The Cincinnati Reds were well on their way to their tenth consecutive loss on Monday evening. Reds starter Keyvius Sampson allowed a three run home run to J.D. Martinez in the first inning. Tigers starter Buck Farmer had a no-hitter going into the fifth inning. And after five innings in the Queen City, it was 5-0 Tigers.

Then the sixth inning happened.

Schumaker began the inning by grounding out. It would be a while before another Reds batter was retired.

Eugenio Suarez homered, 5-1.
Joey Votto walked.
Brandon Phillips homered, 5-3.
Todd Frazier singled.
Jay Bruce doubled, 5-4.
Jason Bourgeois walked.
Tucker Barnhart walked.

The bases were loaded, and Ivan De Jesus Jr. came in to pinch-hit. He struck out, and Skip Schumaker came to the plate for the second time in the inning. Schumaker quickly fell behind 1-2, but was then able to rip a pitch to centerfield to give the Reds a 6-5 lead. But the Reds weren’t done.

Eugenio Suarez doubled, 8-5.
Joey Votto was intentionally walked.
Brandon Phillip tripled, 10-5.

The Reds put together a 10 run, 6th inning. It was the most runs the Reds had scored in an inning in ten years. All it took for the Reds to avoid double-digit consecutive losses was one big double-digit scoring inning.

The Reds bullpen pitched five scoreless innings, and Joey Votto added a moon shot in the 8th inning. Aroldis Chapman finished off a 12-5 win for the Reds.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (52-71) 12 11 0
Detroit Tigers (59-65) 5 11 0
W: Balester (1-0) L: Alburquerque (3-1)
FanGraphs Win Probability | Box Score | Game Thread

WPA Reds Tigers

Biggest Play of the Game

According to Fangraphs WPA statistic (winning percentage added), the most important play of the game was Skip Schumaker’s 2-RBI single in the 6th inning with 2 outs, giving the Reds a 6-5 lead (video). That play increased the Reds chances of winning by 34.7% (from 41.0% to 75.7%).

Player of the Game

Eugenio Suarez had a 3-hit game. This guy just continues to hit. Suarez had two big hits in the 6th inning, including a solo home run and a 2-RBI double. It had to feel good for Suarez to beat up on his former team.


Votto Moon Shot

Joey Votto continues to make Marty Brennaman look like the absolute fool that he is. Votto walked three times (once intentionally), and hit a 2-run bomb in the 8th inning. Votto now has a .999 OPS (it was .863 on July 6th). Votto also now has a 172 wRC+, which ties him with Mike Trout (Angels are off tonight) for the 3rd best in all of baseball.

Brandon Phillips also had a big 6th inning. Phillips hit a 2-run home run, and a 2-RBI triple.

New Red Collin Balester pitched two scoreless innings in relief following Sampson, which allowed the Reds offense a chance to get back in the game.

The rest of the Reds bullpen was great too. Badenhop, Hoover and Chapman each pitched a scoreless inning of relief.


Keyvius Sampson was pretty bad for a second straight start. Pitchers who weren’t good in the minors tend not to have continued success in the majors in the same season, so this shouldn’t be a surprise. Sampson does have some really good stuff, so he should still figure into the fight for a rotation spot in 2016.

Any win hurts the Reds chances of the #1 draft pick in 2016. We will just enjoy the fun win tonight though.

Not so random thoughts………

I like the Bengals, and consider myself a fan. However, I am a strong advocate that Cincinnati is a baseball town first and foremost. It was nice to see the Reds steal the spotlight from many fading baseball fans while the Bengals got their teeth kicked in during a pre-season Monday Night Football game. I’ve always said that I would rather see the Reds win a playoff series than the Bengals win the Super Bowl any year.

Up Next:

John Lamb will get another shot at the Dodgers after pitching pretty well against them last week. The Reds will begin a three game series against the Dodgers tomorrow to finish the homestand.

Dodgers at Reds
Tuesday, 7:10 PM
TV: Fox Sports Ohio
John Lamb (2 GS, 6.35 ERA, 3.30 FIP) vs Alex Wood (24 GS, 3.79 ERA, 3.58 FIP)

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  1. Kurt Frost

    John Lamb is not an attractive man.

    • pinson343

      I like the way he looks (right, in all 3 innings of work) and it doesn’t surprise me that he’s had good stats at AAA.

  2. jdx19

    Also, if you’re a fan of wOBA at all, Votto was 2nd in all of baseball even before tonight (Bryce Harper).

    wOBA doesn’t give credit for intentional walks, so it lowers Trout and Goldschmidt below Votto.

  3. Redsfan48

    If Suárez doesn’t have a regular starting role on this team in 2016 I officially give up on the Reds.

    • vegastypo

      I kinda got chided weeks ago for suggesting he play left field if no better option exists. I’ve seen other comments agreeing with me, or agreeing with whoever else said it before me.

      If he isn’t good enough defensively to play short every day, I’d still think he’d do well enough in left. And I’m having a hard time believing that he wouldn’t supply enough power, with half of his games at GABP.

      Anyway …

      • pinson343

        He could play a decent LF, I don’t know why you got chided for that. He’s GOT to be in the lineup every day and the Reds know that. One blogger here suggested Suarez at 3rd base and Frazier in LF, but I don’t know if Suarez has the concentration for 3rd base (he seems to lose focus at SS sometimes).

        Cozart’s defense at SS is so much better, I don’t see Suarez playing there in 2016. I see Suarez at 2nd base. I’m a BP fan and I think he’s had a better year this year all-around than most here. But that just gives the Reds a better chance to trade him in the off-season. it would be a salary dump, they’d get nothing in return, and would have to pick up a good piece of his remaining contract. But they need to do it.

      • pinson343

        ” … better year this year all-around than most here acknowledge”, that is.

      • lwblogger2

        I’ve had no complaints with BP this year. I was kind of surprised he wasn’t moved at the deadline. I thought there was a good chance he’d allow a trade to a contender. The Reds wouldn’t get much back but I’m not sure that his contract is so upside down that the Reds would have to kick in money to move him. He’s been worth his pay this season overall.

      • jdx19

        He has traded some power for more contact, I’d think. This has helped him maintain an OBP in the .320 range, which is acceptable from an aging 2nd baseman.

        His baserunning has been the real surprise. It has helped slightly fill the void of his diminished power and he’s still providing positive value to the team and helping them win games. He’s certainly exceeded my expectations.

      • Carl Sayre

        I am one of those that is of the opinion he is not a SS but let me add this the way he is hitting it wouldn’t take much improvement for him to be the SS. The severity of Cozarts injury may make the SS position one of concern. Saurez may not be as poor defensively as I think we have been spoiled up the middle by Cozart and BP.

      • redmountain

        I would rather have him at 2b or SS and if necessary play DeJesus out in Lf. I think both these guys should make the team next year. That said, the Reds had better take some of those stockpiled arms and get someone for LF, I think Sampson may be a reliever, do not think Holmberg can cut it, Moscot, Finnegan, Stephenson, Lamb, DeSclafani, Lorenzen, Iglesias, and Bailey (when he returns) are candidates for Starters. The bullpen looks like it is starting to gel and could also have Weiss in the running as well.

  4. vegastypo

    I’ve been dealing with some family stuff, haven’t been able to watch games lately, and before checking here, I just emailed a friend that NO WAY would the Reds be able to score enough runs to win any game that Iglesias didn’t start. … Then I look and see what actually happened. Wow.

    I’ll take as good of a draft pick as we can get, but this must have been a fun game to watch!!!

    Just curious, does anybody who comments here listen much to Marty these days? When I’m able to pay attention, it’s usually through the TV feed. Can’t help but wonder whether Marty is still scoffing at Votto’s walks. … I recall his line from last year, or was it the year before, when Votto was struggling, “There just doesn’t seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel.” … Has Marty seen the light?

    • Lord Oracle (@LordOracle22)

      the cult of baseball reference ever going to let it go? marty is a frustrated fan like the rest of us hard to hold him to every single thing he ever said

      • lwblogger2

        It’s not like he only said one thing. His negativity is constant. And it isn’t just the “baseball-reference” crowd that’s sick of it.

        Marty is a tremendous broadcaster when he is calling the action on the field. When he gets to pontificating though, he is very, very hard to listen to.

      • jdx19

        He’s not a frustrated fan. He’s a professional being paid (handsomely) to do a job. A job that shouldn’t involve berating one of the Top 5 hitters of the last decade.

      • Carl Sayre

        He beat that horse to death over multiple seasons. I don’t see giving him a pass for being mean spirited with his asassination attempt ov JV’s ability.

    • mtkal

      He has mentioned that Votto returned to being elite amazingly fast. That’s a paraphrase, not an exact quote, but it was something to that affect. A lot of people still obsessing over the original quote though it seems.

      • Qatar Reds

        The Marty haters on this site will never let it go. I don’t agree with everything Marty or Thom say but at one point or another we have all complained about a red player just to have to eat crow a couple of days later.

      • lwblogger2

        Complaining about a player’s bad play or a couple/few lousy games is something we’ve all done. What most of us haven’t done is singled out a player or two to harp on for whole seasons. Also, none of us have the platform and sway that Marty holds. As the voice of the Reds, he can and does influence the perceptions of many fans towards a particular player or players.

      • tct

        But Marty is not just a “frustrated fan” as someone said above. He is a professional, HOF broadcaster who gets paid by the team to talk about the team. He’s been in this game long enough to know that he has to have a filter and can’t just say the first thing that comes to mind. So when he says something stupid, he should be criticized.

        Furthermore, the “Votto” is not elite thing was not an isolated incident. It was part of a pattern of ridiculous criticism by Marty towards the best Reds hitter of this generation. Plus, it shows a lack of baseball knowledge when he says things like “if Votto leads the league in OBP again, it’s gonna be a bad year for the Reds.” It’s just dumb and shows no knowledge of the importance of getting on base. And there’s the fact that Votto led the league in OBP in all three of the Reds playoff years.

        So while the joke may be getting old, Marty deserves all the criticism he gets.

      • Hotto4Votto

        TCT introducing the hammer to the nail.

      • Carl Sayre

        Marty has had some kind of personal issue with JV pretty much since he got to the bigs. JV has been quite and reserved and that may be the initial issue. He has belittled JV in various forms and to lesser or more extent pretty continous. He is a hall of fame broadcaster so his “opinion” does matter to a certain extent the comment about Votto not being elite was silly but his opinion. There were just so many cheap shots over the years but to question his approach to hitting to me is unreal. There are hitters that hit bad pitches but they are few and far between. I would point out when JV went into that 40 point swoon just before the ASB he was “expanding the zone” that is not what he does. The great hitters hit strikes they don’t swing at balls out of the zone. JV draws so many more BB because he is patient and he doesn’t miss often when it is in the zone so pitchers walk him rather than leave something in the zone to get drilled. One last note about hitting not to do with Votto. I have seen comments on here slamming BP’s lack of power this year and I just think it is an approach, when he has been in the lead off he tries for contact to get on. The last little bit while dropped to the clean up spot he has been driving the ball like you want a 4 hole hitter to do. Just an observation.

      • ohiojimw

        +100. I was going to post myself that MB has made multiple statements of praise re:Votto’s run since the ASG (that I’ve heard and I am only an occasional listener) and that folks here (and elsewhere) should get over the original statement because they were becoming as old and stale as it was by not letting go.

  5. pinson343

    I like it that Nick listed Belastar as a positive, separate from the rest of the bullpen. If he got clobbered by their tough lineup, the game is over.

    BTW at one point you could tell Chris Welsh spent most of his career as a starter. After talking sincerely about Belastar doing a good job, when the Reds started to rally he said: “Who would have thought that Belastar would be in line for a vulture win”. He said that very naturally, not in a mean-spirited way. And he would agree that the win for this game should be awarded to Belastar (who else ?). But the term “vulture” speaks for itself.

  6. Tito

    1.) An .863 OPS puts a player just outside the top 20, which I personally wouldn’t consider elite.
    2.) Have you never said anything that might have been wrong? Might be time to get over it.

    • lwblogger2

      1) I agree with that but the announcement was premature. The season wasn’t over yet.

      2) We all have. I agree that it the comment doesn’t need to be brought up every recap. Marty has already changed his tune too.

      • Kurt Frost

        I think if he had said, “Man, Votto just doesn’t seem elite anymore.” he would be getting nearly the heat but the way he gets. It’s a statement of fact, Marty’s an idiot.

      • Frogger

        The reason people bring it up is Marty takes his shots at Votto when he gets the opportunity. We all knew Votto was struggling at the time. It was his worst ops of the season at the time or near it. Instead of saying a variety of comments that would have been more accurate he passed his judgement. Which is fine. My guess is Marty hasn’t thought Votto was an elite hitter for many years now. However, he should own it. If he has changed his mind he can say so.

  7. BigRedMachine

    > Joey Votto continues to make Marty Brennaman look like the absolute fool that he is.

    You clearly don’t understand old school thinking. In the 10-run 6th Votto walked twice. Phillips had a home run and a triple for 4 RBIs. Clearly Phillips is the clutch player.

    Later in the game Votto hits homer when the pressure is off. We all know it is easy to hit homers when the game isn’t on the line so once again Votto isn’t clutch.

    🙂 🙂 😉

    • greenmtred

      I will take it on faith that you don’t mean to imply that BP’s triple and homer were of negligible value compared to Joey’s walks?

      • PRoseFutureHOFer

        Bingo, GREENMT. This is what I’ve been saying. It’s not that anyone thinks walks are bad, it’s that sometimes the argument seems to be that two walks are BETTER than a homerun and a triple. I know that’s not what BIGRED was implying, but sometimes that really does seem to be the case.

      • docmike

        No. I’ve been reading this site for a long time, and not once have I ever seen anyone, be it a writer or commenter, say (or imply) that walks are better than hits of any kind. Much less to say something as silly as “two walks are better than a homer and a triple”.

        All that has been said is that two walks are MUCH better than making two outs. The old-school crowd seems to undervalue the skill of not making outs, which is something that Votto excels in.

      • Frogger

        Old school guys seem to miss this crucial point… You take what the pitcher gives you. If you swing at his pitches out of the zone you will make an out! You are not going to hit a home run instead of walk. Votto took his walk and as a result of Phillips getting the meatball we had a 5-2 deficit instead of 5-1. Who knows how that affected the game. Next time up they walked Votto intentionally to get to Phillips. Ask yourselves what that says about the rest of the team??? Again Phillips delivered which was great. With the a game out of hand the Tigers then wanted to make sure not to put people on base???? They pitched to Votto and he hits one 450 feet. Joey did the max damage he could reasonably expect to do. That is not to say he didn’t miss a pitch in his first at bat, but everyone misses pitches. Bottom line is that the vast majority of walks to Votto is intentional on the Pitchers part. They will get the call or be happy giving the walk. Stop blaming the wrong guy folks. Put people on in front of him consistently like Cabrera and Goldy and he will get back into the groove of driving in runs.

      • docmike

        No, Green, he didn’t imply that. Where on earth do you see anything even remotely suggesting that BP’s hits were of “negligible value”?

      • jdx19

        Replying here because this sub-thread is a bit jumbled, so this is not a direct reply to you DOCMIKE:

        I think it is important to remember that someone has taken the time to calculate out the actual run values of each even in an at-bat. These values are based on actual empirical data collected about what happens in games and what has happened in the past. These values are the basis for the statistic called weighted On Base Average (wOBA), which is another “catch all” offensive statistic like wRC+ which is used often around these parts.

        Without further adieu, here are the run values:

        Unintentional BB: 0.685 runs
        Single: 0.880 runs
        Double: 1.295 runs
        Triple: 1.599 runs
        Home Run: 2.077 runs
        Stolen Base: 0.200 runs
        Caught Stealing: -0.387 runs

        So, when discussing value, we can easily see that a single is, in fact, better than a walk. Interesting, though, is that 4 walks is more valuable than a home run. Sort of makes sense, in a way, since that is 4 separate opportunities for your teammates to continue the rally or just hit home runs themselves (like BP last night).

        Also of note is that a Walk or Single + a Stolen Base is less valuable than a Double because of the lack of runner movement from the hit itself.

      • greenmtred

        His description of BP as a clutch player seemed sarcastic, and while I realize that the sarcasm may have been directed at the concept of clutchiness (an argument I will avoid at this time), there is undeniably a good deal of negativity about BP here. I may have jumped on the wrong person. A pretty gentle jump, though, since I did indicate that I was sure that he wasn’t saying that walks are better than hits. FWIW, I’m mostly old school, but certainly recognize the value of getting on base, and the value of JV’s not going afte bad pitches.

      • ohiojimw

        Personally I thought the Frazier single was among the biggest plays of the inning. He sensed blood in the water and took what they were giving to keep the inning going versus rolling over on a ball or popping one up trying to to do more which is the sort of rut he is in.

  8. pinson343

    It was an interesting game to watch. The Reds hitters were eager to get to a weak starting pitcher, too eager, and falling behind by 5 runs didn’t help. They were getting themselves out swinging at pitches out (sometimes way out) of the strike zone.

    I felt encouraged by Schumaker’s hitting the ball hard in the 6th, even though he was out. Then Suarez waited patiently for a pitch he could hit. After his HR the Reds were still 4 down, but you could see their hitters relax. That HR turned the game around. Votto’s walk kept it going, and after the first pitch to BP was way up and in, I had a good feeling about what was coming.

  9. pinson343

    Joey (pre-surgery) Votto. We didn’t know if that guy would ever be back, and here he is. Best thing about the Reds’ 2015 for me.

    • lwblogger2

      Votto looking like Votto has been a great thing.

    • tct

      Yep, that homer he hit last night was something he couldn’t do last year. His calling card may be his opposite field power, but a healthy Votto can turn on a pitch and pull it a mile, like he did last night.

  10. GreatRedLegsFan

    I think this line-up could make some damage next year: Hamilton CF, Votto 1B, Frazier LF, Philips 2B, Bruce RF, Suarez 3B, Mesoraco C, Cozart SS. Tied it up with a starting rotation of Bailey, DeSclafani, Iglesias, Stephenson, Moscot, a re-shaped bullpen and a bench with DeJesus, Barnhart, Duvall plus 2 and it should work out. With another manager.

    • lwblogger2

      I’m not sure about Suarez in LF but I’d move him out there before I’d move Frazier out there. Frazier is a plus defender at 3B and perhaps not so great in LF. I don’t want to weaken two spots and I feel moving Frazier to LF and putting Suarez in at 3B weakens both spots defensively.

      • Hotto4Votto

        Agreed, and it creates an unnecessary situation when Winker is ready to take over LF. No sense in moving an above average 3B to LF just to move him back in a few months. We will need a stop gap for a half year-year. It may be Rodriguez. Or maybe DeJesus spends some time out there (at least he’s played there recently) or maybe the Mesoraco experiment in LF allows him to play there when he’s not catching to keep his bat in the line up.

        Are we even sure Cozart will be ready to go by April?

      • lwblogger2

        I’d be very surprised if Cozart is ready to play SS on opening day next season. That injury was pretty awful. Hopefully he’ll be ready to go but I don’t think the Reds can count on it.

      • jazzmanbbfan

        I hope he is but I have my doubts. I miss his defense but Suarez’ bat needs to be in the lineup somewhere, with LF or even CF the obvious choices to me.

      • Ken Goldsberry

        I’m curious as to how folks are pretty much missing the obvious when it comes to Suarez and Hamilton. Why can’t Suarez learn to play CF? Not sure if it’s allowed, but if they can get Suarez into the AFL and ST next season in CF, that would be the perfect solution assuming Hamilton never learns to hit.

    • docmike

      Phillips should not hit cleanup, and the 7-hole is too low for Mes. And BHam should not lead off until he improves his OBP. But overall, not a bad lineup.

      • ohiojimw

        Frazier is too cyclical for #3 to suit me. Put Suarez there and see if he can carry the load or just leave Suarez at #2 and Votto at #3 as they are doing now. If Meso is healthy and playing every day put him #4 with Frazier and Phillips behind him.

      • mtkal

        …with both OHIOJIMW and DOCMIKE, that is.

    • redmountain

      Duvall is Boesch, I don’t see either being a Red next year. I kind of like the idea of Frazier being in LF and Suarez at 3rd. I think Moscot and Stephenson have to be considered candidates, but there are also Lamb, Lorenzen, Finnegan, and others. Some will likely get traded, go to the pen, or get traded. Pena may be a good guy for the bench and I would imagine that we may see Yorman on the 25 man next year. If the pitching holds up, this team could be very competitive.

  11. Tom Billings

    People who keep bashing ok marry are like bitter high school ex girlfriends

    • wkuchad

      “Joey Votto continues to make Marty Brennaman look like the absolute fool that he is.”

      Maybe dumbest comment on this site all year, and that’s saying something. Curious, are writers not held to same standards as posters? Would a poster be allowed to make that comment about a player?

      Many others have said it, but I’ll echo it – Let it go already!

      • docmike

        If you think that’s the dumbest comment you’ve read on this site all year, then you’ve not been on here very much.

    • CP

      Or like a bitter grumpy old man who, for some reason, no one is willing to take the microphone from.

  12. sultanofswaff

    If you take Bruce out of the equation, Joey Votto has about as many walks as all the other regulars COMBINED.

    • mtkal

      That may actually say as much about improvement by Bruce as how good Joey is. Hopefully Jay can start to encourage others to follow Votto’s example more. At least the youngsters. We know Brandon is going to keep doing how he does, which is actually really good this season IMO. He’s just not going to take a lot of walks.

  13. Frogger

    Maybe you guys can clarify this for me. Did I hear Tom B. say Votto is having a solid season?

    • jdx19

      Hopefully “solid” means “better than everyone else except Bryce Harper.”

      Amazing that Harper still has the numbers he does and he’s hit I think 2 HR since the ASB?

  14. Frogger

    Seems to me BP has plenty left in the tank. He should be able to provide value for a contending team. Don’t know why the Reds can’t trade him after non-waiver deadline.

    • lwblogger2

      I’m not sure he’d clear waivers.

      • WVRedlegs

        I had heard that he had cleared waivers earlier in the month. Still the 10/5 issue and the $$$/years owed. The Dodgers were doing their due diligence checking in, but instead went with Utley from Philly.

      • lwblogger2

        He isn’t showing up on MLBTR’s list of players who have cleared but as that information isn’t public, it is possible that they don’t know that he’s cleared.

      • lwblogger2

        It’s also possible that the Dodgers were a claiming team and the Reds pulled him back in the hopes of trading him to the Dodgers.

      • wkuchad

        Yes, but BP still has ability to block the move. I’m curious if he’d rather play for the Reds where he’s comfortable or try for a championship.

      • ohiojimw

        I don’t think 5/10 rights trump a waiver claim. Anybody have an informed opinion?

  15. james garrett

    Marty is old school and uses the eye test on everybody.He targets Joey a lot because Votto won’t expand the zone even with runners in scoring position(which doesn’t happen much).Marty doesn’t value Joey walking twice in the 6th last night at all but does value what Phillips did both times.The only data Marty values is RBI’s.Marty took over from Al Michaels as the voice of the team in the early 70’s and he won’t change because he doesn’t have too change.

    • Matt WI

      And that’s when we’d remind Marty that Votto out-slugs and gets on more often than Phillips with RISP-
      2015 Phillips RISP- .297/.381/.451
      2015 Votto RISP- .267/.437/.478

      Jeff Passan at Yahoo wrote a great article the other day regarding the budding Trout/Donaldson MVP debate. Donaldson gets a lot of props for 100 eye catching RBI, but Trout slashes an astonishing .347/.510/.708 rate with RISP this year… he’s just had less guys on before him (72 RBI).

      Donaldson does very well too (.356/.446/.604) but Trout is demonstrably better in the same situation. RBI are a team effort. It’s absurd to give Donaldson a lot more credit for something Trout is actually better at, but people will.

      • jdx19

        FanGraphs also did an article about Trout v. Donaldson. That article doesn’t give Donaldson credit for RBI. Might want to go find that one! 😉

      • Matt WI

        No, Passan was posting feedback he got, like “why should we stop talking about RBI, they win games.” Blah blah blah.

        I’d expect more from FanGraphs, glad to hear it! I just love how stark the evidence is there. You have to really, really, not want to give up RBI evaluation to not give Trout his due there.

    • mtkal

      Of course Votto has more RBI this season, though place in the batting order affects that. But then Marty says Votto is elite again now too.

  16. IndyRedMan

    I think people are missing the point when they suggest moving Suarez to LF. I guess if he’s really a .300 hitter then it could work but I’m anticipating .275ish w/15-20 hr power once the league gets a scouting report out on him. That’s still awesome for a shortstop but nothing extraordinary for LF. Same thing w/Mesoraco. 30+ HRs is league leading at catcher but driving in runs in LF and then giving them back as Adam Dunn Part Two isn’t the same thing? With feast or famine guys like Bruce & Frazier…..this team needs all the offense they can get. With how small GABP is… the Reds should always be in the top 5 offensively in the NL. I’d def leave Suarez at SS and let Cozart/DeJesus improve the bench!

    • jdx19

      Suarez’ BABIP right now is .370. Which, hopefully, I don’t have to tell anyone is not sustainable, especially not for a player with Suarez’s profile.

      Let’s regress that back to a still above-average .320 or so…

      His currently numbers become something more like .265/.305/.440… which is still a fine player, especially at SS. But, I wouldn’t be fooled quite yet into thinking Suarez is anything but an average hitter.

      Average Hitter + Average Defender at SS = ~3.5 WAR (That’s good)

      • jdx19

        And his HR/FB% does not seem out of whack. 15-20 HRs is a possibility with him, I think, but more likely on the 15 side.

        His 13% HR/FB ratio puts him with guys like Ian Desmond and Jason Jeyward over the last 5 years. Both of those guys seem like they have power than they actually do, I’d say.

    • Hotto4Votto

      I guess the next question would be: Does Cozart improve the bench. Granted the bar is set so low Cozart himself could jump over it hours after injury…but does that make him an ideal bench for player?

      I don’t think he has a solid approach at the plate which would make for a less than ideal PH. He also only plays one defensive position at this point. So that doesn’t help positional flexibility. He’ll also be arb. eligible and will likely start getting expensive (for the bench) with a raise.

      I’m not seeing a lot of good reasons to slot him into a bench role.

  17. jdx19

    Interesting tidbit of the day:

    In the last 30 days, Josh Donaldson has a .354 AVG and a .333 BABIP…