s a list of 25 names who currently would be in the running for Major League jobs next spring who will not be included on the AAA and/or AA rosters below.

AAA Louisville Bats

I’m going to stick to prospects and fringe prospects for the rosters.  I won’t include any Irving Falu’s, Hernan Iribarren’s, Marquez Smith’s, or Ray Chang’s on the rosters.  I’m sure they will in fact either bring some of them back or back fill them with other older minor league free agents, but I’m mostly sticking to the younger players here who might be on these rosters on opening day next year.


C  Cabrera
1B Waldrop
2B Vincej
3B Mejias-Brean
SS Perez
LF Duran
CF LaMarre
RF Winker

C  Skipworth
IF Negron
IF Wright
OF Selsky
OF Smith

SP Stephenson
SP Moscot
SP Finnegan
SP Reed
SP Holmberg

RP Contreras
RP Weiss
RP Hayes
RP S Johnson
RP Adleman
RP Sampson
RP Smith

Position player wise, the spotlight will be on Winker, Mejias-Brean, and Duran to see how they perform at AAA after their promotions.  Waldrop will be in a make or break type year, as he will need to prove he can make the adjustments and perform at AAA.  Also, will be interesting to see if Selsky comes back healthy and if he can maintain his strong showing this year.

On the hill, we will want to see Stephenson and Moscot come back healthy and strong at AAA.  Finnegan will most likely need to prove he can be successful as a starter soon next year or be sent to the pen full time.  All eyes on Reed and Weiss to see if they can continue to prosper at the AAA level.

AA Pensacola Blue Wahoos

The Blue Wahoos will again have a strong stable of prospects to follow next season.

Blue Wahoos

C  Hudson
1B Buckley
2B Blandino
3B Sparks
SS Daal
LF Elizalde
CF Arias
RF Ervin

C  Wallach
IF Soto
IF Diaz
OF Gelalich
OF Amaral

SP Garrett
SP Travieso
SP Mella
SP Romano
SP Astin

RP McMyne
RP Klimesh
RP Shackleford
RP J Johnson
RP Somsen
RP Peralta
RP Wright

The prospects to watch here will be on Blandino, Ervin, Sparks, and Elizalde to if they continue to perform at AA.  Blandino and Ervin have the best chances for being moved up quickly if they are playing well.

The entire starting rotation here will be loaded with prospects as well.  Garrett and Travieso could be fast movers if they start out strong.

5 Responses

  1. Steve brandt

    I do not see Collin Balester, long relief, #51, on your list. Reasoning ?

  2. CJ22

    Is Homer going to be ready to open the season or will it be a month or two in before he is ready?

  3. aceistheplace2

    I know Lorenzen had a long strech of starting in the Majors this season, obviously he is a great athlete, and I am no MLB player or talent evaluator, but I don’t see him in the rotation to start the year. Yes the caveot is the club could sign a veteran guy to eat some innings and offer “stability” to the rotation.

    • RFM

      They need to fill the rotation with somebody, and the team won’t want to break camp with Stephenson or Reed due to service time concerns. They might want Moscot to get some work in AAA after missing half the year (albeit with an injury unrelated to his throwing arm). I’d bet heavily on Finnegan starting the spring in Louisville’s rotation.

      With a strong spring, in which Lorenzen shows improved control (not in the sense that he’s wild, but hitting his spots, hitting the corners of the zone) I could certainly see him making the opening day rotation. I wouldn’t bet heavily on Lorenzen making the rotation (due to depth), but I also wouldn’t bet against it. Even if he’s just the stopgap guy in the rotation until Bailey is activated. Despite Lorenzen’s high ERA, he’s the second youngest guy to pitch for the Reds this year, after Finnegan, so his 2015 season was hardly a make-or-break year.

  4. RFM

    Kyle Waldrop, there’s no reason to give up on him yet. It’s not like there’s competition for any spot he holds, either on the 40 man roster or in AAA. He followed up a strong 2014 season with an ugly 2015, especially in his 55 games after being promoted to Louisville. Let him repeat there, at age 24, and see what happens. His 2014 season began by repeating a level (Bakersfield) he struggled at in the previous season, maybe he has another surprise in him.

    Tyler Holt does have some impressive minor league numbers, and I agree he should get a shot to make the Reds. That said, the discrepancy between his strong AAA performance and weak MLB performance resembles Brennan Boesch’s. Just saying…

    Adam Duvall wasn’t part of the Marlon Byrd trade, he was the lesser piece of the Leake-Mella trade, albeit with the same team. I share your skepticism of Duvall, but due to lack of options they might as well give him a chance in spring training. Like Waldrop and Holt, he’s a ways down on the list of 40 man roster guys to DFA.

    I would DFA Adcock, Balester, Holmberg, Smith, Skipworth, Negron, Boesch, and LaMarre (plus clear spots with the free agent departure of Schumaker, Pena, Parra, Marshall, and Badenhop) [total = 13] long before even considering doing the same to Waldrop, Yorman Rodriguez, Holt, or Duvall. LeCure, Diaz, Mattheus, Cabrera, and Bourgeois would be on the bubble around the same time as those 4 guys though. The point is, a Reds team has plenty of spots to clear before considering dumping anyone with any potential future value.