In the Reds quest to provide us with the best draft pick possible for us to follow next year, they have grabbed a firm hold on last place in the NL Central.  They now have their sites set on overtaking  Colorado (1 GB), Miami (2 GB), and Philadelphia (3 GB) to obtain the number one pick next year.  Meanwhile, we’ll check out what’s going on right now down on the farm.

AAA Louisville Bats

Since his demotion to AAA, RH SP Michael Lorenzen has put up a 1.13 ERA over 3 GS with 24 IP where he has allowed 14 H and 4 BB with 7 K.  You would think that has to be good enough to call him back up and replace one of Sampson or Holmberg.  LH SP Brandon Finnegan now has a 5.32 ERA over 6 GS for the Bats with 22 IP and allowed 22 H and 10 BB with 19 K.

Adam Duvall now has a .163/.239/.350/.589 slash line after 88 PA with the Bats and he has played LF in 16 of his 21 games there.  Kyle Waldrop is struggling bad as well at AAA with a .170/.199/.214/.413 slash line in 166 PA.

AA Pensacola Blue Wahoos

Don’t look now, but OF Jesse Winker has boosted his slash line to .273/.376/.424/.800.  Bear in mind that Winker has played the bulk of this season as a 21 year old where the league average age is 24 years old and league average offensive slash line is .255/.333/.375/.708.    OF Phillip Ervin (.242/.338/.375/.713 at A+) is off to a very hot start over his first 23 PA at AAA with a .353/.522/.824/1.345 slash line.  SS/2B Alex Blandino has struggled with a .173/.292/.293/.585 line in his first 90 PA at AA.

LH SP Cody Reed now has a 3.03 ERA over 6 GS for the Blue Wahoos with 35.2 IP and allowed 32 H and 14 BB with 43 K.  RH closer Zack Weiss has now recorded 23 S over 47.1 IP allowing 36 H and 14 BB with 60 K.

High A Daytona Tortugas

RH SP Nick Travieso has lowered his ERA to 2.55 since his return from the DL.  RH SP Keury Mella, 2.95 ERA in 21.1 IP, has allowed  15 BB over his first four starts with the Tortugas.  LH SP Seth Varner, 3.86 ERA, has thrown 46.2 IP allowing 51 H and 6 BB with 41 K since being promoted to Daytona.

With the promotions of Blandino and Ervin, OF Sebastian Elizalde (.252/.309/.399/.708) is now the teams best hitter, followed closely by 3B Taylor Sparks (.248/.299/.400/.699).  SS Blake Trahan (.312/.400/.403/.803 at Billings) has just 2 H in his first 18 PA since his promotion to Daytona.

Low A Dayton Dragons

3B Gavin LaValley, .268/.342/.360/.702, leads the team with 26 2B and 103 SO.  1B Avian Rachal, .245/.342/.334/.676 has a good OBP that exceeds his SLG which is very poor for a 1B.

RH SP Tyler Mahle leads the rotation with 2.43 ERA in 141 IP.  Wyatt Strahan (2.72 ERA) and Tejay Antone (2.87 ERA) round out the top half of a strong Dragons rotation.  LH SP Ty Boyles (2.17 ERA at Billings) was promoted to the Dragons.

Rookie Billings Mustangs

OF Ed Charlton (.285/.347/.487/.834) leads the Mustangs on offense.  1B Kevin Franklin, .276/.341/.460/.801, leads the Mustangs with 16 2B.  OF Kevin Garcia, .326/.407/.383/.790, leads the team in OBP.

RH SP Jose Lopez has a 2.79 ERA over 42 IP where he has allowed 39 H and 17 BB with 48 K.  LH SP Jacob Constante has a 3.92 ERA and 50 K in 57.1 IP.  RH RP Sarkis Ohanian (3.67 ERA) has 50 K in 34.1 IP.

Rookie AZL Reds

Jose Siri, .244/.253/.433/.686, drew his second BB and that gives him 2 BB in 167 PA.  1B James Vazquez leads the offense batting .359/.415/.669/1.084.  Vasquez also leads the club with 9 HR.  SS Blake Butler has a .314/.349/.472/.821 slash line.

RH SP Ian Kahaloa has a 2.70 ERA in 20 IP.  RH SP Jesus Reyes (2.91 ERA) and RH SP Wendolyn Bautista (2.86 ERA) continue to pitch very well also.  RH RP Alfredo Mena, 2.83 ERA leads the team with 4 S.

21 Responses

  1. mtkal

    Ervin is currently at AA right? He’s mentioned in the AA section above but it mentions his first 23 PA at AAA. Typo? (Either way it’s good to see him doing well.)

    • Tom Diesman

      Yes, he’s at AA and those are AA stats. Typo, good catch.

    • Steve Mancuso

      Starting today for Louisville.

      • Tom Diesman

        Stephenson went 4 IP allowing 0 R on 4 H and 2 BB with 2 K. He threw 79 pitches.

    • DHud

      Interview with Price makes it seem like there is a moderate chance we’ll see him as a September call up. They’re worried about him pitching enough innings this season to be ready for next

    • ohiojimw

      I don’t think his contract would be that daunting to the teams still in contention for him to clear waivers and end up on another contender.

      Even if he cleared down to the Dodgers, the other issue is that anybody coming back for him would also have to clear waivers or not be on a 40 man MLB roster. Indications were that the Reds were shopping him for immediate MLB roster return talent before the deadline. That level of return talent likely has to wait for the off season now.

  2. Sharmz

    7 strike outs in 24 IP for Lorenzen. Is that right? That’s definitely not going to cut it in the majors…

    • wizeman

      absolutely too early to say that about strikeouts. glavine never averaged 5 strikeouts per nine innings until his fifth year. averages less than 6 for his career.
      am i saying lorenzen is glavine… no way… but coming to a conclusion on this sample size is not valid

      • WVRedlegs

        You have to like the 1st outing, 9 IP, 0 R’s; and the 3rd outing 8 IP and 0 R’s. If he’s pitching to contact, with the Reds defense that might not be so bad. The low K’s are a concern, but not alarming. He’s ready to come back and take Sampson’s or Holmberg’s spot. And Cingrani or Finnegan take the other’s spot. Stick a fork in Holmberg.

      • doctor

        I was at the game yesterday afternoon and Lorenzen seemed to be able hit his spots and control location in the zone. the field radar gun had his FB 91-93 range any time i looked, never saw it any higher. He also had (what i think it was) a slider(85-88) and curve(low 70’s) going as well. He handled the Pirates hot hitting top-rated 1B prospect Josh Bell pretty easily. Former MLB player, Travis Snider got the lone hit, LD to the outfield.

      • ohiojimw

        I would not be shocked if we never see Cingrani in a Reds uniform again during the 25 man active roster portion of a season. Talk is that he was unimpressive in his latest attempt at starting in Louisville and seemed to be having a physical issue at the point he left the mound in that game.

        At best I think he ends up being a back end reliever and quite possibly a LOOGY.

  3. WVRedlegs

    Tom, things are winding down quickly.
    Winker and Ervin in the same OF for a few weeks is nice to see. And both playing well. Offensively, prospect-wise these two (and the new Stephenson) are the only ones to have any semblance of excitiment about up and down the system. Maybe Blandino too. There are a few in A ball or lower who have a little promise.
    Offensively, this has got to be a bottom 5 farm system in MLB. Pitching, a top 5.
    That Cody Reed might be the best of the bunch of the 3 LH pitchers that came from KC. He’s the best LH in the Reds system now. He should be the #3 prospect behind Winker and the old Stephenson, followed closely by Amir Garrett.

  4. redslam

    Seems like the top field prospect might go around #2 or #3, Blake Rutherford (OF) if I am not mistaken… or perhaps Nick Banks (OF).. Lot of pitching it seems in the top 10 prospects, and a catcher, which I can’t imagine we would go after early.

    I’d like us to at least sneak into that 2 or 3 spot (and that seems increasingly likely) so we have some good non-pitcher options. Remember, we also won the supplemental lottery so we will have 2 picks REALLY close to the end of Round 1 as well (supp plus round 2 pick).

    • WVRedlegs

      It’s confusing as heck, but actually the Reds got the 1st Competitive Balance pick. The supplemental picks come from the free agents that turn down the qualifying offers, and they are before the CB picks. There are 10 CB picks, but it is impossible to say how many supplemental picks there will be at this time.
      The last couple of years the 1st CB pick has been around #35 overall. You are right that they will be close together. With those 10 CB picks, the first 2nd round pick will be around #46 or so overall then. Three picks in the top 45-50 in a deep draft is a good thing.

      • redslam

        Thanks for the clarification! It is confusing and bizarre… but we should hopefully walk away from draft with 1 elite and 2 very nice prospects minimum – not to mention what Chapman might bring in the offseason, assuming we do the sensible thing (or in an alternate universe we actually try him out at starter).

  5. ohiojimw

    With Lorensen not recording strikeouts at AAA, doesn’t there have to be concern that as a starter he is a 4A guy pitching at his ceiling?

    • RFM

      Lorenzen’s success – when he finds it – seemingly comes from getting ground balls rather than strikeouts. His success doesn’t depend as highly on strikeouts as some other guys.

    • reaganspad

      I’m ok with him not striking out guys at this point. He is a battler and does not give in which I like.

      I will bet that we see his strike out numbers rise in his career as he has a few more years. What is this his second year with a 3rd pitch?

  6. gaffer

    3B Gavin LaValley, .268/.342/.360/.702, leads the team with 26 2B and 103 SO.

    That is such a Reds Milb line!