The Reds (51-67) dropped two of three to the Diamondbacks out West two weeks ago and are currently on a five game losing streak after a two game sweep by the Royals. John Lamb takes the mound tonight, marking the 21st consecutive start by a rookie pitcher for the Reds.

*Stats from AAA Louisville and Omaha

Patrick Corbin 3.43 3.84 1.29 6.3% 24.6%
John Lamb* 2.67 2.93 0.57 7.9% 25.8%

In his first big league start, John Lamb fared well, but still took the loss against a talented Dodgers team. Lamb threw 6.0 innings, allowing 5 runs on 8 hits, including a homer, but also struck out 7 while only walking 2. Really, Lamb’s fatal flaw was the fifth inning, and even that could have ended earlier if the Reds employed a better defensive left fielder.

Patrick Corbin has pitched well this season in his 8 starts back since recovering from Tommy John surgery. Against the Reds a couple of weeks ago, Corbin took a no decision after 6.0 innings of three run baseball. Corbin is, however, coming off a 6.2 inning shutout of the Atlanta Braves in which he struck out 8 while walking 3.


Jason Bourgeois leads off in place of the injured Billy Hamilton in today’s Reds’ lineup:

UPDATE: Marlon Byrd has been traded to the San Francisco Giants (read more about that here). Skip Schumaker replaces him in LF. Here is the updated lineup:

1. Jason Bourgeois (R) CF
2. Eugenio Suarez (R) SS
3. Joey Votto (L) 1B
4. Todd Frazier (R) 3B
5. Jay Bruce (L) RF
6. Ivan De Jesus (R) 2B
7. Skip Schumaker (L) LF
8. Tucker Barnhart (S) C
9. John Lamb (L) P

Inciarte, Pollock, and Goldschmidt top the Diamondbacks’ lineup once again:

1. Ender Inciarte (L) LF
2. A.J. Pollock (R) CF
3. Paul Goldschmidt (R) 1B
4. Welington Castillo (R) C
5. Aaron Hill (R) 3B
6. Yasmany Tomas (R) RF
7. Chris Owings (R) 2B
8. Nick Ahmed (R) SS
9. Patrick Corbin (L) P


The race to finish the year not in the NL Central cellar is well underway with just one game separating the Reds and Brewers. However, if you subscribe to the Ricky Bobby school of thinking, this race is nothing more than pointless narrative because “if you ain’t first, you’re last.”

Red Reporter published a feature this afternoon calling for a complete tear down and rebuild of this Reds’ team. With Walt Jocketty championing the “reboot”-ing language, more and more fans have become divided on their view for how the team should proceed. The writers here at Redleg Nation have put forth quite a few of those views in the previous months.

With so many rookies having significant playing time since the deadline, who will be in the rotation next year has been in the forefront. Paul Daugherty put his opinion out there this morning in his Doc’s TML column. Redleg Nation has also been putting out consistent content when it comes to the pitching rotation of 2016 and beyond.

It’ll be interesting to see if John Lamb can continue his strong 2015 campaign at the major league level tonight. While his debut wasn’t devastatingly impressive, it was a solid enough performance to warrant excitement for his prospects the rest of the season.


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  1. Brian

    looking forward to see who replaces byrd in today’s lineup. Reds keep getting sent to SF

  2. Shchi Cossack

    Since DeJesus is playing 2B for the injured, but not DL’d Phillips, I hope Boesch gets the opportunity. I haven’t seen an official announcement, but see unconfirmed reports that LaMarre is on his way to GABP.

    • vegastypo

      So, of course, your starting left fielder for the Cincinnati Reds tonight is … Skip Schumaker. Gee, we can never get enough Grit in our daily routing.

      • lwblogger2

        Yeah, disappointing. Thought Boesch may get out there. Of course neither probably fit into the Reds’ future plans.

      • ohiojimw

        yep. suppose it is always possible they are shopping him but I don’t really believe I just typed that.

  3. Steve Mancuso

    Jocketty said trading Byrd was part of Reds “transitioning to a younger team.” Byrd’s replacements:

    Skip Schumaker – 35
    Jason Bourgeois – 33
    Brennan Boesch – 30

    • lwblogger2

      Wonder if they’ll play LaMarre in CF more if they are going to play Bourgeois in LF?

      • Shchi Cossack

        I expect (at least hope maybe) to see LaMarre in CF for every game Hamilton can not or does not play. Less than 2 weeks until the expanded rosters, so Hamilton will certainly not be back before that time.

      • ohiojimw

        Look for B.Price to wax on about how they have a responsibility to put their best team on the field versus the contending teams, being completely impervious to the likelihood that his best team at this point probably doesn’t include having any two of Schumaker, Bourgeosis, or Boesch on the field simultaneously (and isn’t it scary to think that right now just by the numbers he pretty much has to have one of them playing every day).

    • ohiojimw

      The 28 y.o. kid Ivan DeJesus Jr is otherwise occupied being younger than B.Phillips 🙂

  4. ohiojimw

    Bourgeois’ “punishment” for two mindless totally unforced TOOTBLANs last night is another start. How does this fit in with accountability?

    • msanmoore

      Because … “Closer Rules” … “Veteran Grit” … “Get ‘Em Goin'” … “Murica”

    • Evan armstrong

      OMG so he made a couple base running errors…its not that big of a deal. How many none headed plays has King Votto done and he didn’t get benched.

  5. The Next Janish

    No offense to True Grit, I ‘m sure he works hard and is a consummate professional good guy, but he is the manifestation/epitomy of what is wrong with the Reds right now. I could make this a long rant but I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir. “Free Chris Heisey 2.0” .

  6. DHud

    I’m so glad we had Skip Schumaker to plug in for the traded Byrd…

    • pinson343

      The important news is that the Reds traded Byrd. Some people here said the Reds wanted him for next year, he was going to get the ABs for his option to vest, etc. With him traded and BHam hurt, the OF is going to be short.

      Of course it’s been true all season that it would be nice to have a bench with better players than Schumaker. Hopefully in September a couple of the minor league OFers come up.

  7. Jeremy Conley

    Lamb’s pitching looks really good, but man, that facial hair is creepy. Maybe it’s distracting to hitters.

  8. Jeremy Conley

    Getting a hard throwing reliever for Byrd is a good deal. Heck, I would have rather had a hard throwing reliever than Byrd this entire year.

  9. Jeremy Conley

    With Byrd gone and September around the corner, hopefully we’ll get to see WInker and Waldrop more than our old scrubs.

  10. mtkal

    Sac fly double play. Don’t know if I’ve ever seen one of those before.

    • Jeremy Conley

      That actually happens pretty often. Teams will tell players to get caught in a rundown to ensure that the player going from third scores in tight games. It might not have been a good risk to take in the first, but it’s better to have the defensive team cut off the throw and go after the trail runner if the runner might be out at home.

      • mtkal

        Good point. Maybe I just haven’t seen it when it’s not on purpose.

  11. pinson343

    That one run was not as positive an outcome as it might seem. Corbin has huge first inning problems and then settles down. Why is Suarez risking an out at 3rd base with 2 outs ? Why make an out on the bases with a first inning rally going ?

    Too many stupid TOOTLBANs on this team.

    • Mack Ashley Potter

      Because he has Cincinnati on his uniform. If he played for anyone else in baseball somehow he doesn’t make that bone-head play. I blame Bryan Price, as always.

  12. Mack Ashley Potter

    I have honestly seen the Reds run themselves out of an inning with 0 help from the opponent probably 150 different ways. It’s almost comical, and like they have a list in the clubhouse they try to check off every night. Unreal.

    So does the trade of BuuuRD mean your 2016 Opening Day Cincinnati left fielder will be Jesse Winker? Also, who was supposed to be the “jewel” of the Cueto deal? Lamb? I thought it was Finnegan? No?

  13. Jeremy Conley

    I understand the frustration, but that just really wasn’t that bad. Why go to third? To score on a wild pitch. 9 times out of ten there isn’t even a play at third because the catcher has to try to tag the runner, so it was a pretty safe gamble to take. Also, they got him by a half a step.

    Maybe it wasn’t worth it with two outs, but it was hardly an egregious base running error.

    • pinson343

      You’re right it wasn’t egregious, it’s the pattern that’s frustrating.

      • pinson343

        And the general rule is don’t try for 3rd with 2 outs (or 0 outs) unless you’re going to make it.

      • Jeremy Conley

        Yeah, I agree with that point, and with the frustration. It just didn’t bother me that much was all.

  14. Mack Ashley Potter

    With all the pitching we’re stocking up, I don’t understand why Walt traded for another left handed starter? I would think he would go after a young outfielder. The only bad thing about stock piling all this young pitching, after giving up Cueto, Leake, Byrd, and prob soon to be Chapman, etc, is that none of them are can’t miss prospects. They could every single one bomb out for all we know. When you trade a sure fire #1 like Cueto, more times than not you should get back a Strasburg, or Kris Bryant, or even Addison Russell. But Walt has now moved Cueto, Leake, and now Byrd and we haven’t got anything close to a top prospect in return.

    • Jeremy Conley

      I don’t think you understand the Reds needs or how baseball trades work very well.

      The Reds pitching staff is terrible and needs a lot of help. Most of our position players are pretty good and locked into their positions. Also, no team is going to trade their best prospect for 10 starts from anyone, certainly not Leake.

      Also, the pitcher we just got is a reliever.

    • Chuck Schick

      Do you understand that Cueto and Leake are free agents at the end of the year? Do you really think 37 year old Marlon Byrd is worthy of a top prospect?

      Why would any team trade their best prospects…..players projected to be better than average for whom they have 7 years of cost control for someone that can leave in 2 months.

      I can imagine Theo Epstein sitting at his desk thinking ” Wow….I can keep Kris Bryant for the next 7 years…pay him whatever I want for the next 2 years and likely have a franchise cornerstone……..or I can give him up for 10 Johnny Cueto starts..and if I’m lucky, I can re-sign Cueto and pay him more next year alone than Bryant will make over the next 4 years….all while, Bryant is improving and Cueto is a “depreciating” pitcher…..WHAT A BARGAIN!!!!! Shirley, get Walt Jocketty on the phone!!!!

  15. pinson343

    WJ has said repeatedly that he’s trying to trade for young hitters. That’s what he was looking for in exchange for Chapman. He wasn’t going to get a hitting prospect (or any prospect) for Byrd. Got a better player than I expected.

  16. DHud

    Did Lamb walk into the door in the clubhouse or something? Pretty good looking shiner he’s got going there

  17. Mack Ashley Potter

    I imagine Tucker better enjoy his ML service the rest of this season. But with the season Pena has had, you gotta bring him back to back up Mes don’t you? Or do you actually go with the youth and give Tucker the chance? The 1 thing I like about Tucker of Pena is that Tucker has a little pop. He can hit you a bonus HR every once in a while. But Pena couldn’t hit a HR on a Little League field. Plus Tucker is wayyyy better defensively.

    • pinson343

      I’d go with Tucker over Pena next year, for a lot of reasons.

    • Jeremy Conley

      I would actually go with Barnhart/Pena behind the plate and Mesoraco in left. Barnhart is an elite defensive catcher, and not a bad hitter. That’s what I want out of a catcher. Mesoraco has an MVP-caliber bat, but he’s not a great catcher, he’s already suffered injuries catching, and he is generally too big to catch long term.

      • vegastypo

        Even if his hip is no problem, the concussions scare me about him going back behind the plate.

  18. pinson343

    So much for our criticisms of aggressive base running. The simple fact is, it’s called smart aggressive if you’re safe, stupid aggressive if you’re out.

    But we’re edgy today because of the business with Bourgieios last night.

  19. pinson343

    The big bats – Schu, Barnhart, Jason B. – are unloading !

  20. Mack Ashley Potter

    Surez is a beast. If he isn’t the Cincinnati starting SS or 2nd baseman Opening Day 2016 I won’t spend a penny on the Reds next year.

  21. Mack Ashley Potter

    I would trade Phillips ASAP. I’ve always liked Brandon, but this will prob be the best season he has for the rest of his career. I would like either Cozart-Surez or Brandon-Surez up the middle next season.

    • pinson343

      No one wants to take BP’s contract. The Reds could trade him if they continue to pay him.

  22. wildwestlv

    Clearly, Marlon Byrd was some kind of stifling poison in the Reds clubhouse.

  23. DHud

    I swear if one more player stands there gawking like an idiot on a close play at the plate, I’m going to throw my iPad through my TV

  24. vegastypo

    Got lucky with sending Grit, but Suarez was out, even with a throw that was a little off-line.

  25. wildwestlv

    If Suarez didn’t try to go back and tag, he could have sold that.

  26. pinson343

    Lamb has a really smooth delivery. He was rated as the 3rd best pitcher the Reds got for Cueto ? I know his history, he just (so far) looks better than I expected.

  27. wildwestlv

    I think part of it is the black eye, but Lamb looks like he stepped out of that 70s movie, The Warriors.

  28. pinson343

    Uh oh, bullpen in. No more runs for the Reds.

  29. Kurt Frost

    Anyone realize Phillips has 17 stolen bases?

    • pinson343

      Sure. And he was thrown out for only the 2nd time the other day. He’s learned how to steal a base. He’s also been good at taking extra bases without getting thrown out. When he was young and fast, he had low success at stealing bases because he didn’t study pitchers’ moves, didn’t know when to steal, etc.

      BP is a smart player – defense, base running, and even hitting – when he takes the trouble.

  30. citizen54

    Not bad for a “throw in” in the Cueto trade.

  31. pinson343

    Wow. A Lamb/Cueto matchup would have been fun to watch (except for the probably losing part). Cueto wanted to pitch tonight, they told him no.

  32. vegastypo

    Odd. On Twitter, Fay was answering a question by saying that the Reds didn’t have to kick in any money to the Giants on the Byrd deal.

    • seat101

      Could it be that we are reimbursing the Giants for any bonus money paid to Lamb?

  33. Redleg 68

    When was the last time we had a young lefty starter with this many pitches? His delivery looks pretty good with some deception!

  34. pinson343

    Let’s score some runs off a bullpen, it should be possible.

  35. seat101

    Reply to prior post re crafty young lefty. Fred Norman.

    It is his birthday

  36. Mack Ashley Potter

    Very nice outing from Lamb. There were just a few extended at-bats that ran the pitch count up. It is pretty exciting to have all this young talented pitching, and we still haven’t seen Finnegan or Stephenson in a Reds uniform yet. If Reds management plays it corectly, we could have a rotation like the Nats should have, and a bullpen like the Royals do have, for years to come.
    Wow…Lamb comes back out.

    • seat101

      I understand they were both responsible for the horrible explosion in Galveston, Texas in 1947, too!

  37. pinson343

    Really bad pitch to Owings on 0-2, too bad.

  38. pinson343

    Hope that Lamb gets the win. He made 2 bad pitches with 2 strikes but also had bad luck with Tomas hitting that ridiculous bloop single on a good pitch.

  39. CP

    I’m perfectly fine with Price’s use of Lamb there.

  40. pinson343

    Can the Reds score off any reliever ?

  41. pinson343

    How did Bruce swing at that pitch ?

  42. Redleg 68

    Here comes grit, kinda like your underwear after a two day camping trip in the wild!

  43. pinson343

    Tom Brennaman just said that “Schu did a great job of fouling off” a 1-1 pitch. On that count, how can fouling off the pitch be any better than just taking it ?

  44. BigRedMike

    Stand up guy, grit below average at everything

  45. pinson343

    Now Brennaman is saying that “Schu” will tell you he should have caught that one. Maybe because he should have caught that one.

  46. Mack Ashley Potter

    Mathweus or however its spelled has no business in the major leagues. I’d rather have Cingrani up here getting work in. Ive still not given up on Tony one day being an All Star. Im serious about that.

    • Evan armstrong

      Only problem is he can’t stay healthy and only has one pitch.

  47. pinson343

    Mattheus is not a bad pitcher. He’s just terrible at the non-pitching part of pitching, and gives the impression that he doesn’t even try. That first pitch steal of 3rd was based on a scouting report.

  48. RedAlert

    Guess chapman can’t get a 4 out save – -Price is an idiot

  49. BigRedMike

    That stinks, Badenhop had been really good for almost 4 months

  50. RedAlert

    PLEASE FIRE BRYAN PRICE YESTERDAY / geeze what an incompetent manager

    • RedAlert

      Stupid closer rule strikes again !

    • Mack Ashley Potter

      THE WORST manager MLB has seen in 50 years. No exaggeration what so ever. That’s how obviously bad Bryan Price is.

      • concepcion13

        Oh, COME ON now. He might not be good – we really don’t know given the roster he has – but you think he’s worse than Bob Boone? Jerry Narron? Vern Rapp? Ray Knight? And those are just the Reds managers from the last 50 years who were awful.

    • Evan armstrong

      So because the pitcher didn’t do his job its Price’s fault?

      • RedAlert

        Price has A LOT to do with the losing armosphere on this team – no , not just because the pitcher didn’t do his job. His in- game strategic decisions have sucked almost all year long ! – it’s much more than just one pitcher on a given night not doing his job. Especially troubling is his management of the bullpen – It’s mind boggling at times

  51. Mack Ashley Potter

    Amazingly terrible just how bad Bryan Price really is. If Walt brings him back I PROMISE YOU…you will won’t see me here 1 single time all year, I will not attend a single game, I will not watch a single game on tv, I will not spend 1 single penny on the Cincinnati Reds. And I will encourage all others to do the same. I will take a year off from being a baseball fan. I promise.

    • Evan armstrong

      Enjoy your summer next year baseball free as Price will be back.

      • RedAlert

        How do you know Price will be back ????????????????

      • BigRedMike

        If everyone thought Price would be back, Evan would state that Price will not be back

      • RedAlert

        Giving him a dose of his own medicine – likes to question everybody and every comment – continuously

      • Evan armstrong

        Simple, Reds won’t eat the year left and team never at full strength this year. They will give Price his final year and then decide at that point what to do.

  52. kmartin

    I just tuned in. Why didn’t Hoover pitch the eighth? Is Hoover being saved for the ninth? I wonder if something is wrong with Chapman.

  53. Mack Ashley Potter

    Man I wanted Lamb to get that 1st ML win. Unfortunately Bryan Price is his manager. No matter if Chapman is available or not.

  54. RedAlert

    Suarez is really something ! – kid can really swing the bat

  55. Mack Ashley Potter

    I could see Bryan Price suggesting the Reds should trade Surez for a player to be named later. That’s how bad his baseball mind is.

    • CP

      Perhaps you should read up on what a “General Manager” does…

  56. james garrett

    Like I have said before Price has a reason for everything he does but it only makes sense to him.

  57. RedAlert

    Todd and Jay getting it done – wow, just wow

    • Kurt Frost

      Hey, you have to swing at pitches outside the zone with RISP.

    • pinson343

      Bruce didn’t get a single pitch in the strike zone.

  58. Tom Reed

    John Lamb looks like a starter for 2016. Zero base on balls and eight strikeouts.

    • RedAlert

      Agree – like what I’ve seen so far

  59. james garrett

    I liked what Lamb did tonight.He can pitch in the big leagues with his stuff.The rest of what has gone on is kind of typical of our year

  60. Craig Z

    Brantley was questioning why Chapman didn’t come in during the 8th. He said either Price doesn’t want to use him or Chapman doesn’t want to come in before the 9th.

    • wildwestlv

      If either scenario is true, Price is still at fault. I wouldn’t think an MLB manager would let their closer dictate when and where they’ll pitch.

      • Evan armstrong

        The player and his agent play a key role in that.

      • RedAlert

        What in the world does an agent have to do with the manager’s in- game bullpen management Evan ? – ABSOLUTELY NOTHING would be the answer – players and agents don’t dictate squat regarding what their roles will be to a major league manager.

      • Evan armstrong

        If you believe that agents don’t play a major role in how players are used and play then you are really out of touch with today’s game.

      • RedAlert

        Evan, an agent or a player does not dictate to a manager what role he will assume -Maybe this is discussed with a GM before a free agent is signed. A player or agent does not tell a manager how to run a game or how to use them. That’s why a team has a MANAGER ! Get it – seems you’re the one that’s way out of touch

    • pinson343

      Chapman was apparently unavailable due to a shoulder problem.

  61. RedAlert

    17 under and counting Evan – but keep on banging that drum to keep Price

    • Evan armstrong

      W/L won’t impact if Price returns next year.

      • RedAlert

        Ok dude , whatever – totally useless discussing any point with you .

      • RedAlert

        You seem to have a crystal ball regarding Price – must be nice

      • Evan armstrong

        It’s just common sense. Price has not had a solid full roster at any time since becoming the manager. Bob had to eat Dusty’s contract, he isn’t going to eat another. Both Bob and Walt know that Price is good with pitchers and with the youth we have thier he will get another year.

        What leads you to believe Walt and Bob are dissatisfied with him?

      • RedAlert

        Make more excuses for him – all teams deal with injuties – that’s a crutch. We shall see if he gets another year. You seem mighty confident he won’t get fired and maybe he won’t. Neither of us know who is satisfied or dissatisfied with what . You take your stance and I’ll hold to mine . I think the Reds need a new direction with not only a new manager , but a different GM .

  62. james garrett

    I hope he is just frustrated like the rest of us but if either one or both of those are in fact true then we have a serious issue.

  63. pinson343

    Another 7 scoreless innings against a bullpen. I wonder what the bullpen ERA is this year against the Reds ?

  64. concepcion13

    Big Pasta tossed a complete-game 1-hitter for Detroit tonight. Good for him. Not every trade has to be “screw the other team”. So far Suarez is working out well for us & now Pasta is turning it up for the Tigers.

  65. Tom Reed

    When the Reds lose the lead from the 7th. inning on, you’re usually right to figure ‘game over.’