The Cincinnati Reds (63-88) host the New York Mets (85-67) for a four game series at Great American Ballpark. It’s you last chance to catch a weekend game in Cincinnati this year. If you plan to go to any upcoming Reds games, buy your tickets through this TiqIQ link to get the best prices and support Redleg Nation.

The Mets are 6.5 games up on the Washington Nationals with just 10 games left in their schedule. The Reds will actually fly to Washington in the middle of the homestand for a makeup game on Monday.


Steven Matz 1.80 4.24 1.2 8.2% 21.3%
Josh Smith 7.71 7.48 1.9 16.3% 15.2%

Rookie lefthander Steven Matz is making his 6th start of the season and his 4th consecutive start after a September call-up with expanded rosters. In five previous starts, Matz has allowed two or less runs in each appearance, pitching at least five innings each time. He made his major league debut against the Reds on June 28th where he limited the Reds to two solo homeruns in 7.2 innings.

Rookie righthander Josh Smith is making just his 5th start of the season. His start in the majors has not been nearly as successful as Matz. Smith made his second major league start while on the losing end of that June 28th game. He gave up three runs (only one earned) over five innings, walking four and striking out three.

The Mets lineup:

  1. Curtis Granderson (L) RF
  2. David Wright (R) 3B
  3. Daniel Murphy (L) 2B
  4. Yoenis Cespedes (R) CF
  5. Lucas Duda (L) 1B
  6. Travis d’Arnaud (R) C
  7. Michael Conforto (L) LF
  8. Ruben Tejada (R) SS
  9. Steven Matz (R) P

Tonight’s Reds lineup:

  1. Jason Bourgeois (R) CF
  2. Ivan De Jesus (R) LF
  3. Joey Votto (L) 1B
  4. Brandon Phillips (R) 2B
  5. Todd Frazier (R) 3B
  6. Jay Bruce (L) RF
  7. Eugenio Suarez (R) SS
  8. Brayan Pena (S) C
  9. Josh Smith (R) P

The Mets magic number is five and they will be looking to reduce that to zero this weekend against the Reds. They are behind the Cubs in the wild card standings by four games, so their only path into the playoffs is to win the division. Hopefully, the Reds can player spoiler this weekend or at least delay the Mets division title until they leave Cincinnati.


57 Responses

  1. WVRedlegs

    What a pitchint lineup the Mets will start this series. It will be interesting to see how the Reds measure up.

  2. VaRedsFan

    BP gives the good guys an early lead

  3. VaRedsFan

    Mets broadcaster, Ron Darling, is one of the better ones IMO

  4. james garrett

    Not to be out done Frazier and Bruce strike out on 7 pitches and never make contact.

    • Shchi Cossack

      After 3 singles, the 2 big bats lay another egg.

  5. VaRedsFan

    another shift beat. Mets broadcasters said the Braves (who know the Mets) didn’t shift on Granderson or Conforto

  6. Shchi Cossack

    Two innings in the books for Mr. Smith: 1-H, 1-BB, 2-SO & leading 1-0. It’d be nice to see the rookie pull out a good game tonight.

  7. Mack Ashley Potter

    Such a shame Joey The Rake went through that one stretch early on when he looked like he had the flu or something, if not for that month he would maybe be the front runner for NL MVP. Even on a last place club. That’s how good he’s been all year except for that one month. He should honestly be hitting .335 with like 35 HR and 100 RBI right now.

  8. VaRedsFan

    I really don’t understand that submarine flip that Votto floats on throws to 2nd, when a normal step and throw gets the runner by a mile. Cost the Reds a run.

    • Mack Ashley Potter

      Turrible, turrible, lazy play by JV. I hate when he does that also. Sometimes he gets away with it, but not this time. And it looks awful when it’s a bad throw. Idk if he flips it like that trying to look good or what? But just taking ur time and a normal throw would have easily had him out at 2nd.

      In Other News:
      Votto is THE ONLY Red allowed to get away with plays like that though in my book.

  9. james garrett

    I agree MACK he is one of the best if not the best hitter in the game.He takes great pride on being consistent.

  10. james garrett

    Smith is throwing batting practice right now.We aren’t scoring any runs so it probably won’t make any difference but back to back 10-2 games is just a little to much.

    • Mack Ashley Potter

      Smith is nothing but a spot filler. I doubt he’ll start a single game next year. Prob wont even be on the roster I imagine.

      • ohiojimw

        Smith could be a viable BP arm. He was throwing in the low 90’s and threw some effective cutter/ sliders and also a showed a very good slow breaking pitch for swinging strikes.

        Welch said he has to keep those pitchers (and his heater) out of the hitting zone.

        Also as a reliever it is not unreasonable to expect he would find a couple more MPH on his fastball.

        Still It all starts and ends with throwing strikes in the proper locations for a guy like Smith who does not have overpowering stuff.

    • Mack Ashley Potter

      I really don’t care if the Reds get beat 10-2 every game here on out.
      Obviously I’d rather win a few, but I’d love to have that #1 draft pick.
      And this is a great chance for all our young guys to get some PT.
      The rest of this season will be very valuable come next season. Finnegan, Lamb, Iggy, etc, are getting a lot of experience which is awesome.
      People are already calling me crazy….but this time next year shows like Baseball Tonight, MLB Tonight, Quick Pitch, MLB Central, and Fox MLB Whiparound won’t be able to stop talking this young Reds rotation. Write it down.
      I just hope Homer holds up his end of the deal and quits stealing money.

  11. Mack Ashley Potter

    Amazing how some players find the holes and some don’t.
    JV may end up hitting .320 when it’s all said and done.

  12. james garrett

    Votto doesn’t give away at bats.You would hope that his approach would rub off on some of our guys but it appears you either can or can’t.

    • wildwestlv

      It really is odd though. What are all the other guys thinking when they watch Votto? “He’s an odd bird. Why isn’t he hacking wildly at everything, like the rest of us? What’s actually in that Ted Williams book he always carries around?”

  13. Mack Ashley Potter

    Just put this season out of ur mind. The rest of the year is just a learning opportunity. In my mind the Reds will be odds on favorite to win the Central next year if healthy. This rotation will be plenty good enough to carry us into the playoffs. Votto is in MVP form, Frazier is a 35-40 HR perennial All Star, Bruce should give you another 25-30 HR season, Mesoraco is one of the best hitting catchers in baseball and he’ll be back, Hamilton was never healthy this entire season, should be come spring training, I’m looking forward to seeing Winker in left field hopefully, having Surez’s bat in the lineup will be a huge help, just not sure what the Reds are going to do about the whole Phillips-Cozart-Surez situation. Gotta either trade one of them or teach Surez to play left field. If he could play left it would be a big money saver.
    As long as Walt sures up the bullpen, we should be right there in the Playoff hunt this time next year, if not running away with it.
    And it SHOULD NOT be a problem when it comes to a strong bullpen. We finally have the ONE THING we haven’t had in years, which is an abundance of lefties. Whoever the reds manager is (I just hope it’s not Bryan Price) they should have no problem what so ever matching up at any time come the 6th, 7th, or 8th innings. Just gotta have the right guys on the roster. And KEEP Chapman.

    1. Hamilton CF
    2. Surez LF
    3. Votto 1B
    4. Frazier 3B
    5. Bruce RF
    6. Mesoraco C
    7. Phillips 2B
    8. Cozart SS

    1. Homer
    2. Iggy
    3. Disco
    4. Finnegan
    5. Lamb

    That is my hopeful 2016 Cincinnati Reds Opening Day starting lineup and rotation.

    • DEN

      I would be shocked if Homer is ready come opening or if he comes north it will be a disaster.

      • Mack Ashley Potter

        Yeah he actually might not be ready come opening day, but when he IS ready…I just hope he magically turns into the #1 the Reds are planning him to be and invested $100 Million Dollars into.

  14. Mack Ashley Potter

    Man we GOTTA teach Surez to play left field!
    His bat is just too smooth.
    Either that or trade Phillips or Cozart and move Surez to 2nd.
    Brandon has very quietly had an outstanding season. He could bring a little something in the offseason.

  15. VaRedsFan

    Parra really struggles vs. leftys

  16. VaRedsFan

    Wright hitting .394 vs lefties….lets leave Parra in

    • VaRedsFan

      Played with fire…got away with it with a warning track shot

  17. Pooter

    Parra serving up meatballs a la Kevin Gregg. No wonder he’s had neck issues: his neck snaps so quickly and often due to the balls being hit so hard

      • Pooter

        I must give credit where credit is due. Someone else on this site used that line when he first went on the DL this year. But I appreciate the love 🙂

  18. Mack Ashley Potter

    Little too late Price….LMAO!
    If they held a poll voting for the worst manager in baseball, Bryan Price would win that vote by a larger margin than any other manager, in any other season, in MLB history. And that is not an opinion. It’s a 100% FACT. He is just THAT BAD.
    I even see shots of other managers laughing in the opposing dugouts sometimes.
    If you looked up the phrase “Like taking candy from a baby”
    It only says….See all other MLB managers vs Bryan Price.

  19. Mack Ashley Potter

    Well, on the bright side, the Bengals are about to start the season 3-0 and UK will be a Title contender come late November.

  20. wildwestlv

    You know, the Detroit Tigers just sent reliever Bruce Rondon home, for the season, for a, “lack of effort”. I wish wish this could be done to the entire Reds bullpen. And/or Bryan Price.

  21. james garrett

    WOW talk about sending a message.In all honesty has anybody ever seen a worse bullpen?I realize some shouldn’t even be on a major league roster but some of these guys like Parra are getting some serious money to stink up the joint.

    • vegastypo

      of course, the bad news is that actually having to spring for the truck means the Reds still won’t be able to afford a good left fielder next year …..

  22. james garrett

    Bruce is going to end up with 30 homers and a batting average of 225 and OBP under 300.How can you not love this guy?What do we do with him?

  23. james garrett

    Diaz just K’d Wright,Murphy and Cespedes in order in the ninth.He has been so hard for me to get a read on.Is he a keeper for the pen next year?

  24. RedAlert

    Bryan Price and his winning atmosphere – just awesome !

    • RedAlert

      Castellini ought to be paying the fans to come watch this monstrosity of a team. Absolute embarrassment

  25. james garrett

    Don’t worry he will do much much better next year.