Final R H E
New York Mets (88-67) 10 10 1
Cincinnati Reds (63-91) 2 13 1
W: Harvey (13-7) L: Lamb (1-4)
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The Mets’ win over the Reds today clinched their division title. New York’s junior team qualified for the playoffs for the first time since 2006.

The Good

— Joey Votto got three more hits to lift his season slash line to .318/.464/.557 for a 1.021 OPS. One of the best Reds’ hitters ever is having an epic season for the ages. Too bad it is being wasted by his inferior teammates.

— Votto has now reached base in 43 consecutive games and has a chance to break the franchise record of 48 set by Pete Rose of course.

— Jay Bruce continued his hot streak with two hits to raise his OPS to .744, which is an above average mark compared to the rest of the league, but is well below his .784 career OPS.

— Todd Frazier also had two hits and a walk to bring his slash line to .260/.314/.509 for a nice .823 OPS. He has righted the ship after a post-Home Run Derby slump.

— Ivan DeJesus had two hits and two RBI and has surely cemented himself a job as a utility player next season.

— John Lamb has strikeout stuff, which is a very good sign for the future despite his bad game today and his 5.40 ERA on the season. He struck out 4 batters in his two innings today to give him 52 strikeouts in 45 innings on the season.

— Collin Balester had a rare good outing. He pitched three scoreless innings today. He has had a terrible season with a 6.08 ERA but let’s give him credit when he pitches well. His ERA was 7.84 before today.

— The Reds took another step towards a top five draft pick next year.

— The Reds are one day closer to the end of a season that has been hard to watch at times.

The Bad

— John Lamb gave up a grand slam to the Mets’ Lucas Duda in the first inning and was pulled after allowing five earned runs in only two innings.

— The Reds allowed three home runs for the second day in a row. And they have mostly been multi-run blasts. A grand slam and three-run homer today.

— Burke Badenhop allowed three runs in his lone inning of work. His ERA is now up to 4.14 on the season after putting up a 2.29 ERA for the Red Sox last year.

— The Reds actually outhit the Mets 13-10 today, but not all hits are created equal. Singles can’t compete with home runs.

— It seemed like there were more Mets fans in attendance than Reds fans today.

— Reds pitchers walked seven batters today. That is a recipe for a blowout. Reds pitchers threw 174 pitches. The Mets walked only one batter and threw only 138 pitches despite allowing more hits.

— The Reds are one day closer to the end of the season. Even bad baseball is better than no baseball.

Tomorrow’s Game

— The Reds and Mets will wrap up the series on Sunday at 1:10 when Keyvius Sampson (2-5, 6.45 ERA) takes the mound for the Reds against last year’s NL Rookie of the Year Jacob deGrom (13-8, 2.64 ERA).

33 Responses

  1. RedAlert

    I hope the Reds are one day closer to the end of the Bryan Price era of total ineptitude and unaccountability.

    • Geno

      Amen! I hate to say it but I’ll be glad when the season is over.I can’t bear to watch these clowns anymore.

  2. RedInInd

    Watched a few minutes of this on BossCast. When Boesch came up to hit for Lamb, the Mets announcers noted, “The Reds must be serious about winning this.” Then the camera cuts to Contreras in the pen. Whatever.

  3. pinson343

    One clown act was Contreras just standing there on the pitcher’s mound, not backing p the throw home, on Cuddyer’s double. At the end of that inning, he should have been removed from the game.

    • RedAlert

      Showing exactly why he will never be able to stay at the MLB level. To me , this is also an indictment of Price and his coaching staff – just inexcusable. Yet seems more times than not this year, this kind crap has been tolerated and nobody at all held accountable. I for one am sick of watching a team that can’t even execute baseball fundamentals. Hopefully Castellini is also.

      • vegastypo

        Exactly. And Matheus has played defense like it’s not in his contract, and he hasn’t been great on the mound either, so why is HE still around? …

    • GreatRedLegsFan

      Reds bullpen is a clown circus but Chapman

  4. Patty Breitenstein

    Maybe, Castellini having to buy the champagne and watching the Mets celebrate and having a ball will give him incentive to get better players; Oh you know like a bullpen that can actually not give up runs and maybe a couple of players that can hit with RISP!!!! We can only hope.

    • ohiojimw

      You’d think somebody besides Chapman (and Lorenzen I guess) could pitch a clean inning from time to time. I think they have every healthy bullpen and faux bullpen arm on the 40 man available.

  5. Bred

    Thanks to the entire crew at RLN for making this horrendous season enjoyable. I will miss the Titanic Struggle Recap. On the bright side, maybe I will get to work on time.

  6. wildwestlv

    Tune in tomorrow, when the newly clinched Mets sit their A-team & send out only Lucas Duda to single-handedly dismantle Keyvius Sampson and the so called Reds “bullpen”. Look for Joey Votto to give several good ABs and the rest of the lineup to hack away like they’re double-parked. Also, Skip may bat leadoff.

    • pinson343

      Yep. deGrom will shut down the Reds and Sampson will get lit up by whatever warm bodies the Mets put on the filed.

    • DHud

      I just got really sad because I know this is true…

  7. pinson343

    13 hits and only 2 runs is ridiculous, two of the hits were doubles and the Reds had many opportunities to score after the 2 run DeJesus double. They just kept blowing one chance to score after another. The 2015 Reds have been specialists at that.

    Going into the 9th, the Mets had 7 runs on only 5 hits. The key differences:
    1. As pointed out by Nick, the Mets drew 7 walks, the Reds 1.
    2. With runners on base, the Reds made outs, the Mets hit 2 big HRs and Cuddyer’s scorched double.

    • ohiojimw

      I was watching college football. I saw the grand salami come up on the screen crawler and didn’t even bother to check the DVR until I later saw that line score which intrigued me just enough to fast forward through the dead spots until I saw the Boesch K. That was my limit for torture today.

  8. ohiojimw

    The Reds are one day closer to the end of the season. Even bad baseball is better than no baseball.

    The over/ under on this may be getting pretty close, at least for me.

    • wildwestlv

      No I’m with you. I can’t take the aggravation anymore. I thought, even though they’d be out of it, it’d be fun watching them play spoiler, a little bit, at the end, but they’re so bad, they’re not doing any of that. A guy I work with, who’s a Mets fan, chirped before the series, “Your Reds better lay down for us!” and, well, that’s exactly what they’re doing. I didn’t expect them to win the series, but, they’re just being embarrassed out there now (as they were in St. Louis). It will be the same with the Bucs & Cubs. I just want it to end. No more Reds baseball for me, please. No more bad baseball. I do think the playoffs should be fun this October, though.

      • ohiojimw

        And besides, Charlie, my avatar dog, threatened to do leg lift on the TV stand today when I was fast forwarding thru the low lights. 🙂

  9. jessecuster44

    Never have I ever seen a collection of veteran players mail it in like this team in August and September. The rookie pitchers I can understand, but the rest of the roster? Aside from Votto, they’ve played with little interest. And Price has managed like crap. Blow it up. I dislike this collection of players.

    • ohiojimw

      The Reds won 13 games in June and 11 every other month before August. In August they only won 8 games, including going 3-13 from the 15th on. In September the Reds currently have 9 wins. If they would win 2 of their last 8, they would end up with as many wins as in 3 other months but the winning % would be lower because incredibly they will play 31 games unless one or more of the last 8 are rained out and not made up because they will not impact the playoff races.

      For the bulk of August and September, CF and LF have been manned by career minor leaguers. Most all the catching has been handled by either a guy in his 2nd year who projects as a career journeyman back up or else a guy getting his first MLB experience with the rest done by an aging journeyman. Every start (pitching) has been made by a rookie. The position MLB veterans (1B/2B/3B/RF) have actually played well for the most part, particularly in September). The bullpen has been brutal and there are several vets of various ilk involved there.

  10. Evan armstrong

    Why did Lamb get pulled after two innings?

    • ohiojimw

      They had gotten down 5-nil but had scored 2 runs and had runners at first and third with only 1 out. So, they were a big hit from being really back in the game or just a ball in play not a line drive, pop up or DP ball from being back 5-3. Boesch PH for Lamb and K’ed then Bourgeois made the 3rd out.

  11. ohiojimw

    The playoff races in the NL are functionally over. The Metz and Dodgers are division champs; and the top three from the NL Central are guaranteed a playoff spot. Mathematically (for the next couple or three days at least) the Pirates could still catch the Cards for the division or Cubs could catch the Pirates for the top WC spot but the odds are really, really long on either of those happening.

    So what are we going to see from the Reds playing 7 games versus playoff qualifiers?

    • vegastypo

      What we will see is lots of Skip and Bourgeois, especially if Skip is saying he might retire after this season. What I want to see is more of Duvall and DeJesus. I ain’t crazy about Boesch, but him over Skip, too.

      • ohiojimw

        Agree on Duvall; having trouble getting past DeJesus being this year’s version of the 2014 Negrón.

        Boesch looks like a 4A+ guy to me. Just not quite good enough for everyday at MLB level and not the makeup to play effectively off the bench. I’ve not checked his splits v. LH/RH pitchers but if he is very strong v. RH, he might get enough ABs to carry his weight in a platoon situation and stay sharp enough off the bench when needed that way.

        Yeah, Skip and Bourgeois getting ABs against softened line ups as Cub and Bucco regulars rest for the play in game to market them for 2016 would be the good ol’ boy network personified.

      • Shchi Cossack

        At the major league level, Boesch is poor with both splits. At the minor league level, Boesch is good against both splits. He’s just a classic 4A player who’s 30 years old and happened to put up good seasons as a rookie and 2nd year player then tanked.

  12. Gregg in NJ

    Over Joey’s 43 game on base streak, he has put up these numbers:

    Avg: .371
    OBP: .546
    SLG: .665
    OPS: 1.210

    That’ll do Joey. That’ll do.

  13. redsfan06

    The good:
    Badenhop’s outing reinforces the reason not to pick up his option for next year.

  14. pj

    The Sunday lineup shows poor minor league depth.This is Walt Jocketty’s responsibility. Plus the total Red’s organization top to bottom needs to be evaluated by Castellini after season is complete.Price is not responsible for this mess! He can only play what he is given.St.louis losses key players,the organization pulls up quality replacements. In Cincinnati the cupboard is empty.Half the starting Reds Sunday are triple A players. The injury teams of 2014 and 2015 show a serious problem with minor’s.The Reds can’t fix this with free agent signing.Cincinnati Reds are doomed for last place for next couple of seasons!

  15. CI3J

    This offseason marks a crucial juncture for the Reds, maybe moreso than any offseason of recent memory. If they play their cards right, the could set the team up for sustained success in the future.

    Jocketty is odd in that he seems to pull off good trades, but then signs horrible free agents. If he can actually be productive this offseason on both fronts, the Reds might not be unwatchable for long.