• The Reds are considering bringing back Bryan Price, according to Ken Rosenthal (Fox Sports).

“The team is considering retaining Price and making changes to his coaching staff, but no decisions will be made until the season is over, according to major-league sources. The rationale for the Reds keeping Price would be similar to the Tigers’ logic for keeping Ausmus – that the manager should not be held responsible for injuries and trades that compromised the club.”

Rosenthal adds that changes in the coaching staff would be likely if the Reds keep Price. Tinkering with the coaching staff while leaving in place the manager, general manager, his front office team, and the organization’s anachronistic ways is like refreshing the ice in the drinks of people sitting in the chairs on the deck of the Titanic. Even replacing Price and all the coaches is nowhere near enough change.

• Good news about Homer Bailey. John Fay reported on Bailey’s progress including comments from Bryan Price. On Friday, Bailey threw three sets of 25 pitches at 75 feet with “zip and authority.”

“It feels like nothing ever happened,” Bailey said. Reds manager Bryan Price watched Friday’s session. “He says he feels like, ‘I haven’t had surgery,’” Price said. “’It feels perfect. It feels like I could take whatever the next step is: Throwing breaking balls, throwing bullpens.’ All the things he’s not allowed to do but feels like he’s capable of doing. That certainly is aspiring to all of us looking forward to seeing him pitch at the top of his game next year. We’re optimistic he will be able to make it back on the earlier side of recovery.”

Bailey is recovering from Tommy John surgery. A reasonable timeline would have him back on the mound for the Reds in early May.

• Speaking of surgery, Billy Hamilton is recovering from surgery to repair shoulder instability. It’s believed that Hamilton injured his left shoulder making a diving catch against the Royals on August 18. The Reds say there is no structural damage, which is a positive development. The capsule is a membrane or sac enclosing a body part, usually a joint. In Hamilton’s case, the shoulder capsule had become loose, allowing the shoulder to become unstable.

Hamilton’s left shoulder is his lead shoulder when batting right handed. Recovery from shoulder surgery for hitters, when it is the lead shoulder, is “complex” and “delicate” according to Dr. Neal ElAttrache, one of the world’s foremost authorities.

“It (the rehab) involves rebuilding strength, and all that goes into the swing from the front shoulder. It takes perfect mechanics to regain bat speed and the swing path. Sometimes it takes a year, sometimes more.”

The Reds center fielder posted this picture and tweet to Twitter: