The Reds took a quick 30 minute break following their win of the suspended game early Saturday. They took the field looking to beat the Cardinals twice in a single day. However, Reds starting pitcher Anthony DeSclafani got into trouble early. DeSclafani gave up three straight hits to begin the game, and found himself down 1-0. He then buckled down and struck out the side. That would be all the Cardinals would muster off DeSclafani.

DeSclafani retired 15 consecutive batters, and finished the afternoon with ten strikeouts, and just one walk. Despite the efforts of DeSclafani, the Reds hitters were baffled early by Lance Lynn. The Reds were held hitless through the first four innings.

Eugenio Suarez broke up Lynn’s no-hitter to lead off the fifth inning, and then the next batter, Tucker Barnhart singled too. DeSclafani and Hamilton were retired, and that left Skip Schumaker up with two outs. Lance Lynn was likely feeling the pressure of Joey Votto on deck, and threw a fastball right down the middle to Schumaker. Skip drilled the ball out of the park to right for his first home run of the season, and the Reds took a 3-1 lead.

Joey Votto added a sacrifice fly in the seventh inning, and Eugenio Suarez had an RBI single in the eighth inning to give the Reds a 5-1 lead. The Reds bullpen continued their success of late, as Cingrani, Badenhop, and Diaz each pitched scoreless innings to secure a 5-1 win. The Reds will go for a four-game sweep of the Cardinals tomorrow.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (60-81) 5 6 0
St. Louis Cardinals (88-54) 1 5 2
W: DeSclafani (9-10) L: Lynn (11-10)
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Biggest Play of the Game

According to Fangraphs WPA statistic (winning percentage added), the most important play of the game was Skip Schumaker’s 3-run home run in the 5th inning, giving the Reds a 4-1 lead. That play increased the Reds chances of winning by 43.7% (from 37.9% to 81.7%).

Player of the Game

Anthony DeSclafani: 6.0 IP, 4 H, 1 R, 1 BB, 10 K, 0.31 FIP

What a year for young Anthony DeSclafani. He has certainly solidified himself as a major part of the Reds rotation for years to come. DeSclafani once again dominated the Cardinals today, as he struck 10 batters, while only walking 1. Today he posted a FIP of 0.31. That is just about as good as it gets.

DeSclafani vs the Cardinals in 2015: 19.0 IP, 14 H, 3 R, 3 BB, 22 K, 1.42 ERA



Skip Schumaker drilled his first home run of the season. Skip really has no business starting, but it had to feel good for him to jack a 3-run bomb off his former team. There is certainly a decent chance that this could be Skip’s final home run of his career.

Joey Votto extended his on-base streak to 31 consecutive games with a walk in the first inning. If Votto reaches base every game the rest of the season (minus his two game suspension), he would break the Reds on-base streak record on the final day of the regular season. The record is 48 by Pete Rose back in 1978. Votto reaching base in 18 more consecutive games is still a tall task, but Votto is getting closer.

Votto is also fast approaching his single season on-base Reds record. Votto has now reached base 282 times in 2015. Votto set the Reds record when he reached base 316 times in 2013. Votto has also reached base nearly 100 times more than any other Red in 2015. Todd Frazier has reached base the second most times at 186.

Billy Hamilton lead the game off with a walk!

Todd Frazier reached base twice (walk and a hit).


Playing Skip Schumaker if LF is still dumb. I don’t care if it worked, it’s dumb.

Game Thread Comment of the Day

From TCT:

The combined OBP of the Reds first two hitter today, .562, is less than Joey Votto’s individual OBP in the second half, .571.

Not so random thoughts……

I am sure there will be may that will hate me for saying this, but here goes: I get the Reds honoring Pete Rose. However, personally I am tired of Pete Rose, and I think he is an embarrassment of the Reds franchise. I do however understand the Reds honoring one of their best players of all-time.

What I do NOT understand is the city of Cincinnati giving Pete Rose a key to the city. Seriously? A convicted criminal who spent five months in jail gets a key to the city? A man who has lied over and over again, and who has done some really shady things gets a key to the city?  I am sorry, but that is wrong.


The Reds will go for a four game sweep of the Cardinals tomorrow. The Reds haven’t done that since May of 2003. That would really be something. The Reds have also avoided losing their 82nd game each of the last three days. The 82nd loss means another losing season for the Reds.

Up Next:

Cardinals at Reds
Sunday, 1:10 PM
TV: None (radio: 700 WLW)
Raisel Iglesias (15 GS, 4.18 ERA, 3.62 FIP) vs Michael Wacha (26 GS, 2.96 ERA, 3.46 FIP)

40 Responses

  1. Kurt Frost

    Detroit gave Saddam Hussein a key to the city in 1980.

  2. renbutler

    Call it schadenfreude if you will, but the way the Reds have played against the Cards lately has taken a lot of the sting out of a lost season.

    • I71_Exile

      I’ll take my freude any way I can get it. 🙂 Lose Cardinals, lose.

    • msanmoore

      +75 for use of the word schadenfreude and +100 because you’re right – it does hurt less when we whip the WLB’s

  3. I71_Exile

    Cincinnati voters elected Jerry Springer mayor.

  4. seat101

    Cincinnati voters did not elect Jerry Springer mayor.

    A majority of Cincinnati council members elected Jerry Springer mayor.

    I, too, am tired of Pete Rose.

    Star Wars bores me.

    Will Ferrell annoys me.

    I feel so much better now.

  5. sezwhom

    Skip Schumaker drilled his first home run of the season. There is certainly a decent chance that this could be Skip’s final home run of his career.

    Skip usually hits his home runs in bunches. I’ll say he hits one more. *sarcasm*

    • Kurt Frost

      I say Walt picks up his option.

      • msanmoore

        I don’t believe Skip is playing on a contract with an option.

  6. Lord Oracle (@LordOracle22)

    i know there is a big portion of fans almost hoping we lose to get a better draft pick but honestly i think thats ridiculous. at end day were gonna have top 6 pick and multiple first round picks. in my opinion these young guys losing that much will have them get used to losing i think these guys getting some wins like this is going to do far more for these young players confidence then any guy we might get 3 picks up. i mean at end day scouting is more important then where u pick

    • Vicferrari

      I for one am rooting for the 1st round draft pick. But regardless I love beating the Cards, I really do not like the Pirates but am rooting for them as they will be 2.5 out if they win tonight.
      I agree that playing Schumaker is stupid and batting him 2nd is ridiculous, but he was MVP today. Maybe he can be hired as manager next season since he has such good leadership skills.

    • Chuck Schick

      Did losing in bunches the past few years affect the young Astros and Cubs players? What about the ’89-90′ Braves? Didn’t the young 100 plus loss Detroit Tigers go to the World Series a couple of years later? Is there any data to suggest losing 92 games is better for the long term psyche than 94?

      The current Cub team was built on the premise that if you can’t compete you should be as bad as possible to enhance your draft position. The worst thing a team can do is win 73 games….you’re not good enough to win nor bad enough to benefit.

  7. Tom Reed

    I agree that the key to the city was not needed. But I don’t think Pete Rose is an embarrassment to the Reds. There have been a lot of rough characters play MLB, but few have attained what Pete accomplished on the field as the record book attests.

    • Chuck Schick

      Rough characters get in fights at Applebee’s and steal Jim Day’s leftovers from the locker room fridge. …that’s different from BANISHMENT.

  8. wildwestlv

    “Schumaker loves homers!” Schumaker has been known to say after hitting a homer.

    “I go third person when I hit a homer,” Schumaker said Saturday with a bit of a sheepish laugh. “That’s what happens.”

    Read the rest from C. Trent Rosecrans. It’s actually a neat little article on Skip. Good guy.

    I still don’t want to see him start in LF anymore though.

    • msanmoore

      Agreed. We’ve got far better options. He contributed in a big way today, let him ride out on that.

      • greenmtred

        One of the Reds’ problems is that it’s far from clear that the options for left field really ARE better.

      • msanmoore

        Thank Skip? All our options are better. He’s long past his prime.

  9. peter ponds

    How is that Latos trade lookin’ now?. I guess Walt STILL knows better. 😉

    Love the enthusiasm and passion shown this week. They are having fun and showing they care. Keep it up and the “retooling” won’t be for long.

    Like him or not, the great Pete Rose deserves every single honor the Reds hand to him for his accomplishments ON THE FIELD. He was a crucial part of the best team this city will ever see and arguably the best team in history. If one choose to bash him for his off field behavior, then the Yankees should just stop celebrating Babe Ruth or Mickey Mantle as those were not really role models whatsoever.

    • peter ponds

      BTW, the amazin’ Cards got some payback for signing a former Red (Broxton). 🙂

      • wildwestlv

        I was surprised the door swung both ways. Jocketty’s been burdening the Reds with former Cards (exception w/ Rolen) long enough. Time for St. Louis to suffer some Reds castoffs.

    • Chuck Schick

      When were Ruth and or Mantle permanently banned from the game? They both drank a lot and Ruth ate too many hot dogs but did either of them wager on games?

      Baseball doesn’t have to allow Rose to do anything. He has admitted to actions that are punished by a life time ban…..end of discussion.

  10. jessecuster44

    Wouldn’t a sweep of the WLBs be nice? Maybe they’ll finally get punished for hacking the Astros soon.

    Re: Pete Rose – I find it laughable that he is still banned from the game, but the Reds and MLB can turn a tidy profit by having a bobblehead of Rose in a Reds uniform.

    Whatever integrity there was in Bart Giammatti’s decision to ban Pete for life is gone, gone, gone. MLB is even in bed with Draft Kings, which is clearly gambling. Pete ought to be reinstated, and inducted into the HOF immediately.


    • CP

      Draft Kings is not considered gambling, but even more importantly, MLB players are forbidden from playing in it.

      • Indy Red Man

        Its gambling…..can’t wait til tomorrow to play on DK

      • jessecuster44

        Give me a break. It’s gambling. And players play it.

        But you’re right. It’s a “skill based” game, and no one has been caught playing it.


      • CP

        I’m not surprised you have difficulty distinguishing between the two, because the same thing happens in poker. People who lack the requisite skill and/or knowledge of how to play can’t distinguish between skills-based games and gambling. In poker and fantasy sports, certain players have big edges over casual players. Like the online poker websites before them, Draft Kings uses that to their advantage by making the website look like a gambling website because it makes them more money.

      • greenmtred

        You seem to saying that a “skills based” game cannot be gambling. Using that logic, betting of any kind is not gambling because some people have the skill to figure the odds well.

    • Chuck Schick

      How can you equate fans wagering on the performance of individual players to a manager wagering on games?

      Pete Rose wasnt banned for playing fantasy Sports, betting on horses, football, a death pool or March Madness. He was banned for wagering on games that he controlled the lineup. How could anyone not distinguish the difference?

      • jessecuster44

        In the end, it’s still gambling, Chuck.

        You do not ban a player for life for gambling, yet get into bed with a company where you can bet daily on the outcome of games.

        This is what Draft Kings is – betting daily on the performance of baseball players. And any MLB player or manager could be doing it right now.

    • Tom Reed

      MLB should lift the ban on Pete Rose. But the Hall of Fame is a private organization so that is their decision whether Pete should be in or not. But, on a visit to Cooperstown a number of years ago there was much Pete Rose memorabilia at the entrance before entering the HOF plaque room.

  11. Indy Red Man

    Congrats to Adam Duvall….def a GABP homer but it still counts. Thats the hardest 3-12 in MLB history with 3 bombs…lol. He’s actually drawn 3 walks already too. I wonder if they could move Bruce and platoon him in RF vs lefties or something?

  12. GreatRedLegsFan

    Baseball can be so unpredictable. I wonder what were the odds of a) taking two games from the Cards same day, b) to win it with HR’s from the LFer’s, c) Skip to HR

  13. L Hawk

    One way to help Billy Hamiton get on base more often is to restrict him to using a little league toy bat. It will help hit only ground balls that will stop just past the pitchers mound or half way down one of the lines. Then he can run like hell and get lots of singles each game. No batting coach is going to be able to teach this method. By changing his equipment it will change his game.

    Suggested rule changes for all of baseball for 2016:

    1) have a designated pinch hitter who can bat one each inning starting with inning seven for any player in the lineup, and that player can remain in the game

    2) have a designated relief pitcher who can pitch to one batter in an inning starting with the seventh inning and the pitcher he replaces can remain in the game

    3) have a designated playboy bunny available to second guess any called third strike by any umpire against a team that is trailing starting with the seventh inning until the game is decided

    4) lower the price of beer and dogs by at least 25% in all stadiums or that team will face a salary cap imposed by the commissioner of his discretion and be forced to surrender a draft pick

    Go reds and stomp the cards today