The losing streak is now 12 games. The Reds have the second worst record in baseball.

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Rookie John Lamb was one out short of completing 5 innings. He gave up 5 hits and 3 walks. Lamb struck out 6.

Joey Votto’s single in the 7th extended his on-base streak to 47 games. The hit drove in the Reds second run.

The Reds outhit the Cubs 12 to 8. The Reds had zero walks, the Cubs had three.

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  1. james garrett

    Twelve hits,3 runs and the Cubs made 2 errors.Guess we didn’t hit very well with RISP.ACCOUNTABILITY WHAT ACCOUNTABILITY.None to be found anywhere in this organization.

      • Jim t

        Would you and for the money he would be leaving on the table?

  2. RedAlert

    Now 12 plus 3 more , and Bryan Price HAS to be shown the door !!!👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉

    • RedAlert

      And don’t let the gate at Great American hit you in the rear end

  3. Jim t

    Price will be gone and hopefully a lot of the team. This will not be fixed in a hurry. Time to create another window. Hire a GM who’s forte is building from within and a coach who can develope young talent. If Bob C is smart he will kick WJ upstairs and let him advise on trades and bring in a GM with a player development background to lead the rebuild.

  4. scottinwv

    Price and Jockety will be back. They will blame it on injuries and bad luck. As price implied, its just bad luck we are playing teams fighting for playoff position these past few weeks. If it werent for that, we wouldnt be on this 12 game losing streak and have 99 losses this year. Next year when we get our players back and these rookie pitchers are in their second year, we will be a contender for sure.


    • Mister D69

      The Phillies just swept– swept!– the playoff-bound Mets. And behind rookie pitching, at that.

      • Jim t

        Get a grip. The Phillies are no better off then the Reds. They won’t be winning their division anytime soon either. They have more losses the the Reds.

      • Jim t

        Jesse I understand. He was comparing how Phillies are playing now. Fact is they have both had awful years. Not interested in how teams play in short spurts.

      • Jim t

        A team that loses 90 plus games is not leaving a good taste in my mouth even if it wins its last 10 games. The season is 162 games. Not looking at the season in its entirety is a ploy used by marketing people to generate interest in a sub standard product. The Reds and phils both need lots of help to contend.

    • Jim t

      No way Price is back. I’m giving you a 100 percent guarantee. I do feel Walt will be retained. I hope it is in a different roll but his relationship with the owner is a huge issue.

    • Redsfan48

      Jocketty has to be given credit for the nice trades he’s made over the last calendar year. We clearly won the Latos and Simon trades, and though they are a bit soon to judge, it seems like we won the Cueto and Leake trades as well.

      • Joey

        I agree that Walt has made some pretty nice trades for this team. But at the same time I’m not sure how I feel about him because it seems like he only makes trades when he absolutely has to. I know sometimes you put a player on the block and the return just isn’t there. Again this is all my opinion but couldn’t Walt have pulled the trigger on some trades other than the ones he was forced to make?

    • Redsfan48

      Would be nice to see at least a small recap for those that couldn’t watch or listen to the game

  5. redslam

    Silver lining we are almost locked into #2 draft pick and have a shot at #1…

    • gaffer

      Highest ever! That means this team is worst ever, wow. Who guessed that in April?

      • Moses

        Three more losses and we could be #1. That turns the losing streak into a winning streak in my eyes!

  6. james garrett

    JIMT is right this won’t be fixed in a hurry but it won’t ever be fixed if you keep the same folks on that broke it.When you are this bad(record wise) you have to do more then fire a hitting coach or a bench coach.This performance is a direct reflection of the whole organization.In the business world you start at the top and start firing people.You bring in younger,smarter people that surround themselves with younger smarter people and go to work.

  7. Tyler Burdett

    Congrats to the writer’s on this site still doing the game recaps. Reds are just brutal to watch and I know I can’t even watch them anymore. There’s always next year

    • Jay King

      I think its more like there is always 2018… I think that is how long it will be before we have a chance at a winning team again.

  8. Playtowin

    The Reds front office failed. The MLB roster is not good enough. There are no replacements in the minors. The problem has been building since 2013.

    • Jeff Adams

      There are plenty of replacements in the minors. The problem is it’s almost entirely pitching. The 2nd best positional depth is probably catchers. Pitcher and catchers aren’t going to be the problem in 2016. It’s every other position outside of 3rd and 1st.

      2nd: BP will probably succumb even more to father time next year
      SS: There will either be a decent-hitting shortstop who this year made 32 errors
      (his 19 errors in 91 games rate calculated for a full season) or a bad-hitting
      shortstop who’s slick-fielding but coming off a nasty knee injury.
      Outfield: Center – Hamilton out – love his defense hate his offense
      Left – The revolving door continues
      Right – Bruce – He’s either great or stinks, depending upon the month
      Bench: Who really thinks Walt can put together a good bench?


  9. spro

    As I walked out of the game yesterday, all of the season ticket reps and front office were out front thanking fans. I ended up being kind and thanked them back, but it took all of me to keep from thanking them for 12 straight losses and a last place finish.