The Reds (63-86) and the Cardinals (94-56) play again tonight in game two of this three game series in St. Louis. The Pirates and the Cubs also won last night, maintaining their spot as the top three winning teams in the majors.


Keyvius Sampson 7.09 4.77 1.1 11.1% 16.9%
John Lackey 2.79 3.57 0.8 6.2% 19.0%

Tonight is Sampson’s debut against the Cardinals. After starting his major league career with a 2-1 record and a 3.18 ERA through his first four appearances (two starts and a relief appearance), he’s allowed 25 runs over his last six starts covering just 22.1 innings.

This will be Lackey’s 5th start of the season against the Reds, but his team is 0-4 in those four previous starts. Lackey pitched well in those four starts, including two weeks ago when he allowed two runs over seven innings, striking out 10 batters. Or how about on July 29th when he pitched eight innings of one-run baseball, only to see his team lose 1-0? Lackey comes into tonight having pitched at least seven innings in his last three starts while recording a quality start in each of his last five games.

Brayan Pena is making his first start since September 9th in tonight’s Reds lineup:

  1. Jason Bourgeois (R) CF
  2. Jay Bruce (L) RF
  3. Joey Votto (L) 1B
  4. Brandon Phillips (R) 2B
  5. Todd Frazier (R) 3B
  6. Brayan Pena (S) C
  7. Eugenio Suarez (R) SS
  8. Adam Duvall (R) LF
  9. Keyvius Sampson (R) P

The Cardinals lineup is identical to last night:

  1. Matt Carpenter (L) 3B
  2. Tommy Pham (R) CF
  3. Jason Heyward (L) RF
  4. Jhonny Peralta (R) SS
  5. Matt Adams (L) 1B
  6. Stephen Piscotty (R) LF
  7. Kolten Wong (L) 2B
  8. Tony Cruz (R) C
  9. John Lackey (R) P

Joey Votto’s 136th walk of the season broke his own club walk record of 135, which he set in 2013. He also had a single in last night’s game, extending his on-base streak to 38 straight games. Votto’s personal best streak is 41 games.

More players are getting shelved for the season as players deal with nagging injuries and young pitchers hit their 2015 inning limits:

— A day after saying that Billy Hamilton would be used as a pinch runner, the club has altered the plan to season-ending shoulder surgery. He is expected to be ready in time for spring training next year.

— Raisel Iglesias may or may not get another start this season. His last turn was skipped in the rotation due to right shoulder fatigue.

John Lamb has left two starts without allowing any runs to score and both of those starts are against the Cardinals. He’s pitched 11 innings in the two starts, and allowed eight hits, seven walks and struck out 12.

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Not a favorable pitching match-up on paper for Cincinnati. Hopefully, Sampson shows a little something tonight like he flashed at the beginning of his tenure with the Reds to allow his team to go 5-0 against the Lackey led Cardinals this season.


21 Responses

  1. Shchi Cossack

    Joe Frisaro via twitter…

    “while Manny Acta is interviewing for #Marlins manager job, I am hearing Dusty Baker is a very strong candidate”

    I am sooooooooooooooo glad I’m not a Fish fan. Loria and Baker would actually make a good fit.

  2. james garrett

    Yes they would make a good fit.When Dusty talks about the closer rules and manages for tomorrow’s game today,I expect Loria will do back flips in utter joy at how smart of a man he just hired.Sorry just couldn’t resist.

    • Shchi Cossack

      James, that generated a nice thought. If Loria hires Baker, then Baker will want his shut-down closer. Baker also wants a hammer, who knocks the ball over the fence when he makes contact, playing LF, not some mamby pamby on-base guy. Hmmm….

      • msanmoore

        Cossack – who would you send them from our current stable to play LF? Just curious.

  3. reaganspad

    I think Jay is going to finish the year on one of his streaks. when he gets to 30 HRS this year, I wonder if anyone else will want to keep him for 2016 besides me

    • mtkal

      Count me in. Unless someone comes up with a better idea for our right fielder that is.

  4. jdx19

    This umpire is a complete clown. Needs to be fired right now. Like 5 balls already called 7-8 inches off the plate. Three to Votto.

    Robot umps, please.

    • msanmoore

      +1,000,000 for being brilliant and agreeing with me 🙂

    • Frogger

      Yep, couldn’t even finish watching the game. Can’t bring myself to enjoy a baseball game when an ump changes the rules of the game. Everyone is taught what the strike zone is. All players practice and practice to hit and pitch balls in the strike zone. To me a zone like this damages the game.

  5. msanmoore

    Broken record time for me … Votto was robbed. Showed HUGE restraint not to just cold-cock the umpire right there. Last call was worse than the earlier one. Time to have the cameras call balls and strikes.

  6. msanmoore

    Todd Frazier for the highlight reel!!!

  7. wildwestlv

    Driving home, I had to listen to the Cards announcers on my XM radio. They were in full on, “Joey Votto is a prima donna who tries to slow the game down every single pitch by backing out of the batter’s box, asking for time, stalling, but he finally got tossed AND THEN suspended after throwing a fit when he wasn’t granted time, blah, blah, blah”. This is why I hate anybody and anything associated with the St. Louis Cardinals.

  8. Pooter

    Suarez bunts. Not sure how I feel…

  9. RedAlert

    Lecure plain and simple doesn’t have it any more – 87 mph fastball –

  10. Evan armstrong

    Why o why are the Cards not using thier closer in the 8th but instead a pitcher who numbers vs. Lefties is not that good.

    • pinson343

      The Cardinals closer has pitched 2 nights in a row, Siegrist is very good, and he has dominated Bruce, Votto, and Frazier. Siegrist is not Hoover.

    • pinson343

      The Cardinal tv broadcasters are talking about how Rosenthal has not pitched well this year when pitching 3 days in a row so he’s not even warming up to close the game.

  11. pinson343

    It would have been nice to have Suarez batting with the bases loaded, instead of having to pinch hit DeJesus. Why does Price like to bat Suarez 7th ?

    • RedAlert

      Price has no clue whatsoever how to manage a Major League Baseball team – and it shows on almost a daily and nightly basis. Many of his strategic decisions continue to backfire in his face more times than not. I know the guy has a year left on his contract , but I’d rather the Reds just pay him to leave . Can make all the excuses in the world for him , but when you get right down to it he is just not good period .

  12. wildwestlv

    Well, Price said his players never come into Busch expecting to win. So, I don’t know why the skipper would try to manage for a win if it’s a foregone conclusion you’ve already lost.