I don’t know which deity we’ve angered. But it’s the one that in the seventh inning turned Todd Frazier’s certain three-run homer into a soul-crushing out. Perhaps a sacrifice 0f social evil is in order. Those commercials for ambulance-chasing attorneys that run on FSO would do.

It was appropriate in this absurd game that when the Reds managed to get the tying run on deck in the ninth inning, it appeared in the form of Skip Schumaker – another taunt like the loud Frazier fly ball from the Cincinnati-hating spirit.

With one more game to go against the surging D-Backs and the $300 million Dodgers rolling into town (even though it looks like the Reds will miss Kershaw and Grienke), you have to wonder if the make-up game on Monday against the Tigers is the only realistic hope Bryan Price and Walt Jocketty’s team has of avoiding an 0-for-1o home stand.

Reds 7  Diamondbacks 11  |  FanGraphs  |  Self-serve Milton

Before you could mutter the words seven game losing streak, Anthony DeSclafani had surrendered two home runs. He gave up a total of ten hits and six earned runs. DeSclafani deserved a little better in the latter department because the Diamondbacks fifth run wasn’t his fault. A misplay by Eugenio Suarez cost the run. On the bright side, DeSclafani didn’t walk anyone and struck out four in five innings.

Joey Votto reached base four times and it actually lowered his on-base percentage. (Not really, but admit it, for a second you considered that was possible.) In addition to his long fly ball, Todd Frazier had two doubles, a single and a walk. Tucker Barnhart and Eugenio Suarez reached base twice.

I have a request for those of you who describe Walt Jocketty picking up Ryan Mattheus from the Angels DFA curbside as a masterstroke. You either need to explain the four hits, two wild pitches and three runs Mattheus gave up his one inning of work tonight – and the 4.85 ERA. Or prove that masterstroke is one of those words that can have two opposite meanings.

In three innings of work, Mattheus and Pedro Villarreal gave up five earned runs and turned a winnable game into an embarrassment. What is the word that means the opposite of relief?

Flashing Leather: Old Reds and new teamed up for back-to-back defensive gems tonight in the sixth inning. Brandon Phillips, playing in game 1434 in a Reds uniform, dove to the middle of the field to grab a ground ball and throw out the hitter. On the next pitch, Ryan LaMarre (video) laid out on a ball hit to his left and in front of him to rob Chris Owings of a base hit. It was LaMarre’s first major league game.

My Kingdom for a Complete Player: Suarez, who we love for his bat, had another loss of concentration in the field, costing the Reds a run in the fourth inning. Suarez is the bizarro Billy Hamilton. Broadcasters keep assuring us that the shortstop will get these lapses ironed out by next year.

Big Dog Fun Fact: Tony Perez is one of just three players, along with Hank Aaron and Jason Giambi, to have hit a pinch-hit, walk-off home run at the age of 42 or older. Perez hit his pinch-hit, walk-off home run in 1984 at 42 years and 110 days old.