The Cincinnati Reds (63-95) will try to avoid being swept in their final home series of the year by the Chicago Cubs (93-65). The Reds are currently on a season high 11-game losing streak, which is their longest losing streak since 1998. The Reds now have the second worst record in baseball, only trailing the Philadelphia Phillies (61-97).

Programing Alert: today’s 12:35 game is not being televised by FSN-Ohio, but you can catch the Cubs broadcast on the MLB Network.

Starting Pitchers


John Lamb hasn’t got the results he has wanted, but he is striking out a ton of batters. If you were wondering just how good 10.40 K/9 exactly is, there are only five qualifying pitchers in the MLB with a K.9 of 10.00+ (Sale, Kershaw, Archer, Scherzer, and Carrasco). That certainly gives some optimism about Lamb moving into 2016.

Lamb had a terrific start against the Cardinals on the September 21st (6.0 IP, 5 H, 0 R, 1 BB, 6 K), but his last start was a disaster. On Saturday against the Mets, Lamb lasted just 2.0 innings, allowing 5 ER, including 2 HR. Things really fell apart early for Lamb, as he gave up grand slam in the first inning to Lucas Duda. I am sure Lamb would love to put that behind him, and finish 2015 on a high note.

This will be Lamb’s first career appearance against the Chicago Cubs.


Jason Hammel has had a pretty solid year for the Cubs. His ERA and FIP are just above league average. Hammel would most likely pitch in Game 2 of the NLDS if the Cubs are able to get past the Pirates in the wild-card game.

Hammel has struggled in his career against the Reds. In 7 starts (8 games), Hammel has a 4.87 ERA. In three starts this season against the Reds, Hammel has a 4.20 ERA, with 12 K and 6 BB in 15.0 IP.

Most importantly, Votto is 4 for 20 with 3 BB in 20 career AB vs Hammel.

Starting Lineups

Votto and Frazier are back in the Reds lineup. Tyler Holt gets his second consecutive start in CF. Holt reached base twice in his Reds debut yesterday. Holt had a very impressive .416 OBP in 428 PA between AA and AAA last year, and had a .386 OBP in 431 PA in AAA this year.

Kris Bryant gets the day off for the Cubs, which has to make John Lamb happy. Javier Baez gets the start for the Cubs in his spot, and he is a guy to watch. Baez hit .350/.404/.560 against LHP at AAA this year.

Cubs Reds
1. Dexter Fowler (CF)
2. Austin Jackson (RF)
3. Starlin Castro (2B)
4. Anthony Rizzo (1B)
5. Chris Denorfia (LF)
6. Javier Baez (3B)
7. Kyle Schwarber (C)
8. Jason Hammel (P)
9. Addison Russell (SS)
1. Jason Bourgeois (LF)
2. Joey Votto (1B)
3. Brandon Phillips (2B)
4. Jay Bruce (RF)
5. Todd Frazier (3B)
6. Eugenio Suarez (SS)
7. Tucker Barnhart (C)
8. Tyler Holt (CF)
9. John Lamb (P)



Joey Votto’s 46-game on-base streak was put in limbo last night, after he was out of the lineup because of a muscle spasm. It may have been a good thing for Votto’s streak to get the night off against the tough left-handed pitching Jon Lester. Here are the numbers Joey is chasing:

1. Longest on-base streak in Reds history: Pete Rose currently holds the record at 48 (1978), while Votto is tied for the second longest streak at 46 with once again Pete Rose (1975).

2. Most times on base in a season in Reds history:

Joey Votto – 316 (2013)
Joey Votto – 313 (2015)
Pete Rose – 311 (1969)

3. Votto’s 46 game on-base streak is tied with Matt Holliday (2014) and Michael Cuddyer (2013). If Votto reaches base today, he would have the longest streak in the MLB since Kevin Millar (Red Sox) reached base in 52 consecutive games in 2007.

Reds losing streak in context

The Reds 11-game losing streak is currently tied for the sixth longest losing streak in club history. If the Reds lost today, they would crack the top 5. They would also tie the Braves for the longest losing streak in the MLB in 2015 (the Braves lost 12 straight in late August/early September).

Longest losing streaks in Reds history:

1. 19 losses – 1914
2. 16 losses – 1937
3. 13 losses – 1930, 1945
5. 12 losses – 1993
6. 11 losses – 1966, 1998, 2015

Sad Aroldis Chapman numbers


Today marks the two year anniversary of Aroldis Chapman not being used in the Reds do-or-die, one-game, single-elimination, wild-card game (thanks to  for pointing this out!). In honor of that, here are some numbers about the Reds insanely poor usage of the Cuban Missile:

1. Aroldis Chapman has pitched 16 times (17.1 IP) in the last 52 games.
2. Since 2010, Sam LeCure has pitched more innings for the Reds than Aroldis Chapman (courtesy @thecvail).

Reds draft position rising

The combination of a Reds loss last night and a win by the Atlanta Braves put the Reds into position for the #2 draft spot in 2016. The Reds are almost certain of at least a top 3 draft pick, but they are only 2.0 games behind the Phillies for the #1 spot. So you can make a case that these final four games are actually pretty important for the Reds.

Concluding Thoughts

The Reds certainly don’t want to finish the season getting swept at home by the Cubs. That would not be good. Although a #1 draft pick sure looks good……Go Reds!

34 Responses

  1. DHud

    Holt starting 2 days in a row is very un-Price like.

    The simple fact that he’s auditioning for playing time next year is usually enough for Price to leave him out of the lineup, but couple that with getting on base twice the previous night and that’s usually a sure fire formula for getting benched in favor of Grit

  2. james garrett

    Just tuned in to see us being consistent on offense again.Lead off double,to third with one out and then 2 strikeouts.Got to love this team.

  3. rhayex

    We are two games back from the Phillies now. I hope we get that first pick.

  4. CJ22

    Lamb gives up a 3 run bomb after two walks and a hanger to Austin Jackson. Perfect game to end this miserable year at home.

  5. james garrett

    Couldn’t said it better myself.Just can’t walk guys at the big league level.He struck out the next two men so he has the physical tools just needs to work on the mental side.Remember Tom Browning and how he gave up lots and lots of solo homers?Got to trust your stuff and sometimes say here it is hit it.Lamb will learn

  6. ProspectCincy

    Congrats to the Reds fans rooting for a higher draft pick.

    Working well. Team won’t crack 70 wins for the next half decade, but at least in 2020, these guys will be primed to finally get to 75.

    Runner on 3rd, less than 2 outs, the Reds 0 for their last 13. Time for a Bryan Price extension!

  7. james garrett

    Second and third and one out and Joey nor BP can get them in.These type of things can bother a young guy like Lamb,who doubled and was on third,never know how this effects him.Maybe it doesn’t but unless we improve next year in hitting with RISP it won’t matter how these young guys throw the ball.I hope all of our players feel just like we do and I believe the majority do.

    • redbonebuck

      Easy there Levi, folks around here don’t put much stock into that RISP thing. No such thing as clutch or rising to the occasion. The stats prove this time and again!!

  8. classicchad

    Has anyone other than Votto said they how they hate losing like they are. Does anyone else on the team care?

  9. vegastypo

    The ol’ run-on-contact play, nice job. Was afraid we might actually score that inning. Whew.

  10. pinson343

    This game is a microcosm of how much this team sucks.. Opportunity after opportunity, they find a way to not score a run. Bruce leads off with a double and it’s followed by a gift error and no run ?

    Frazier’s AB was pathetic. How did strike 2 even happen ? A pitch way unhittable and way inside, he doesn’t exactly swing, it’s called a check swing, but it wasn’t even that, looked like he just dropped his bat and gave up on the pitch, but dropped his bat in the strike zone for a called strike.

    • Mister D69

      The window on trading Frazier for value has closed. Of course hindsight is 20-20 but can you imaging the phone calls Walt could have had on July 15th?

      • Carl Sayre

        Mister Really? A power hitter that is an above average 3rd baseman signed for next to nothing and the window is closed? I am not sure I am voting for blowing this team up but these young arms are going to get thumped on again in 16 so it might be time to start over. Frazier is difficult to watch because just when you think he has a clue he swings at something just because the pitcher released it. I have seen an improvement this year over last, .250 hitter that gives you 30 HR’s is acceptable in todays game.

  11. pinson343

    That was strike 3 to Rizzo before his double. Hit the inside corner.

  12. james garrett

    Is it possible that Bob brings back Walt and Price after they lost this team and finish with a 15 game losing streak and 99 losses?

  13. Mister D69

    Phillies have just won, sweeping the New York Mets. Two conclusions:

    a) It IS possible for a terrible team to not only WIN ONE GAME against a good team, but win a series! I do wish the Reds would make note of that.
    b) A rookie pitcher can pitch MORE THAN FOUR INNININGS. Phil’s Jerad Eickhoff went seven. Seven! and struck out 10. I do wish the Reds would make note of that, too.

  14. Carl Sayre

    Boesch on the major league roster speaks volumes for the shape this team is in. I am old,obese and can’t hit a basketball with a boat oar but if he and I were competing for spot on the team I like my chances. LMAO

  15. Carl Sayre

    This surplus of young arms show some promise but they are all so young do the Reds try to bring in a veteran pitcher. The promise these arms have shown are still a long way from being major league competitive. Do they leave Lorenzen in the minors to try to become a starter or put him in the pen that needs so much help? Is Stephenson ready in 16? DiSclafini,Igelais and Lamb I see as starters for 16 and they still have growing pains to go through, Baily thinks he will be back in May but TJ recoveries seem to not be complete until about 18 months or so. The pitchers I have seen recover their zip after TJ surgery all seems like it comes back in the second season.

    • ohiojimw

      WJ was quoted last week as saying he was leaning away from bringing in a veteran starter. That is his typical way of tipping he is looking to do exactly the opposite, i.e. find a veteran starter on the cheap.

      • Carl Sayre

        You hit the nail on the head there. A cheap veteran would get you about as many wins as some of these kids but if it saved a year of service for a youngster that is going to be special? I think they should run the kids out there and let them figure it out unless they get a power hitting LF a lead off man, 2 decent bench guys and a bullpen it won’t matter how many runs these kids give up.

    • Jeremy Conley

      Bailey is a veteran pitcher, so I don’t see the need for another. I don’t think that Bailey will be back to full strength early in 2016, but he’ll be with the team, setting an example etc. Rolen was credited with being a great veteran leader when he could barely play because of all of his injuries.

  16. ohiojimw

    A couple of those frittered chances in the early part of the game look like really key failures now in terms of the Reds getting a win. Last night is was the pitching which killed them in stages (till the late predictable bull pen deluge), today the offense.

  17. james garrett

    You are right on OHIOJIMW.Failed to get guys home from 3rd with less then two outs three times will cost the Reds today.

  18. james garrett

    Got to love Votto,he won’t give up an at bat.