The Cincinnati Reds (52-72) find themselves back at 20 games under .500 after the series opening loss to the Dodgers (68-56) last night. Game two of this series features the game three starters from the LA series back on August 15th.


Brett Anderson 3.52 3.92 0.9 6.5% 16.3%
David Holmberg 6.57 7.63 2.6 12.1% 12.1%

Anderson only threw 85 pitches over six innings in his last start against Cincinnati. In that game, he allowed three runs on six hits and two walks. Anderson has thrown four quality starts in his last five games.

Holmberg has been roughed up in each of his last two starts, including the seven run stinker against the Dodgers two starts ago. In that game, he gave up three homeruns and walked four batters in just two innings of work.

The Dodgers are going with the same lineup that won last night:

  1. Jimmy Rollins (S) SS
  2. Yasiel Puig (R) RF
  3. Adrian Gonzalez (L) 1B
  4. Justin Turner (R) 3B
  5. Scott Van Slyke (R) LF
  6. Chase Utley (L) 2B
  7. A.J. Ellis (R) C
  8. Enrique Hernandez (R) CF
  9. Brett Anderson (L) P

Today’s Reds lineup is also the same as yesterday’s except that Pena is in to catch Holmberg:

  1. Jason Bourgeois (R) CF
  2. Eugenio Suarez (R) SS
  3. Joey Votto (L) 1B
  4. Brandon Phillips (R) 2B
  5. Todd Frazier (R) 3B
  6. Jay Bruce (L) RF
  7. Ivan De Jesus (R) LF
  8. Brayan Pena (S) C
  9. David Holmberg (R) P

Mark Sheldon discusses the Reds rookie starters pitch counts during the month of August. This was also a topic of conversation during last night’s game on Fox Sports Ohio. The Reds rookie pitchers are hitting their pitch count limits of 100-110 pitches in the 5th or 6th inning causing Bryan Price to go to the bullpen early every night. Mix in the more frequent early showers (like Holmberg’s 2 inning game in LA) and the bullpen is looking forward to expanded roster relief on September 1.

The Cubs 73 wins so far this season matches their 2014 win total and is the most since they won 75 games back in 2010. With a .589 win percentage, they are ahead of the pace set in their last winning season of 83 wins (.516 Wpct) in 2009 but a little behind the pace of their 97 win total (.602 Wpct) in 2008.

Hopefully, Holmberg can bounce back in this start and keep the Dodgers offense in the ballpark. The Reds need to scratch out a few runs against the stingy LA defense and get back on the smiling side of the scoreboard.


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  1. lwblogger2

    I’ll be in my usual section 417 for tonight’s titanic struggle. I’m not thrilled that Holmberg is who I drew but I felt that way last time I was at a Reds’ game with my girlfriend. That night we were in the CBTS Pavilion and the Reds crushed the Pirates. If the Reds win tonight, I may have to figure out a way to get my girlfriend out with me to more games!

    • Mack Ashley Potter

      Only 8 innings, but throwing 8 innings of 1 hit ball in AAA is like me throwing a 1 hitter vs my local little league all star team when comparing to the major leagues.

      • Wizeman

        And your point is. I am watching holmberg… Who has zero chance of being part of our rotation. Success at any level is success. He should make start in five days. See if he learned anything. To run him down is just self flagellation. Rodeo clown

      • MrRed

        Ain’t no way you’re throwing a a 1 hitter…even in tee ball.

        That’s two good starts from the kid since he’s been sent down. I’ll take it as a sign that he can learn from his mistakes and put it together to be a successful pitcher in the big leagues.

  2. james garrett

    All rookies in the rotation are going to give you short starts almost every game.This should not come as a surprise to anyone.Boesch I am told has been in a walking boot a couple of days and not available and our bullpen is spent per Price.Playing with a short bench and a tired pen soooooo what do we do.How about send a couple folks down and bring up a fresh arm or two.Or maybe even let Chappy throw and inning or two just for fun.Even the most simplest of things are way over our leadership’s head.

  3. Shchi Cossack

    And the lunacy copntiues unabated…

    1.Jason Bourgeois (R) CF with a stunning .288 OBP for 2015.

    7.Ivan De Jesus (R) LF with a .338 OBP for 2015.

    Simply brilliant…

    • Mack Ashley Potter

      I honestly could not care less at this point about our lineup in terms of chances to win the game, but I’d MUCH rather see our future in there getting their feet wet instead of scrubs like Bourgeouis, DeJesus, etc.
      Like Winker for example.

      • Shchi Cossack

        Mack, I absolutely agree with you regarding what the Reds should be doing, but Price is on record as stating that he plays all the games at the end of a losing season to win every game because he ‘owes’ it to the other teams to put his best lineup, with the best chance to win, on the field. What he is doing now is what he has done all season and what he will continue to do as long as he is the manager.

      • Wizeman

        Then why you cracking wise on lorenzen. No consistency.

  4. Mack Ashley Potter

    If anyone can find, or knows, the number of runners on base per at bat this season for Votto compared to Miggy, Adrian Gonzalez, Rizzo, & Goldy I love to know em.,..

  5. Mack Ashley Potter

    That dropped in not because of “Bad Luck” lol
    That dropped in because Bourgeouis took a step back and didn’t read it right. Billy catches that ball.

  6. james garrett

    Well said Mack but our future won’t play because its the most logical thing to do.

    • jdx19

      Helps when you were basically 1 or 2 in both those categories before the break!

  7. james garrett

    Guys I am gone for tonight but before I go why would Frazier try to steal 3rd with two outs?

  8. jdx19

    Watching Holmberg pitch is painful. One of the least talented pitchers I’ve ever seen in MLB.

  9. muttonlettucetomato

    I swear I don’t know why they keep starting Holmberg at this point. I might be going out on a limb, but I would go on record as saying I don’t think he has a future with the Reds…

    • jazzmanbbfan

      When they were finally taking him out Marty commented that he doesn’t know how the Reds in good conscience can run him out to start again in 5 days. I agree.

  10. jdx19

    Holmberg is real bad.

    Are you telling me there is no one in the system that could benefit more from these starts than this piece of organizational filler?

  11. Mack Ashley Potter

    Please gawd I hope this drives the point home he never makes another start in a Cincinnati uniform. You can throw 85 mph pitches that done move to ML hitters.

  12. Nick Carrington

    Time to give Lorenzen a couple more starts with the Reds. 8 innings, 1 hit, and 1 run today. Only four strikeouts, so that’s a concern. But he has a way higher ceiling than Holmberg.

    • Wizeman

      Agreed. See if he is more comfortable going after hitters instead of nibbling
      95 % of pitchers have a learning curve

  13. Mack Ashley Potter

    When Bryan Price took over as Reds manager the Cincy rotation was Cueto, Latos, Homer, Leake, and Simon. It’s taken him a year and 1/2 to completely destroy the Reds. Worse move Walt has made since being in Cincinnati was naming him manager. Price has set us back 5 years.

    • Mack Ashley Potter

      And before you ask how is it his fault? If the Reds make the playoffs last year then Latos would have went no where, if they were in playoff position this year then Cueto goes no where, it was Bryan Price that rushed Homer back, Leake would still be here, and if the Reds were contending last year Simon would not have been traded.

    • Chuck Schick

      What does Price have to do with the pitchers you mentioned being gone?

    • Wizeman

      Cueto too expensive same leake. Latos a jackass and got descalfini. Simon had one good year and had a personal issue. Bailey had tommy john
      Plus got Suarez for Simon
      Yeah price ruined this
      You read the stuff you write?

      • Chuck Schick

        I’m blaming the rail roads for the decimation of the Reds rotation. If the steam ship still ruled Cincinnati would be a much larger market, the Reds would have a better cable deal and Mike Leake would be a Red.

      • MrRed

        Seems like a more logical theory than what I just read above.

    • Shchi Cossack

      The more I see of the umpire ball/strike calls this season, the more I’m favoring automating the ball/strike calls and taking that task away from the umpires.

    • jdx19

      Through 2 ABs, there have been 4 borderline pitches, IMO… all 4 called strikes.

      I suppose that’s part of leading the league in walks, though. You have to be willing to take close pitches that the ump might be unsympathetic about.

  14. kywhi

    The Reds would have been better off giving Chris Schumaker the start at pitcher than letting Holmberg back on the mound. I agree with JDX and others — it’s painful to watch.

  15. seat101

    I understand that Brian Price and Walt Jocketty were responsible for “New Coke.”

  16. Indy Red Man

    David “The other guys are rounding 3rd and heading for” Holmberg! I went Pete Rose on the other guys for the 2nd game in a row. I hope they leave him in the rotation but I doubt they do? Sampson is not as bad but he’s mentally shot too:) The Reds aren’t even likely to win w/strong pitching at this point.

  17. Indy Red Man

    Starting Holmberg and Sampson while Lorenzen and Stephenson are in AAA. That reminds me of the Suck For Luck where the Colts started Curtis Painter to make sure they lost. Its kind of smart actually.

  18. VaRedsFan

    Marty said there’s no way Holmberg should make another start. Is he allowed to talk about players like that?

  19. jdx19

    Stupidist thing I’ve ever seen… luck double.

  20. VaRedsFan

    Never seen a broken bat have that much effect on a play…wild bad luck

  21. VaRedsFan

    Brantley made a good observation about this ump, about how he is pitcher’s ump. Players should be prepared to swing at anything close. Said it should be covered in pregame scouting results.

    • jessecuster44

      When you need scouting reports for umpires’ strike zones, you need to reevaluate how balls and strikes are called.

  22. VaRedsFan

    way to bust it down the line Pedro

  23. wildwestlv

    I guess this is how we spoil it for the Giants, by lying down for the Dodgers. Although I also guess this team doesn’t really have any control in how they play. They just play as they are: a very bad team.

  24. Indy Red Man

    What happened to the LaMarre kid? If its not a washed up Grit in LF then its a never was in CF like Bourgeois or whatever his name is? The guys in is 30s and doesn’t know the infield fly rule? I don’t think most of us have got over Gregg and Marquis making the team to begin with?

  25. Redgoggles

    Just read that Marshall “is close to facing live hitters”. Is it public knowledge of what salary implications of actually playing him this year would do. (Insurance?)

  26. VaRedsFan

    Should have let Skip PH for Bruce

    • Scot Lykins

      Ha-ha. Sure wish Frazier’s brother was throwing to him in that AB.