Final R H E
New York Mets (86-67) 6 <b12 0
Cincinnati Reds (63-89) 4 11 0
W: Goeddel (1-1) L: Parra (1-2) S: Familia (42)
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The Good
–Four Reds had two hits: Ivan DeJesus Jr. (2-5, run scored), Joey Votto (2-3, walk), Brandon Phillips (2-4, 2 RBI), Eugenio Suarez (2-4, double, run scored). Jay Bruce hit his 26th homer.

–Michael Lorenzen, Burke Badenhop, Sam LeCure, and Jumbo Diaz didn’t give up any runs in relief. Unfortunately, the Reds used one additional reliever, who was less than perfect (see below).

–Diaz struck out the side in the ninth.

The Bad
–One loss away from 90.

–Josh Smith started and gave up three runs on seven hits and a walk in five innings. All three came in the third inning.

–After the Reds rallied to tie the game, Manny Parra entered the game in the top of the seventh inning. Parra gave up three runs on four hits in only two-thirds of an inning. Not his best outing, but never fear: he’s probably in line for a two-year contract anyway.

Not-So-Random Thoughts
–Let’s welcome our precious Redlegs back to Cincinnati.

–Some guy won that Toyota Tundra at the stadium on the Jay Bruce homer. First time that’s happened, but then, they just changed the rules on that, evidently.

Our friend Joel Luckhaupt notes that tonight was the 100th time Votto has reached safely at least twice in a game this season. That’s five games short of the Reds franchise record…which is already held by Votto.

–Go Reds.

41 Responses

  1. wildwestlv

    How did that movie, “Old Yeller”, end?

    • ohiojimw

      I don’t remember exactly how the movie ended but I know i recently had a boss who said that as a male born Texan, he could only let himself cry at the end of watching Ol’ Yeller. So, I think it must fit 🙂

      • Jeff Adams

        It ended with the father coming home with a bunch of money and presents. Travis accepts the gift of an Old Yeller pup and loves him as much as Old Yeller and even names him Young Yeller. It’s all about growing up and learning life’s painful lessons and going on, no matter how tough life gets. Kinda like the current way of life for REDS fans.

  2. ohiojimw

    If Lorenzen is ready and capable of throwing 3-6 outs of relief with the stuff he had tonight up 3~4 times a week, I am ready to drop my campaign to reconvert him into a position player.

    • pinson343

      Don’t know why the Reds saw him as a starter. From what I’ve seen, he’s either a reliever or a RFer.

      • ohiojimw

        I think they need to decide about Lorenzen early in the off season then get him and his agent Mr Boras, on board for to help map out the plan.

        With literally 6 or 7 new arms into the org who project more strongly than he as a starter by 2017 plus Stephenson and Garrett, I think the decision should be based on the greatest need of the organization as of now and his ability to fill it. That to me seems to be Lorenzen as either a back end reliever or position player.

        I’ve done some research; and, I believe with several caveats in the option rules that apply to his case, he still has 3 option years despite being sent down for two weeks or so in August. He is in his age 22 season so there is still time to drop him to AA (where he OPSed 700+ as a starting pitcher) and develop him as position player. The worst case scenario is that he ends up as a reliever in a couple of years; and, he already can do that. Of course, like I said if he is physically capable of doing what he did tonight on a regular basis, the team needs him (yesterday) as a reliever.

      • CP

        He had 38 plate appearances in AA. The position player stuff is pretty much out of the question at this point. He’ll be 24 by the start of next season, assuming you are correct about the options and takes 2-3 years to develop in the minors, he’ll be 26-27 by the time the Reds get to use him as a pitcher. That’s a nope. If the Reds feel he can’t cut it as a starter, he’ll be a reliever. It’s an easy transition where the Reds certain value. If he gets turned into an OF, we might never see him wear a Reds uniform again.

        At some point, someone has to start questioning the Reds fondness for these little projects.

      • ohiojimw

        BBRef is registering this season as Lorenzen’s age 23 season. if in fact he was ever going to make MLB as a position guy, I don’t believe it would take Lorenzen the 3 years to do so. I think pretty quickly it would emerge that he could do it or that he needed to be put back to being a reliever.

        Two things to keep in mind are, it is already known he is a fine to outstanding defensive outfielder/ base runner; the question would be over his hitting. The second point is that at any point he could be turned around into a reliever almost overnight.

        Start him at AA with idea it is a full year commitment and either he thrives or is put back to reliever at the end of the season (unless of course he clearly and totally tanked early on)

        Even if he used the entire 3 years his career trajectory would not be that much different than Frazier’s and Cozart’s in that he would likely be 1st year Arb Eligible NLT his age 30 season, only a year later than both of those two.

    • sultanofswaff

      I was curious to see Lorenzen get a chance to just air it out in a short stint. My suspicion was that his stuff would play up and it did.

      What the Reds do with Chapman will have a trickle down effect on their decisions about who to keep in the rotation. Maybe Walt tipped his hand a bit when he said he was looking for a veteran starting pitcher, knowing full well we have too many guys for the available spots. Trading Aroldis creates a need in the bullpen that could be filled by someone like Lorenzen.

      • CP

        Maybe long term but they still need to give each of them the opportunity to catch on as starters next year. I believe Lorenzen, in particular, needs to start at AAA and develop his location and secondary pitches. He really should never have been called up in the first place. The Reds pushed him too fast and wasted a year of development on a kid that wasn’t ready.

  3. pinson343

    The Mets will be celebrating winning the East Division title this weekend on the Reds field. Another humiliation in this humiliating season.

  4. pinson343

    Cueto getting a win tonight with a 2nd consecutive 7 inning quality start. It looks like his slump is over.

    • Gaffer

      They got him for the playoffs, maybe he pitches better for them than he did as a red in the postseason.

  5. pinson343

    The pitching match ups for this series are brutal, even with Disco and Lamb pitching. Then the Cubs and Pirates, who will still be fighting for the 1st WC spot.
    This season might end with a long long losing streak. 5 and counting.

    • ohiojimw

      Locally there is talk that they might send Iglesias back out as a short stint starter. That strikes me as a bit dubious looking at the long range but could help in the short run.

    • RedAlert

      Might not be a bad thing – maybe it will seal Price’s fate it they do go out on a long losing streak (will also possibly enhance draft pick position )

      • ohiojimw

        I think Price already has to be a dead manager walking. Aside from the on the field performance and even the tirade, there have been a steady stream of small incidents and leaks around the edges which in total seem to indicate the clubhouse is not very effectively organized and run on a day to day basis.

        With the year left on his contract, everybody has to dance the dance till the separation is worked out in detail.

        I can’t imagine they would want him with the MLB club on a daily basis as pitching coach nor that he would want to be in that position. However if they still value him a pitching coach type, if they wanted to try something truly out of the box they could try to get him to stay in a new position that would essentially be pitching coordinator for the entire org in charge of developing an organizational pitching philosophy and applying it by supervising all the pitching coaches and of course rating the talent to support the GM with personnel decisions.

    • Evan armstrong

      Harvey while scheduled for Saturday, with him on a pitch count it may be a short night for him.

  6. ohiojimw

    Tough, tough night for Frazier. 4 outs on less than a dozen pitches. I wish some of Votto’s approach and plate discipline would rub off on him. He’d go from being reasonably good in spite of himself to being truly outstanding.

    • sultanofswaff

      I’ll take his .824 OPS any day. It’s not fair to compare anyone to Votto.

  7. RedInInd

    A little off-topic . . . A guy named Chris Heisey hit a grand slam tonight (Thurs.) to help the Dodgers beat the D-backs.

    • vegastypo

      and then got pinch-hit for late in the game with the Dodgers trying to build on a 6-3 lead. … It just boggles my mind that he was too expensive for the Reds.

    • Chad Dotson

      I meant to mention that in the recap. Still have good memories of Heisey. He played his butt off for this team, even if he wasn’t always as productive as we hoped he’d be.

  8. GreatRedLegsFan

    These are dog days to be a Reds fan

  9. aceistheplace2

    So what did the rules change for the Tundra? Reds just didn’t feel like giving it away or something?

    • RedInInd

      I *think* the rule changed from “hit the sign” to “hit a home run to the sun deck/moon deck” section. Personally, that seems a little too easy and I liked the idea of donating it a deserving organization at season’s end.

      • RedInInd

        Didn’t read far enough this morning. Thanks OhioJimW.

  10. ohiojimw

    In the past they have always ended the contest for the season by donating a truck to a public service org, like a police, or fire department. This year they decided to award the truck to a fan who had been registered to be eligible to win it if a Reds player hit the sign with a home run.

    The rule change starting last night was that the truck would be awarded to the designated fan of the night on the first night a Red hit a home run into RF sun/ moon deck area or visitors’ bullpen. Then once the truck was awarded the contest was over for this season. BTW, the guy doesn’t get the display truck, He gets a similar dual cab Tundra. The guy who won was there (prearranged I’m sure) sitting pretty close to the area where the ball actually landed.

  11. sultanofswaff

    I’m not so sure Dejesus is a lock for next year’s team as many suspect. After OPS’ing .954 in July, his OPS for August and September is .613. Could be fatigue, but I would suspect the league finally has a book on him and is using it. While solid, nothing he’s done this year would preclude me from kicking the tires on other options.

    • aceistheplace2

      Especially in comparison to all of our other options we had this season!

    • ohiojimw

      I’ve thought all along he was a prime candidate for the “Negron of 2015 Award”.

      Of the folks on hand, I’d rather see Duvall get a roster spot because of the power threat off the bench but they need to get him up to speed to be the last corner OF spot as well as the corner IF back up.

    • ohiojimw

      The Reds roster situation coming out of spring is going to be dependent on what they think they have back in Cozart and Mesoraco. Even if they appear fully recovered, how many games a week will they be able to go out of the chute and stay reasonably fresh. I’d guess it is even money or better they will come out of ST with a 3 catchers or at least an “emergency” catcher who has actually been behind the plate with some frequency in the high minors if not MLB. Then if they move Suarez to LF, do they carry an extra middle IF or disrupt LF to bring Suarez in to SS if Cozart needs time off? Lots of possible combinations.

      • sultanofswaff

        I like that you’re alluding to positional flexibility. We don’t have enough of it. It will be a luxury for whomever the manager is to be able to mix and match. To that end—
        1. Suarez needs spring training reps everywhere except 1B and catcher.
        2. If we hold onto Bruce (.662 OPS vs. LHP), it wouldn’t hurt to put Frazier or Suarez in RF occasionally to exploit the platoon matchup.
        3. Play Mez in LF vs. RHP to utilize Tucker’s strong splits vs. RHP. this saves Devin’s hip as well only having to squat a couple times a week.

        None of this matters unless we trade Chappy for an outfielder. Heck, package him with Bruce for a young, cost controlled RF and use the $ savings to sign Fowler. Billy comes off the bench as the sub his numbers say he is.

    • WVRedlegs

      De Jesus was pretty much the 26th guy coming out of spring training. He has played his way into the 2016 plans. A lot of good talk about him. Only a spring training injury or a bad spring training will keep him off the opening day 25 man roster in 2016. I think the versatility of him being able to play all 8 field positions is a huge bonus for him.

      • ohiojimw

        And all you have to do is substitute “Negrón” for “DeJesus” and you’ve got what was a valid statement a year ago.

        From what I’ve in a couple of spots YRod is out of options. Unless he is traded or hurt, they will give him a roster spot. Unless they move Suarez to OF, that is probably the ‘jack of all trades” slot, especially if they carry 3 catchers.

        The fact that YRod missed between half and 2/3’s of the season injured (assuming he’d have been up in Sept) is another complicating factor, especially given that Hamilton is having surgery on his throwing shoulder (no matter how bravely confident they talk about it being a minor thing).

  12. Big56dog

    Anybody see ESPN’s top 10 last night?, they showed Tejada’s diving stop but I swear it was only to make fun of how slow Bryan Pena is.