Final R H E
Pittsburgh Pirates (82-55) 7 11 0
Cincinnati Reds (57-80) 3 8 1
W: Liriano (10-7) L: Iglesias (3-7)
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The Good
–Move along, nothing to see here.

The Bad
–Even Raisel Iglesias has a bad start occasionally. Tonight, he surrendered five runs on six hits in just three innings.

–Kenny Loggins must have been in the park tonight, because left field was a Danger Zone.* First, Adam Duvall had to depart in the sixth inning with a left knee contusion (hit by pitch, which is a regular occurrence with these Pirates). Then Kris Negron partially dislocated his left shoulder on a nice diving catch and had to leave the game. Skip Schumaker successfully finished the game without hurting himself too badly.

*Wow, I am really not proud of that one. Please forgive me.

–Eugenio Suarez was 0-4 with four strikeouts, until a 2-RBI triple in the ninth. The Golden Sombrero. He’ll have better days.

–Jason Bourgeois was 0-4 (from the leadoff spot) with an error (though he did draw a walk with the Reds down six runs in the ninth). I appreciate this guy’s effort — he really does play hard — but I’ll be happy when he’s playing for another team. He’s done almost nothing to help the Reds in his time here.

–Collin Balester and Ryan Mattheus aren’t great pitchers, at least compared to other major league relievers (they’re both better than me), but you already knew that.

Not-So-Random Thoughts
–I got nuthin’ here. What a miserable game. It’s starting to look like the Reds might not grab that second Wild Card spot.

–Serena beat Venus in three sets.

–I love the Reds. You know I do. But this team is almost unwatchable right now.

Milton was unhappy with Cincinnati's performance tonight.

Milton was unhappy with Cincinnati’s performance tonight.

17 Responses

  1. ohiojimw

    I was tuned in to see Iglesias and Duvall. Thus my night was pretty much like theirs, nothing really to say and over early.

  2. Mister D69

    Did it go completely unnoticed (except by me, here) that on August 30th the Reds lost for the 10,000th time in franchise history?
    This, according to which counts 1882 as the start of the franchise.
    Remarkably, the Pirates reached that milestone this year, too (April), also having started in 1882.

  3. L Hawk

    Next year it will be interesting to see Mes. try to play left field. Even though he has had the surgery with his arthritic hips being able to catch more than forty games per season is not likely. Hopefully Jay, pull at all costs and swing for the fence all the time, will be gone from Cincy. The reds need more contact type hitters, could get by with fewer homers, and have guys who can be patient draw wals,steal, and make runs occur. Too many one and two run five hit nights to support young pitching to be competitive.

    Reduce the payroll, offer less expensive dogs and beer, and enjoy the next three years buildings new small market five hundred team that offers some hope of a playoff someday for the faithful.


    • DHud

      I don’t know if there have ever been any actual talks of Meso playing LF by the organization. I think he’s a catcher until he proves otherwise

    • DavidTurner49

      Meso’s “arthritic hips”?

      Thought he had successful surgery with positive prognosis for impingement of one hip.

    • Evan armstrong

      There are no small market teams, there are cheap tight was owners, but no MLB is small market. Reds have a budget and not the avenues of funding say the Dodger’s have but still plenty of revenue to field a WS contender if spent right.

  4. rmtho2

    It is all about getting the best position in the draft now!

    • CP

      People are uncomfortable with tanking but baseball has created the incentive to lose. The Reds, like the Braves, should take them up on it.

      The problem, of course, is that the GM & Manager have incentive to win and try to salvage their jobs. We criticize Jocketty and Price a lot, but this isn’t the first time Castellini left them hanging.

  5. Frogger

    My biggest disappointment is not the learning curve of young players. Or the lack of winning for a season or two. It is the lack of intelligence (data and decision making) in the organization. What have we seen from winners. They know Votto inside and out. They know when to pitch to him and how. Our team… Lets keep doing the same thing to Mccutchin, Carpenter, Rizzo et all… The entire culture seems to be missing. We have one player who gets on base. One!!!! He gets pitched around and we blame him. I can hear it now. Iglesias is young and made a mistake pitch to Mccutchin. Him and everyone else who has thrown an opposite field homer to him in the last 3 years. If he makes the adjustment and hurts you fine, but to repeatedly throw balls where he would ask you to if he could is insane. This team seams to be designed for entertainment purposes. Not for competition. Castellini should change his mission statement if this continues. ‘bringing entertaining baseball to Cincinnati’ Best basestealer, hardest thrower, and flashiest fielder in MLB. Don’t worry about winning. Entertaining is more of a sure thing.

    • ohiojimw

      I share your frustration. I would take it a step further and say perhaps this is what gets reaped when an organization seems more focused on drafting guys with extreme athletic ceiling, i.e. toolsy) and less focused on drafting guys who have shown perhaps less ceiling but more development and refinement of the talents they have. And it would follow, that as guys move up the chain, the same bias is reflecting in ensuing decisions.

      This said, I think Iglesias is one of those who like Votto (and Cueto) is going to figure things out for himself even if the org doesn’t show the way. RI just impresses me as being that sort of person.

    • jessecuster44

      This sounds like you expect Reds’ pitchers to exhibit control.

      • Frogger

        You know its funny you mention that. My brother and I were on the phone a few weeks ago watching them play the Cardinals and we joked as we watched a Reds pitcher fill bases on walks to crappy hitters (Carpenter slumping). We knew what was coming. The one hitter at the time who could hurt you would get the pitch to hit. Sure enough the ball was grooved to Grichuk. It’s laughable.

      • Frogger

        Oh by the way redlegs. Add Grichuk scouting report to others I mentioned. You will need it for the next few years.