Today, the Phillies (51-78) take on the Padres in a matchup showcasing the devastating effects of age against the devastating effects of an overzealous GM. Just 136 miles to the south, the Marlins (52-77) play  the Nationals–two teams that looked like world beaters just a few months ago but have mistepped and faltered their way to an October seat on the couch. Then, 250 miles northwest from our nation’s capital, the Rockies (51-75) attempt to conquer the actually quite good Pirates.

Despite the fact that the triplet of National League futility is currently contained in the Mid-Atlantic region, our Reds (52-75), lovable losers that they are, are bringing the conversation back to the Midwest, taking on the Milwaukee Brewers. The Reds are presently losers of 13 of their last 14 games and haven’t scored in 19.0 innings. Our prospects are looking up everyone.

All stats are 2015 actuals:

Matt Garza 5.26 4.88 1.41 8.4% 16.1%
Keyvius Sampson 5.55 4.80 1.48 9.7% 19.5%

For the record, I still believe that Keyvius Sampson can be a solid, contributing Major League pitcher. That being said, he has certainly had a rough couple of starts. Sampson’s last two times out lasted 3.1 and 4.0 innings respectively, with nine hits and two walks in each. The nine earned runs he gave up in those two games also didn’t help his case, but the most surprising was the two long balls he surrendered. Sampson has already given up more home runs in 24 innings with the Reds than he did in 82 Minor League innings this year.

Matt Garza by all accounts is a good pitcher–very good even. He has been coveted at the Trade Deadline more times than not in the last five years. Yet, this year, the wheels have come off more than just a bit. In 23 starts this season, Garza has thrown 10 quality starts and taken the loss in three of them. That might not sound too bad, but given the incredibly low standard that qualifies for a quality start, those other 13 starts begin to look more questionable. In total, Garza has given up four runs or more 12 times this season, including two ten-run outings.

Jay Bruce hits second and Brandon Phillips bats cleanup in today’s #MusicalLineupConstruction:

1. Jason Bourgeois (R) CF
2. Jay Bruce (L) RF
3. Joey Votto (L) 1B
4. Brandon Phillips (R) 2B
5. Todd Frazier (R) 3B
6. Eugenio Suarez (R) SS
7. Skip Schumaker (L) LF
8. Tucker Barnhart (S) C
9. Keyvius Sampson (R) P

The Brewers’ lineups looks eerily similar to yesterday’s:

1. Scooter Gennett (L) 2B
2. Jonathan Lucroy (R) C
3. Ryan Braun (R) RF
4. Adam Lind (L) 1B
5. Khris Davis (R) LF
6. Domingo Santana (R) CF
7. Elian Herrera (S) 3B
8. Jean Segura (R) SS
9. Matt Garza (R) P

The Enquirer posted updates on three of the Reds’ promising young pitchers and their development down on the farm. Of the three, Lorenzen currently has the best stats, but manager Delino DeShields isn’t concerned about any of them. Said DeShields:

“I’m always looking ahead. I’m always looking at what these kids are going to be in the big leagues. At some point in time, [Stephenson’s] command has got to get better if he’s going to survive as a big-league starter.”




I’m not sure Jonny Gomes pitching for the Braves tops Adam Dunn pitching for the White Sox, but it sure does come close.


Baseball is fun, and I learn that again night in and night out. I just wish the Reds would do fun things every once in awhile. It’s great to see former Reds like Jonny Gomes live the sport to the fullest, but is it too much to ask for the Reds to do something exceptional?


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  1. vegastypo

    I would imagine that having a lineup that includes Bourgeois and Schumaker increases our chances at the first pick considerably. …

  2. vegastypo

    One more thing:

    “…Is it too much to ask for the Reds to do something exceptional?” You mean, like a 10-run inning, maybe? You just KNEW the Reds would pay later for bunching up all of those runs in one game, didn’t you?

    • seat101

      Uh, I thin you ran ‘clustered’, right?

      And on so many levels…….

      • seat101

        I think you meant to say clustered. And on so many levels.

        My whole life needs an edit function!

      • msanmoore

        +10 for editing … I just thought you had started drinking already.

  3. msanmoore

    +500 for the thinly veiled (and much appreciated) snark in the post. If we can’t love baseball now, we really can’t love it at all. Go Reds! Snag that #1 pick. But it looks like a Top 5 is guaranteed anyway …

  4. Tom Reed

    I wish Votto would stay batting second in the order but what the heck, he’s having a great year.

  5. MikeinWV

    Watched the 1-0 Dodger win at GABP Thursday. What I was thinking watching the Reds trying to hit was something a Dodger pitcher said a long time ago. Does anyone remember what a Dodger pitcher named Marshall said about the Reds, back when the Reds were known for hitting, not pitching? This was back around the Big Red Machine era. He said something along the lines of “pitching to the Reds is like pitching to a high school team.” Fired up a few players, coaches, the manager and fans because it didn’t really fit back then. I was thinking “boy, it seems to fit now!”

    • pinson343

      Marshall probably said that in 1974, his MVP season. The Dodgers won the NL West over the Reds that season. Marshall was a head case and a loud mouth, even his own teammates didn’t like him.

  6. Mack Ashley Potter

    The ONE thing I’ve always had against Brandon. He doesn’t always hustle. He just got caught loafing. If he is busting it out of the box like Byrd does every play he beats that throw easily. Great idea by Frazier right there, and it worked!!

    • VaRedsFan

      He was looping to make the turn at 1st….had to straighten up once caught, but he wasn’t loafing

      • Mack Ashley Potter

        That’s called LOAFING. He assumed it was a base hit off the bat and didn’t bust it out of the box. You don’t “loop” first thing out of the box

      • VaRedsFan

        You loop half way down the line, which is what he did. The mistake was looping, but he wasn’t loafing.

    • Chuck Schick

      The One thing that Brandon has always had against you is that most of your posts make no sense.

  7. wildwestlv

    I’m all in now, for going for the worst record and the #1 pick. All. In. LET’S NOT GO REDS!

    • VaRedsFan

      By rooting for that, they will now GO, of course.

  8. VaRedsFan

    What an inning. Fly ball bloop single to center. Bruce tip of the bat double down 3rd base line. Votto takes a called strike 3. BP is robbed by Gennett , could have been a hit, but he was rounding the bag instead of running straight through. Todd pops a bunt up to 3rd that was kicking foul but , for some reason, touched by the 3rd baseman. Final result 2-0 reds. Sounds like an inning against us for much of this year.

    • msanmoore

      Loads of fun to tune in and see that. Too bad Joey didn’t add to the fun, but we scored both of them anyway.

      • jazzmanbbfan

        Strike 3 to Joey most likely wasn’t a strike. Cowboy and Marty immediately commented on how horrible that call was. Of course, if the ump calls it a strike, I guess technically it IS a strike regardless of where the pitch actually was, lol.

  9. msanmoore

    OK, Sampson settled down. A lot of pitches, but if he can trim the next couple of innings, he’ll be fine. We still playing with about a 22-man roster these days?

  10. pinson343

    Until that final strike for the 3rd out, Sampson not even coming close to the plate with his curve ball, only throwing straight fastballs for strikes. The most frustrating AB was against LuCroy. Gets ahead 0-2 and then 4 pitches not even close to the strike zone.

  11. VaRedsFan

    2 RBI groundouts in the same game…that has to be a record for the 2015 Reds

  12. wildwestlv

    Somewhat off-topic, but Vin Scully announced next year will be his last. Class act, who still doesn’t miss a beat, and…actually seems to still love his job. Think this put any ideas into Marty’s head?

    • msanmoore

      Well, in order to make room in Marty’s head right now you’d have to knock out cobwebs, sawdust and a LOT of ego. He fancies himself on the same level as Scully or Harwell or even Harry Carey.

    • VaRedsFan

      Naturally, JBou. gets a hit the next AB

  13. pinson343

    Contact play on with IF way in and pitcher batting – leadoff hitter obviously up next ? Cost the Reds a run.

  14. VaRedsFan

    A Jay Bruce sighting!!! Good for him

  15. pinson343

    Inning works out but Price’s “run on contact” with the IF way in for the pitcher made no sense. An easy out at home.

  16. VaRedsFan

    6-1 lead and walk the leadoff hitter…sigh

  17. pinson343

    The 5 run lead means nothing with Sampson pitching.

  18. pinson343

    Painful to watch, including the bad throw by Schumaker.

    • msanmoore

      And yet Frazier gets tagged with the error …

    • pinson343

      Jay Bruce doesn’t deserve to be lumped in with those other two.

  19. msanmoore

    OK – should have gotten out of that with only a 6-2 score … let’s see if we can chase Garza now.

  20. pinson343

    Segura is a fast aggressive base runner and if still on 3rd may have score on the ground ball to Frazier.

  21. pinson343

    Three well-hit balls, 3 outs. The best you can hope for with Sampson.

  22. seat101

    I’m away from the TV right now. But is this going to be the slowest game In (I was going to say in Christendom but I don’t think can say that anymore) in North America?

  23. msanmoore

    Is it just me, or does Garza remind anybody else of “goat boy” from SNL? He always has.

  24. msanmoore

    OK, and in Bizzarro world, Boo-Zhwa has 3 hits tonight. Go figure.

  25. msanmoore

    He’s paid to do that you know …

    • seat101

      Not to be a contrarian here, but isn’t he paid to try to do that?

      No, I think you’re right.

      We are talking about Mr Mxyzptlk, right?

      • msanmoore

        +1000 for making me laugh. HAR value you know.

  26. pinson343

    Bourgeios did well to advance to 2nd on a pitch that only got away from Lucroy by a couple of feet. Lucroy does not have that good an arm.

  27. VaRedsFan

    Might go unnoticed, but JBou taking that base on the wild pitch led to that Votto RBI. Most would not attempt to advance on that one.

  28. pinson343

    BP got down the line fast there, looked like he might have beaten it out.

  29. msanmoore

    Figure we’ll be lucky to get 5 from Sampson tonight.

  30. seat101

    The redshirt have their work cut out for them if they’re going to outscore the Bengals again this week.

  31. msanmoore

    Did I really just see that? I mean are we TRYING to lose this one?

  32. pinson343

    Sampson should not be pitching in the major leagues.

  33. pinson343

    Lind had struck on that pitch in the dirt.

    • VaRedsFan

      Ha….Mason Crosby missed the extra point

  34. msanmoore

    That was a complete bomb shot … #30 for SuperTodd!

  35. VaRedsFan

    Front Row Amy is in “full bloom” tonight

  36. pinson343

    Villerreal didn’t pitch as badly as the box shows. Braun guided a soft single to RF, and before his single Lind struck out on a pitch that bounced to the plate. Even the Brewers broadcasters thought the ump called a phantom foul tip.

    • jessecuster44

      If Tucker had tagged him, and if Price wasn’t so milquetoast, maybe that’s strike 3.

    • pinson343

      In the end, Villeareal did pitch as badly as the box score shows.

      • msanmoore

        Yep … and now we got the version of BadBurkenhop rolling.

  37. msanmoore

    Vill-Re-Alrighty this isn’t working either now.

  38. jessecuster44

    Ball gets away from cutoff man. One wonders whether some of these Reds players give a crap.

  39. pinson343

    Another botched throw from the OF, off Suarez’ glove, and Segura advances on another error.

    • jessecuster44

      It’s like he does not read a scouting report.

  40. jessecuster44

    Why not hit Braun in the head here? Send a message.

  41. james garrett

    Believe what you want but some of these guys have long since called it a year.

  42. pinson343

    The first 4 pitches to Suarez were all well out of the strike zone, resulting in a count of 2-2.

  43. wildwestlv

    Gonna get swept by the Brew Crew. That #1 draft pick is looking more and more like a lock.

    • RedAlert

      I hope the other lock is Price’s pink slip

  44. RedAlert

    Sick of Lucroy – he OWNS the Reds

    • wildwestlv

      So did Scooter Gennett, last year. At least it seemed like he did. Awful thing, to be dominated by someone named “Scooter”.

  45. wildwestlv

    Time for Joey to earn that paycheck. Even though he’s no longer an elite player.

  46. Mack Ashley Potter

    I just hope we lose enough to get that #1 draft pick. But the way Bryan Price manages baseball, he’ll win just enough to knock us out of that #1 pick lol. He can’t even lose right.

  47. wildwestlv

    Who’s that hack 1B that plays for the Reds?

  48. Mack Ashley Potter

    Man, if Votto just didn’t have that month where he looked like he had the flu or something he would be in the running with Harper and Goldy for MVP and having a monster year. I just pray Harper doesn’t win an MVP. That would be horrible.

    • jdx19

      If the Nats miss the playoffs they’ll probably give it to Posey (assuming Giants make it) or McCutchen (assuming Giants don’t make it). I don’t think Goldy has a chance. If they give it so someone on a non-playoff team it’s Harper.

      Honestly, Harper is deserving. I know you don’t like him for some illogical reason, but he’s a nice, decent young man. The problem people have with his perceived “attitude” is something I don’t get. When’s the last time he’s been in the press negatively? I don’t recall ever.

    • jessecuster44

      Dalton played only one series, and McCarron took over. Both did well.

      • Mack Ashley Potter

        Thanks. I was happy McCarron ended up in Cincinnati. I thought he was always so underrated at Alabama and never got any credit for the Tide’s success. Dude is a flat out winner.

  49. jessecuster44

    Joey Votto. I’m 44 years old and I feel like a kid again when he delivers like that. Wow.

    • wildwestlv

      Pena must be sharing the Matrix skills in the clubhouse.

  50. jessecuster44

    Get one more run and Chappy will feel right at home.

  51. CI3J

    Chapman warming up.

    If his shoulder is giving him even a smidgen of a problem, why not just shut him down for the year? What point is there in having a closer that throws 100+mph on a last place team?

  52. pinson343

    Frazier picked up that dance move for touching home plate from Pena.

  53. VaRedsFan

    K rod is balking every pitch….not stopping

    • pinson343

      In those 2 games the Reds have seen some really poor pitching. Major league hitters on every team will hit bad pitching.

      • pinson343

        For sure, it’s not a consistent offense. Lately I don’t always get the feeling that all of them are 100% focused. But tonight they enjoyed batting practice against Garza and could smell blood against KRod.

  54. VaRedsFan

    A throw to the plate that wasn’t on the money vs. us. Something in the universe is amiss.

    • pinson343

      Well, we are playing the Brewers, the competition for last place.

  55. pinson343

    Nice AB by Barnhart. Pena would have been out with a good throw, but with 2 outs, a good send.

  56. wildwestlv

    Two guys named De Jesus and Goforth occupying the same space, I feel like my preacher should say something.

    • pinson343

      Speaking of which, where did Preach go on this site ?

  57. pinson343

    Chapman’s had a lot of time to warm up, hope he’s OK tonight.

  58. Mack Ashley Potter

    With the salaries players like Stanton, Jon Lester, Albert Pujlos, CC Sabathia, Robinson Cano, A-roid, Kershaw, Felix, and many others are getting, Votto is a steal in my opinion.

  59. Mack Ashley Potter

    Chapman is just too good to be as unused as he is. Yes some of it is the lack of leads by the Reds in the 9th inning, but Bryan Price has no clue what he is doing. Nothing made me more mad this season than watching Price give away tie games on the road without Chapman ever throwing a pitch.

    • pinson343

      Yes. And after not pitching for 6 days because of a road trip, Chapman had trouble getting loose at home against the Royals and blew that save.

  60. pinson343

    Chapman struck out Segura twice.

  61. wildwestlv

    Well, MLB Network should love the highlights on this one for Quick Pitch. Fun game.

  62. pinson343

    Yeh it was entertaining the whole way, but I was prepared for the usual unhappy ending until Votto’s blast.