Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (52-75) 0 5 0
Milwaukee Brewers (54-74) 5 6 0
W: Jungmann (8-5) L: Iglesias (3-6)
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The Good
–Raisel Iglesias is good. Have I mentioned that I’m excited about his future? Tonight, he went seven innings, allowing three runs on four hits while striking out ten. He retired sixteen straight batters at one point.

When Iglesias is on a good Reds team at some point in the future, that will be more than good enough.

–Brandon Phillips had a couple of hits in the leadoff spot. He also stole a base. Classic leadoff hitter, right?

–Sam LeCure pitched two-thirds of an inning after one Collin Ballester made a mess of things. LeCure walked a hitter, but didn’t give up a run. His ERA since returning to the Queen City remains 0.00.

–Joey Votto reached base three times, with a hit and two walks. He also stole a base (and was caught stealing). He’s good.

The Bad
–Reds got five hits. Not cool.

–Collin Balester, who is an actual pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds National League Baseball Club, tried his best tonight. Which I appreciate. But he had a rough outing: two runs allowed on two hits and a walk, while recording just one out in the eighth inning.

–Ryan LaMarre was 0-3 with two strikeouts. He’s hitting .077/.077/.077. Rough start to his major league career, which is unfortunate since it’s almost universally agreed that LaMarre is a pretty great guy.

–The Reds haven’t scored a run in 19 innings.

Not-So-Random Thoughts
–My head hurts. The Reds have now lost 13 of their last 14 games. Good grief. This is difficult to endure.

–You can absolutely hate the Milwaukee Brewers*, yet be completely in love with their throwback uniforms tonight.

*I don’t hate them, actually. It’s not like they’re the Cardinals.

–The Reds have now dropped 1.5 games behind the Brew Crew in the race for last place in the National League Central.

–What else can we say? Only this, I guess:

Milton was unhappy with Cincinnati's performance tonight.

Milton was unhappy with Cincinnati’s performance tonight.

31 Responses

  1. Mister D69

    Saw the score. Thought we were still playing the Dodgers and we finally had to face Clay Kershaw.
    Close- it was only his disciple Taylor Jungmann. (Sing it: “It sucks to lose at the Y-M-L-B…”)

  2. VaRedsFan

    Byrdhit a slam for the Giants tonight.
    Leake gave up 3 runs in the following inning…..old habits

  3. Chuck Schick

    One week after The Big Red Machine gathered at GABP for the 742nd time this season, another reunion took place. The 1982 Reds had their annual “Day at the Dog Track”

    The mood was somber as the worst team in the history of baseball’s oldest franchise gathered to wager, reminisce and drink themselves silly. The members of this special band of brothers know their long standing record of futility is under attack.

    Russ Nixon, the leader of this historic group,tried to cheer up his dispirited group by reminding them that the current Red Legs will never be as bad as they were. ” I don’t care if the current team loses 102….they have Joey Votto and Chapman and you bags of crap were led by Alex Trevino and Gary Freaking Redus.”

    Nixon, who still wears a red warm up jacket under his shirt, ended his speech with a reminder to his charges”Every morning, I wake up knowing I’m worse than Vern Rapp and go to bed knowing Dave Miley will never beat me. Losing is forgettable….being terrible is forever”

    Hope returned and Jim Kern spoke for the team when he said “Russ is a great leader. People don’t understand the bond horrible teams have. Sure, Bench and Morgan hang out at the Hall of Fame together each year, but they’ve never been bailed Sam Mejihas out of jail or threw rocks from overpasses with Frank Pastore. I wouldn’t trade those memories for anything.”

    The evening ended as it always does, with German Barranca, affectionally known as ” The WOW” ( Worst of Worst) leading a prayer for the man who brought them all together, Dick Wagner.
    ” Lord, please protect Senior Wagner with your love…..even though that SOB fined me for using too much toilet paper and had my family deported when I struck out. I hope he’s with Hitler and Stalin where he belongs”

    Dan Driessen, who still adjust his cup every 8-12 seconds, summed up the evening” I played on the Big Red Machine and this team and I learned the ladies don’t care if you win, just that you play ball.”

    • Mister D69

      Hey, easy, at least we won’t have Nixon to kick around anymore.
      Otherwise, hilarious.

    • jnewm777

      102 losses or Bust! Hilarious post. Remember that the ’82 Reds started under John McNamara and were so awful that they caused a pretty good manager to be fired mid-season and replaced by Nixon. This year’s dumpster fire may surpass that one in terms of futility (# of losses). In terms of lack of talent that Reds team was far worse than this one, but as Bill Parcells has always said, you are who your record says you are.

      • Big56dog

        That was pretty harsh firing looking back at, I think McNamara had all winning seasons prior to that & a division championship in 1979 and the best record in base ball the previous season. Wasn’t he managing the Red Sox when Buckner let that ball go through his legs

    • Big56dog

      Hey leave Gary Redus out of that he was busy playing A, AA, and AAA before being called up late into that mess. I seriously think that team had more talent than this one, Bench, Seaver & All-stars Tom Hume, Conception, Mario Soto….and don’t forget Clint Hurdle

  4. Indy Red Man

    I remember Gary Redus….he brought a little bit of excitement with some speed/power until Eric Davis made us completely forget about him. The thing I remember most back then was Johnny Bench “playing” 3rd base which was like having Joe Montana as your kicker.

    • Big56dog

      That season was special to me as I became a fan for some reason. I rememeber a marathon game with the Phillies where Bench threw the ball in the stands and let the winning run score. I thought Gary Redus was going to be the next Mickey Mantle, had a great 1st half of ’83.
      Fondly remember staying up late the last week of the season when they swept the Dodgers who were neck and neck for 1st place. I believe Rafael Landestoy had some amazing clutch hit

  5. CI3J

    The depressing, joyless trudge to the end of this disaster of a season continues.

  6. Grand Salami

    This team has quit as evidenced by the slide and the fact that the wheels have fallen off the offense. That’s on the manager and team leaders.

    Bob C probably thought distant 4th was this teams destiny when he sold at the deadline. Now he is facing sparks within a Jay Bruce endorsed Rumpke container for voluminous amounts of trash. If this team can’t finish strong the his offseason is going to be ground zero and Walt’s concept of ‘rebooting’ is going to be another one of those sour jokes we fans tell for years to come.

  7. philboyd studge

    Each loss, each gesture of futility, each failure to hustle, smirk in the face of boneheaded play, and evidence of having no respect for the game, each moment in which one of these entitled losers steals from the fans and takes home his million dollar salary while giving nothing in return, moves us closer to the end of the Bryan Price and Walt Jocketty era of embarrassing foolishness. So bring it on.

    • lwblogger2

      Wow… Frustration is understandable but… Wow.

  8. Playtowin

    The Reds outfield is the worst in baseball. The 3 outfield positions are supposed to provide productive offense. The Reds outfielders are awful offensive players. The lack of position player talent in the Reds minor league system is a disgrace. Price is not the problem. The lack of talent in the organization is. Given there is no immediate chance for better days ahead Price will be relieved to be let go. Winning with this roster is impossible. There is a rumor that Barry Larkin will be the new manager. Larkin would be nuts to take the job unless he really needs the money and suddenly likes losing. Sean Casey would bring a sunny disposition to the job. Larry Bowa would kick rear ends and have everybody in an uproar. The Reds will stink with any manager until they get better players. One thing for sure, fans don’t buy tickets to watch managers.

    • sezwhom

      Why would Larkin be nuts to take the job? He’ll bring in his own staff plus I can almost promise you’ll see a new team next year. No way Bowa is even brought up in the conversation. Naming Larkin would provide a boost in Season Tickets. Thom an Chris mentioned as such last night.

      • Chuck Schick

        How exactly would a organization with very little financial flexibility going to “have a new team next year?”

      • jazzmanbbfan

        Hard to imagine ANY manager bringing an uptick in season ticket sales. It’s like me saying I’m going to the game because Joe West is umpiring tonight. And as Chuck notes, how much of a “new” team can we really expect to see and how will it be appreciably better than this year’s version. We can all hope Cozart, Mez, Homer etc. are healthy and playing up to expectations but I have doubts that’s gonna happen either.

  9. james garrett

    This team quit two weeks ago and that’s on leadership.Phillips,Votto,Frazier and Bruce are good players.Suarez is going to be a good one as well.Hamilton is a game changer when he gets on base.The bench has been terrible and the pen even worse but this core group quit on Price/Walt.

  10. Playtowin

    If these players quit I would not want any of them. That said, I don’t think they quit. The roster is not very good. Bruce is not a good player. Hamilton plays nice defense. He is worse than Taveras and Paterson at the plate. Ticket sales will be down next year no matter who manages the team. Regarding quiting I do recall Larkin and junior leaving the final game of the season on Jack Mxkeon in the middle of the game.

  11. james garrett

    The Reds traded Cueto and Leake at the deadline and Byrd last week.Cueto and Leake pitch every 5th day and Byrd stats are what they are.That’s all that changed and since the dealine we are a 14 or 15 under 500 team.Same core group we have had for several years and at the end of this year all will have similar numbers as in the past.I know Walt said we would compete again in 2017 so maybe he’s given up on this year and next.Maybe quit is too harsh and going through the motions, not giving 100%,folllowing leadership’s example are better ways to describe their performance but the core just didn’t forget how to play the game.

  12. Tom Reed

    When a player goes through the grind to get to the Bigs, he doesn’t quit whether he has a good or bad outing or wins or loses the game. There will be changes just as Dusty was let go after the one game playoff lose in 2013. Price will finish the season but Bob C. can’t afford to bring him back

  13. Shchi Cossack

    Yesterday’s by-line for the Blue Wahoos game recap was ‘All second half of the Southern League season, left fielder Jesse Winker came through with a big hit when Pensacola needed it.’ That was after Winker went 2-2 with 3 BB and a bases loaded, bases-clearing double in the 5 run 8th inning, leading the Blue Wahoos to an 11-8 victory. Winker followed that game by going 2-4 with 1-BB & 2-2B in a 7-1 Blue Wahoos victory. The scaulding-hot Phillip Ervin (.308/.514/.615 in 9 games since his promotion to AA) went 0-2 with 3-BB in last nights game.

    After last night’s performance, Winker is now 5th in the league with an .823 OPS as he continues his meteoric assault on the hitting leaders with a 1.153 OPS for the entire month of August. Winker has his groove back. There is no hitter on the 40-man roster and not on the 25-man roster, and many hitters on the 25-man roster, who could have more impact at the major league level than Jesse Winker:

    Kyle Skipworth – .701 OPS @ AA/AAA with SO% > 40% for 2015
    Adam Duvall – .615 OPS in 24 games @ AAA Louisville for 2015
    Brennan Boesch – .341 OPS in 36 games with the Reds in 2015
    Jason Bourgeois – .608 OPS in 35 games with the Reds in 2015
    Juan Duran – .729 OPS in 51 games @ AA with SO% > 35% for 2015
    Ryan LaMarre – .707 OPS in 91 games @ AAA with SO% > 25% for 2015
    Kris Negron – .403 OPS in 42 games with the Reds in 2015
    Yorman Rodriguez – .736 OPS @ AAA with SO% > 24% for 2015
    Skip Schumaker – .579 OPS with the Reds in 2015
    Kyle Waldrop – .607 OPS @ AA/AAA with SO% > 24% for 2015

    There is no valid reason or justification for not promoting Winker to the 40-man roster and bringing him up to the show when rosters expand on September 1st. My 1st choice to clear 40-man roster space would be to DFA and release Schumaker.

    • docmike

      He needs to show he can handle AAA pitching first. Not to say that he won’t, but still…

      • RedAlert

        Others have skipped AAA – why wait – get him some ABs at the major league level . I fully agree with Cossak on this.

      • VaRedsFan

        no need to start the clock before early next year ( similar to Bryant)

      • Playtowin

        Please don’t bring up Winker and put him into this mess. Let him go to AAA next year and help him develop. The Reds are going no where but 5th place in 2016.

    • lwblogger2

      I think the biggest issue with bringing him up is service time. I also wouldn’t want to bring him up in the midst of the Reds stinking it up like they are.

  14. Chuck Schick

    This is a team that was projected to finish last with Cueto, Leake and Bailey. Their performance isn’t some dramatic surprise. This was a bad team on opening day that has become much worse. No reasonable, objective person could possibly expect this team to have performed much better than what has occurred.

    • lwblogger2

      I’m reasonable and objective and said 79 to 85 wins… Wow, looks like I was way off.